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Mikulová, Marie ; Pospíšil, Jan (referee) ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (advisor)
The core focus of this project is the solution of the land planning in the area of Tomkovo náměstí in Brno near the Velký městský okruh. It deals with the impact of the circuit’s dual carriageway on the surrounding environment and offers how to integrate this transport structure into the newly built area as well as into the original urban area. The solution includes a composition of objects designed either in a form of permanent living space or a hostel, all with the addition of an outside marketplace.
Semantic representation of ellipsis
Mikulová, Marie ; Panevová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Karlík, Petr (referee) ; Štěpánek, Jan (referee)
This dissertation answers the question what is and what is not ellipsis and specifies criteria for identification of elliptical sentences. It reports on an analysis of types of ellipsis from the point of view of semantic (semantico-syntactic) representation of sentences. It does not deal with conditions and causes of the constitution of elliptical positions in sentences (when and why is it possible to omit something in a sentence) but it focuses exclusively on the identification of elliptical positions (if there is something omitted and what) and on their semantic representation, specifically on their representation on the tectogrammatical level of the Prague Dependency Treebanks. In this dissertation, the dependency approach (used in the Prague Dependency Treebanks) is also compared with the generative approach (used in the Penn Treebank). It is possible to utilize this comparison in the (automatic) conversion from constituency trees to dependency trees.
Czech puns
Hronová, Katarína ; Holub, Jan (referee) ; Mikulová, Marie (advisor)
This graduation work is dedicated to the issue of pun in the Czech language. In my work I deal with terminology by which the pun is determined. The main goal is to analyze the pun as regards its structure, conditions and character.

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