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Electronic transfer between nanostructures. Negative differential resistance in conductive polymers.
Král, Karel ; Menšík, Miroslav
The effect of negative differential resistance can be observed experimentally in some material systems based on polymers. These observation are explained usually to be due to the presence of certain carrier traps which can capture the carriers of the electric current. In the present theoretical work we are going to show that besides this carrier trapping origin of the negative differential resistance there can also be an intrinsic mechanism present, causing such an effect. Namely, instead of the traps, the electron-phonon interaction can cooperate with the tunneling of the charge carriers between their localized states and can provide the effect the negative differential resistance. This electron-phonon interaction is included in a non-perturbative way. The theory will be briefly summarized and explained.
Analysis of Water Consupmtion in Campus of FAST VUT Brno
Fogl, Jiří ; Menšík, Miroslav (referee) ; Tuhovčák, Ladislav (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the analysis of water consumption in the area of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology. The main part of the thesis deals with the analysis of the measured data, which are recorded using a data logger located on the VF2 billing water meter. The processing of consumption curves is focused on individual working days, for days with or without instruction. From the results of the individual analyzes, maximum hourly limits are set for signaling of undesirable sampling states. In the end, the Smart Water Meters principle is introduced in the Czech Republic and abroad and a technical solution for the replacement of all billing water meters in the FAST area with new smart meters has been made.
Transfer of electrons or holes between localized states. Application to polymer electric conductivity
Král, Karel ; Menšík, Miroslav
Basing on the quantum transport formalizm a formula for the irreversible transfer of charged particles has been introduced by us recently. This formula is expected to be suitable for the theoretical description of the electron or hole transfer between quantum dots, other nanoparticles, molecules, and so on. We discuss shortly the main physical properties of the formula. We also demonstrate the use of the formula for the theoretical analysis of the electronic physical properties of some electrically conductive polymers.\n
Analysis of Information for Foreigners about Behaviour during ESs
Kaletová, Lenka ; Kremlička, Antonín (referee) ; Menšík, Miroslav (advisor)
Civil protection takes critical and necessary part of security for citizens of the Czech Republic at present. One important task of civil protection is inform and warn citizens against a potential or have already encountered threat. Due to the increasing number of foreigners located in our area is shown as necessary to address the timely information of foreigners in this area. Comparison of access to information for foreigners in other countries with the current state of the Czech Republic can inspire us to a possible solution to this issue. Appropriate communication tools helps us with effective transfer of information to the target group. It is important to change the attitude of individuals and responsible authorities on this problems.
Preparedness of Teachers in the Area of Population Protection
Zdražilová, Lucie ; Menšík, Miroslav (referee) ; Kremlička, Antonín (advisor)
Theme of my bachelor´s thesis is Preparedness of Teachers in the Area of Population Protection. Because people are more often exposed of emergency cases is important to know how to behave in these incidents. Only well educated citizen will able to minimalize consequevences. It is important to start to educate children on primary school, high school and university. That is why we need well educated and well informed pedagogues. In first part I delt with characterization of civil protection and with history in our country. After that I descripted the legislature of those problems. In next part I decribed individual organization which provide training for pedagogues. In the last part I dedicated and rewiewed about the current situation and about future development.
Provision of interim and substitute accommodation of citizens evacuated from zone of emergency planning of nuclear power plant Dukovany
Balharová, Gabriela ; Menšík, Miroslav (referee) ; Kremlička, Antonín (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis is focused on Provision of interim and substitute accommodation of citizens evacuated from zone of emergency planning of nuclear power plant Dukovany. The introduction deals with crisis situation and general characteristics of nuclear power plant Dukovany. Description of radiation accident, related risks and how can we protect before its occurrence follow. The next part of my bachelor´s thesis deals with the external emergency plan of nuclear power plant Dukovany, the evacuation of the citizens and their substitute and long-term accommodation. I concentrated on the problem: „What could be done with evacuated citizens, how should they be cared for? “ What are responsibilities of mayors of the receiving and evacuated communities got. Of course, also legislative provisions are discussed too. The last chapter is devoted to my proposal, how can be issues related to the resettlement of the citizens solved. At the end I summarize knowledge I have received during my investigation.
Electronic excitation energy transfer between quasi-zero-dimensional systems
Král, Karel ; Menšík, Miroslav
Electronic excitation energy transfer is studied theoretically within a prototype system of quantum dots using the excitonic representation of the electronic states of two quasi-zero dimensional subsystems, between which the excitation energy is transferred in a process treated as an irreversible kinetic phenomenon. The electron-phonon interaction is used to circumvent the energy conservation problem, especially when considering the uphill and downhill excitation transfer processes. The theory is studied upon utilizing a simplified model of two interacting quantum dots, both coupled to their environment. The theoretical approach is documented by numerical calculations. The results could be relevant to various cases of the electronic excitation energy transfer between quasi zero dimensional nanostructures.

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