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Early Medieval settlement of Zbraslav region. Archeological regional study.
Sandanusová, Anna ; Štefan, Ivo (advisor) ; Laval, Filip (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the development of settlement in the Zbraslav region in the Early and High Middle Ages on the basis of archaeological evidence. The main basis for the assessment of the settlement transformation in the region is the catalogue of archaeologically investigated sites and on this basis developed series of maps reflecting the development of settlement in various stages of Early and High Middle Ages. Data obtained on the basis of archaeological sources are supplemented by documentary sources. In the thesis, I deal also with reconstruction of the agricultural background of settlement areas and their relation to the burial sites in the region. In conclusion, I try to assess the overall importance of Zbraslav region for both capital Prague and throughout the Czech basin. Keywords: Zbraslav region, settlement, Early Middle Ages, archaeology, regional study
Archeology of the Fortified Manor in the Czech Lands. To the beginnings of the Medieval Fortified Residences
Laval, Filip ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Žemlička, Josef (referee) ; Unger, Josef (referee)
Archaeology of the fortified manor in the Czech lands To the beginnings of the medieval fortified residences The work is dedicated to the medieval fortified manor in the Czech lands with regard to the need to formulate new questions. He marginally considers the questions of actual and historical terminology and its semantic content. To explore the functions of the fortified manors the structure of the associated settlement is discussed. A substantial testimony is attributed to some of selected written sources pointing to the legal-historical or jurisdictional context of "private" fortified settlements/residences. A separate chapter is devoted to the analysis of several examples of archaeological research from the Czech lands and from western parts of Europe, which revealed situations classifiable to fortified manor, respectively castles, which was preceded by much less or not at all fortified settlements, while maintaining close spatial continuity. So the questions concerning the beginnings of that type settlements are pronounced. With this packet of problems the work deals applying a comparative analysis that leads to some reassessment of the importance of the Romanesque church with the western tower as a kind of reduction of the castle model known from contemporary (12th century) Western European regions...

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