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Cladocerans and copepodans biodiversity in Naděje fishponds systém.
KOSÍK, Miroslav
Biodiversity of planktonic crustaceans, cladocerans and copepodans in southbohemian Naděje fishponds system were studied. Both fishpond and non-fishpond (pools, canals, sand-pits, river) localities were observed. Samples were taken from pelagic and littoral zones. Total of 21 species of copepodans and 44 species of cladocerans were recorded over whole area. Hypothesis {\clq}qA higher fish management intensity and higher fish stock cause a lower diversity of zooplankton in a pelagic zone`` was proven. Suppressed species are able to survive in a smaller space (littoral zones, pools, canals, fishponds with a lower fish stock and other non-fishpond localities), where predation pressure is not so strong. None or mild decline of a species diversity can be observed in large areas rich in different water ecosystems, with a reasonable management and production intensity. Different methods of sampling were also compared, those of {\clq}qprolovení litorálních partií`` proved good with the view of effectiveness.
KOSÍK, Miroslav
Structure and seasonal dynamic of zooplankton and hydrochemical and limnological parameters were studied in different type of small water bodies. Twelve localities of shallow standing waters were selected from four varied biotopes - pools, ponds, sink, surface depression, mining potholes and larger reservoirs like flooded excavated hollow. Zooplankton was primarily determinated by external factors influencing the overall character of water ecosystem and internal factors like fish stock and content of organic matter. Zooplankton species composition exhibits distinctive differences in the individual types of localities as well as in the season. Higher species diversity was recorded in pools, mesotrofic water bodies were considered as localities with lower species diversity. Results of this observation should be useful for water locality planning and management in restoration process in post-mining landscape.

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