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Professional Career of Educators in After-School Clubs
The thesis deals with the development of the career of educators in after-school clubs. One part of the thesis is a theoretical part and the other part is my own research. Chapter one defines the concepts of the professional career and the life path. The second chapter deals with the educator in the after-school club, their job description and the qualifications related to the profession, competencies, typology of educators and the risks of the burnout syndrome for the profession. The third chapter analogously deals with the profession of a teacher. In the fourth chapter, I compare the career path of the educator with the professional career of the teacher, and the overall summary. The fifth chapter presents the findings of a qualitative research (five biographical interviews).
Dispute about Potter: Christian advocates and adversaries of stories about the young sorcerer
The thesis deals with the dispute between the christian opponents and supportments.The first chapter defines the concept of magic, the definition of occultism, natural magic and the description of forms and goals of magic. The second chapter foccuses on the characteristics and development of christianity. Within the end of this chapter, we can find the comparision of the magical and christian experience. Chapter number three deals with Harry Potter himself, the storyline, the basic characteristics of the figures and focuses wether the piece of work, about the young wizzard, identifies itself with spirituality. The fourth chapter christian symbols provides a definition of symbols, what are the christian symbols and christian symbolism within the storyline. Chapter 5 Harry Potter and a christian point of view here i tis possible to find the dispute of christian opponents and supporters concerning the Potter serie.
The logistic safeguard of extreme situations by the integrated emergency services system.
Logistical support is an essential part of the activities of all components of the IRS. Currently, the emphasis is on current need to improve and streamline the intervention of the IRS. It can be clearly seen that the success of interventions of IRS components is in their own logistic support. Without the logistic support would not be any possible way to remove the effects of incidents in the required quality and speed. Concerned parts of IRS should be provided with the necessary amenities for a quality performance of professional activities, usually conducted in very difficult circumstances intervention. It can be clearly admission that the whole area of logistics support under the IRS should be in the spotlight of all competent authorities, even in times of relative peace in any case would not be essential logistic support and other components of IRS underestimated. The main object and purpose of this thesis is to map the basic Logistics Support of the Integrated Rescue System of South Bohemia. A partial object is the SWOT analysis, which specifies internal and external factors that are used when creating a project application, its proposal is part of this work, which can be used to purchase special equipment. Mapping is done in two levels. The first level represent standard security technical and substantive resources, which are collected in each financial year of the basic components of the budget. The second level is an advanced security. For the premium, necessary for aims of this work, is considered the acquisition of property by the European Union. Property acquired from the resources of the European Union has a clear positive impact on improving the logistics of such an intervention. The results of this work is the data that was obtained by secondary analysis and building on it in a standardized interview. Data will be used as background material for the processing of sub-project applications.
Habitant protection in the area of accident planning during serious radiation accident in place of NPP Temelin
The production of electric energy is mostly provided through the medium of nuclear power in present days. The new alternative resources available to provide production of nuclear power are being still looked for. However, we have to consider the possibility of jeopardy caused by nuclear power production. The habitant protection and preventive measures planning are provided by governmental agencies, town and village municipalities, the salvage services and other organizations. This work is aimed to provide the description of habitant protection and knowledge in area of accident planning during serious accident of Temelin NPP and to verify and confirm if present serious accident planning measures with legal rules are sufficient at determined level and if are able to provide the measures connected with habitant protection. The target of this work was to make the analysis of present state of habitant protection as a part of serious accident planning and to verify the preparedness of competent executives and territorial agencies to solve the serious accident including the protective measures and competencies division according to their importance in the area of NPP Temelin. The object was to find out if the present accident organizational structure is created and fulfills all responsibilities connected with implementation and solving of emergency situations. The part of this work evaluation is the question survey concerning the preparedness and awareness of people living in the area of NPP in case of serious accident. The results of question survey could be seen in graphic form.

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