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Plausible Effects of the Adoption of the Euro on the Czech economy: Comparison with the case of the Slovac Republic
Goralková, Nikola ; Dědek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Hedbávný, Petr (referee)
This master thesis deals with the euro adoption in the Czech Republic, comparing the possible effects of the euro adoption on the Czech economy and consequences of currency changeover after the Slovak Republic joined the eurozone in 2009. After introducing the theoretical concepts inevitable for the euro adoption, the process of preparation for the currency changeover in the Slovak Republic and the currency changeover itself will be described. Subsequently, the work focuses on the conditions which the Czech government has already met in the process of preparation for the euro adoption and which still need to be fulfilled. In addition, the Czech Republic's economic alignment with euro area countries is analyzed, especially focusing on particular areas. A significant part of this work deals with the comparison of positive and negative effects of the euro adoption in the Slovak Republic with possible impacts of euro on the Czech Republic. In the end, the emphasis is put on the strength of the Czech economy to deal with the possible future financial crisis.
Program and Profile Change of the Slovak National Party in 2006-2016
Goralková, Nikola ; Just, Petr (advisor) ; Kubátová, Hana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the activities of the Slovak National Party in politics from 2006- 2010 and how their political profile has changed over time. After introducing the theoretical attitudes, there will be briefly described the nature of the party, more precisely the ideological background, its electorate and the history of the party from 1989 up until 2006 and the emphasis of the most crucial moments in during period. Subsequently, the work focuses on the evolution of the SNP in particular parliamentary terms, whereas the emphasis is put on the causes of successes and failures in parliamentary elections. This topic is linked with the question of fluctuation, which caused the fall in votes of numbers of votes for the SNP in certain cases. Within analyzed parliamentary terms, all attention focused on the beginning of the 2016-2020 parliamentary term, because the parliamentary election in 2016 started a fundamental change for the party. After being an out-parliamentary party for four years, the party again gained its seat in the parliament with a seemingly high percentage of votes. It became a part of the coalition and its leader, Andrej Danko, became Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. This work also identifies the scale of success in the realization of election...

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