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Diversity and taxonomy of Steccherinum in the Czech Republic
Geigerová, Tereza ; Koukol, Ondřej (advisor) ; Borovička, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with geographical distribution and taxonomy of Steccherinum genus in the Czech Republic. Members of this genus are corticioid fungi of Meruliaceae family, characterized by odontioid hymenophore, small spores and encrusted pseudocystidia. Presence of nine species was confirmed in Czech Republic on the basis of herbarium specimen revision and study of my own collections. Analysis of ITS and LSU nrDNA gene regions was used to create phylogenetic trees. These trees show relations in Steccherinum genus and related species. Selected traits in specimens of S. ochraceum s. l. (number of spines, their length, spore size and pseudocystidia size) were measured. This was followed by investigation of morphological variability in individual specimens and in relationship to ecological conditions (substrate and elevation). Morphology of selected individuals was compared with molecular data afterwards. Two clades were defined in S. ochraceum s. l. - existing differences between them are presumably caused by intraspecific genetic variability. S. rhois could not be separated as individual species on the basis of phylogenetic analysis. Dependence of fruiting body morphology on ecological conditions wasn't supported by results. Maps of geographic distribution of individual species of Steccherinum genus are...

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