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Design of optimal mixing of large-scale digesters
Bradáč, Antonín ; Bělohradský, Petr (referee) ; Zejda, Vojtěch (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is an optimal method of mixing of the digester with consideration to the uniform mixing of the whole volume, ensuring the quality process conditions for the anaerobic fermentation and the maximum yield and quality of the produced biogas. First chapters describe the basic design parameters, general calculations and the principles for design of individual types of mixers, supplemented by practical examples of mixing large capacity tanks. The work introduces the problem of sludge formation at the sewage treatment plant with an emphasis on sludge treatment and the processes which take place inside the fermenter. Various types of design of anaerobic sludge stabilization digester were introduced. Also ways of their operation, which are necessary for the quality of the fermentation, were presented. In the next chapters, various ways of mixing high-capacity digester tanks and experience from the operation of selected treatment plants were described. According to the theoretical research part of this thesis, several types of mixing equipment was designed for the experimental digestion tank built at the Institute of Process Engineering which is used for research work with mixers. Measurement of the selected pneumatic mixing method was performed on the experimental tank and the findings were evaluated.
Radioactive Waste in Hospital Facilities
Bradáč, Antonín ; Houdková, Lucie (referee) ; Tabasová, Andrea (advisor)
The thesis is focused on a little-known issue of institutional waste produced by hospitals, the creation, collection and subsequent disposal. This thesis described the distribution of waste from various aspects, especially the characteristics and their subsequent use in the effective elimination. This thesis deals with not only this issue, but trying to get closer to negative impact of ionizing radiation on the human body, not only in the current level of radiation protection, but also in terms of the historical development of different sources and work with them, especially in connection with the use of ionizing radiation in normal human activity but also through the list of nuclear accidents. The practical part of this thesis compares the three types of hospitals primarily on the basis of a personal meeting with the heads of various departments involved in the management of institutional waste, and materials derived their visit. Specifically, the hospital Atlas and Tomas Bata Regional Hospital (both situated in Zlin) and specialized workplace Masaryk cancer institute in Brno.

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