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Democratic Civilization and Disinforming propaganda in Central European Geopolitical Space
Bednář, Miloslav
The key geopolitical realm between Germany and Russia including Germany and Russia did not yet build a solid democratic political culture. This is why it can be compared to e. g. Britain and the U.S. relatively easily influenced by a systematic propaganda of disinformation aimed against democratic civilization.
Ethics of doctor-patient relationship in dentistry
Pipková, Irena ; Bednář, Miloslav (advisor) ; Bencko, Vladimír (referee) ; Šimek, Jiří (referee)
The work involves comparingethical values in the general population without serious damage to the general health, and in pacients within overal disease where i tis clear that the scale of values of the two groups are different. From futher examinations came some additional insights /see Chapter 4 d/ and chapter 5 work/. Results and conclusions are in line with Anglo-Saxon literature/ European and overseas/ and our own experience with treating pacients. No medical industry can not fully ensure full health of pacients. There is a set of values focused on specific medical professions and their own core values. These parameters set values based on many aspects of professional decision meking. And those serve to assess the pacientś needs. How to treat and the doctorś own medical approach to the pacient with severe overal ilness correspondens to the hierarchy of ethical values in Ozar-Sokol scheme. Proposal of six major ethical values concerning dentistry and access to treatment and justice in distribution and alocation of resources in surgical pacients with variety of serious medical interventions: heart surgery, transplants, etc./ ethical values contribute to the proces of decision- making in case of conflict. Not all Ozar-Sokol scheme recognizes those. From the perspective of pacients with serious...
The Relationship between Purpose and Means in Philosophy and Politics
Bednář, Miloslav
Bednář confronts Machiavelli's understanding of the relationship between purpose and means in politics to Plato's concept of it as presented in the dialogue Gorgias and with current attempts to justify Machiavelli's concept of politics. Machiavelli's voluntaristic outline of politics and the resulting manipulative populism is neither democratism, nor a republican non-domination.
The Tranfer of Czechoslovak Germans as a Serious Condition of Democratic and Peaceful Europe
Bednář, Miloslav
Bednář examines and summerizes the importance of transfer of Czechoslovak Germans after WWII for the building of law and democratic order of Europe.
Patočka's Concept of History as Life-World
Bednář, Miloslav
Miloslav Bednář's contribution deals with the Jan Patočka's concept of history as life-world.
Masaryk's Idea of the Czechoslovak State
Bednář, Miloslav
Bednář explores the essence of the idea of Czechoslovakia as Masaryk's concept of the Czech reformation as an opposite of the notion of European Union.
Freedom and Responsibility as an Essence of the Issue of Global Spread of Democracy
Bednář, Miloslav
Global spread of freedom and democracy is an ineluctable feature of present times since WW I. The European Union presents one of considerable dangers on this crucial path of history.
Popperova otevřená společnost a fenomén Evropské unie
Bednář, Miloslav
Bednář examines critically the European Union from the point of view of Popper's concept of open society.
The Struggle for the nature of Human Rights
Bednář, Miloslav
The Author contradicts basic human-civic rights to by now ideologically preferred social and human rights and criticizes the European Union´s political and ideological mainstream for privileging the later at the expense of basic human-civic rights and liberties.
Justice, Liberty and the Crisis of Europe in John Stuart Mill
Bednář, Miloslav
Bednář examines the concepts of justice, liberty and crisis of Europe in John Stuart Mill.

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