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Communication by people with profound intellectual disabilities
Baran, Ladislav ; Šiška, Jan (vedoucí práce) ; Franiok, Petr (oponent) ; Vítková, Marie (oponent)
5 Abstract In a social and political climate that encourages active participation in the decision- making of people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities, with the aim of improving the quality of their lives, is often on educators, careers and legal custodians to represent the wishes and interests of those individuals. That's why it is important to focus on the interpretation of communication. On the one hand this doctoral thesis discusses the theoretical issues related to communication of people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities and its interpretation, but on the second hand it focuses on identifying and describing relevant communication characteristics based on practical qualitative research at special pedagogical center for mentally handicapped people in Rüdesheim am Rhein in Germany. The validity of the interpretation is rather continuous as a categorical variable and has to be supported by the systematic collection of evidences from different sources. This framework is compatible with the social constructivists' view of communication development and allows combining information derived from subjective, intuitive views with information obtained through observation and testing. Key words Communication, profound intellectual disabilities, development, relationship, verbal...

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