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Musical instruments manufacturing in the Czech Republic
Šustová, Karolina ; ŠTILEC, Jiří (advisor) ; BĚLOR, Roman (referee)
The thesis analyses musical instruments manufacturing in the Czech Republic or to be more precise, guitar manufacturing. This specific segment, being both art and craft, is introduced from different perspectives. The first section is focused on history of manufacturing from the first half of the 20th century till now. From available sources I put together a list of active manufacturers and point to their affiliation with important organisations which associate them. Based on the facts gathered through my communication with manufacturers and my research I come to an average output, export breadth and the means of distribution. I also focus on client relations, attracting new ones and the overall competitiveness. In the final section I analyse the manufacturing itself – the types, actual trends, innovations and manufacturers´ preferences when it comes to components.
The Meaning and Role of ČT art in the Musical Life of the Czech Republic
Mochnáčová, Michaela ; BĚLOR, Roman (advisor) ; ŠTILEC, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with an approaching the deeper knowledge of the cultural TV channel ČT art which started its broadcasting o of August 2013 and nowadays is the one best-evaluated TV channel with the regard to the satisfaction of television viewers. The first chapter of the thesis is focused on the organizational structure of Česká televize, the council of Česká televize its statute, the codex and the ethical panel and the laws under which it is governed. The second chapter is about the origin of ČT art and the dramaturgy of its TV shows. The third chapter describes the viewing of ČT art in overall audience measurement of Česká televize as well as the viewing of the particular music programs on ČT art. The fourth chapter contains the basics overview of the budget based on Česká televize´s annual reports focusing on cultural shows and its production financial aspect including musical shows. The final chapter is dedicated to the International TV Festival Zlatá Praha which is closely connected with ČT art.
Organization and dramaturgy of leading jazz festivals in Czech republic
Pohlreichová, Tereza ; BĚLOR, Roman (advisor) ; ŠTILEC, Jiří (referee)
The main theme of this bachelor’s thesis is organization and dramaturgy of leading jazz festivals in the Czech republic. The first chapter of this thesis briefly talks about the history of jazz in our area, the second one includes an overview of main Czech jazz festivals. The third chapter focuses on economic situation and mainly the dramaturgy of three well-known Czech jazz festivals and its development in last five years. The last chapter deals with the meaning of local festivals for Czech jazz scene, from both domestic and international viewpoint. Sources used for this thesis were mainly documents provided by festivals this thesis is focused on and also interviews and correspondence with the directors of the forementioned festivals and active jazz players as well.
Fundraising, sponsorship and donorship in British cultural institutions (in comparison with the Czech Republic)
Nguyenová, Duyen Monika ; ŠTILEC, Jiří (advisor) ; BĚLOR, Roman (referee)
This work deals with fundraising and its comparison between selected British and Czech cultural institutions. The first part is dedicated to defining the concept of fundraising, its principles and segmentation. Subsequently the work contains a description of donorship and its reflection in the tax system in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. In conjunction with state financing, the issue of tax assignations in culture is analysed. In the second part of this work, different financing and approaches to donations and donorship are described and compared to selected institutions (Royal Opera House, London Symphony Orchestra, Czech National Theatre, Czech Philharmonic).
Practice of pruduction and realization of older musical works historically not yet presented
Veselá, Barbora ; ŠTILEC, Jiří (advisor) ; BĚLOR, Roman (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with a approaching the issue of realization of older musical works historically not yet presented. The first part of the thesis is focused on more theoretical research of music works in archives and then dealing with the music sheets and troubles connected with of works from 18. century and older. The second part of the thesis is focused on the practical part of the realization of the projects focused on older musical works. There are chapters about founding, dramaturgy and Public Relations including information about paid and unpaid advertising.
Organization of organ festivals
Beránková, Michaela ; BĚLOR, Roman (advisor) ; ŠTILEC, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is dedicated to organization of organ festivals. Its target is to create a list of all Czech organ festivals and analyse their way of organizing. In the first part, it defines the term „festival“ and outlines history of classical music festivals in the world and in the Czech Republic. The thesis continues with a survey of the most significant organ festivals in the world and a list of all organ festivals in the Czech Republic during the years 2016-2017. The second part contains detailed analysis of five festivals (Mezinárodní varhanní festival Olomouc, Brněnský varhanní festival, Mezinárodní varhanní festival Audite Organum, Český varhanní festival a Terezínský varhanní festival) and its organization, which emerges from interviews with organizers. There are also examples of suspended festivals. The last part summarizes the gained knowledge and it is a general manual for organizing an organ festival.
International Music Competitions and their Work with Laureates
Dernerová, Veronika ; RADOK ŽÁDNÁ, Ingeborg (advisor) ; BĚLOR, Roman (referee)
This thesis discusses international music competitions, their struggle with their subjectivity, awarded prizes and following up the success of their laureates. In a case study the thesis introduces the International Music Competition Prague Spring, its history and present. The competition is analyzing by using the SWOT analysis and intern analysis methods. Based on its results the thesis suggests solutions in terms of strategic planning, work with media, partners and laureates.
Cultural centers in the Middle East
Dietzová, Markéta ; RADOK ŽÁDNÁ, Ingeborg (advisor) ; BĚLOR, Roman (referee)
The diploma thesis is a study of cultural life in the Middle East. It focuses on thirteen countries from Egypt to Iran and their cultural centers. These are mainly opera houses, musical ensembles and educational institutions. The first part captures the most important facts of the Muslim world to bring the reader to the topic. The second part contains information on particular institutions and the results of the research are summarized and explained at the end of the thesis. This was supported by questionnaires given in the Czech Republic, Germany and selected countries of the Middle East.
Boháčová, Gabriela ; ŠTILEC, Jiří (advisor) ; BĚLOR, Roman (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to provide a wide scope of information that might be valuable for those involved in music management. At first, the project enables to understand pre-business phase, a period before setting up of an actual company. The author asks an important question of being ready for such a crucial decision, followed by general description of business institution and principles as such. Those work for any type of business including music industry.
Leadership and its application in artistic organizations
Fišerová, Katarína ; RADOK ŽÁDNÁ, Ingeborg (advisor) ; BĚLOR, Roman (referee)
The goal of the study “Leadership and its application in artistic organizations: Case study of the National Theatre in Prague and the Czech Philharmonic” is to investigate the area of effective leadership in general. Subsequently the findings related to leadership in general will be applied to the environment of artistic organizations, with special regard to the Contributory Organizations of the Ministry of Culture in Prague. In the final part of the study, that has been researched as a case study, the general findings and researched data will be interpreted and discussed in detail. The study of leadership and researched organizations has proven that effective leadership is now a crucial area for all organizations. Leadership is becoming the key for the correct functioning of the organization. Moreover it is very important for well-being, satisfaction and productivity of employees. It is therefore vital to initiate changes that will help to fulfil leaders’ tasks.

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