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Transforming hierarchical images to program expressions using deep networks
Křen, Tomáš
We present a technique describing how to effectively train a neural network given an image to produce a formal description of the given image. The basic motivation of the proposed technique is an intention to design a new tool for automatic program synthesis capable of transforming sensory data (in our case static image, but generally a phenotype) to a formal code expression (i.e. syntactic tree of a program), such that the code (from evolutionary perspective a genotype) evaluates to a value that is similar to the input data, ideally identical. Our approach is partially based on our technique for generating program expressions in the context of typed functional genetic programming. We present promising results evaluating a simple image description language achieved with a deep network combining convolution encoder of images and recurrent decoder for generating program expressions in the sequential prefix notation and propose possible future applications.
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Detailní simulace proudění, teplot a znečištění vzduchu pro oblast Praha-Dejvice
Resler, Jaroslav ; Geletič, Jan ; Krč, Pavel ; Eben, Kryštof
Simulations of Prague quarter Dejvice were performed with newly developed urban climate model PALM-4U based on LES model PALM. The modelling domain has extent 1000 x 800 m and the resolution of the model was 2 m. Two 24 hours episodes were simulated. The summer episode was intended to assess mainly the UHI effects and the winter episode to assess mainly the air quality issues. Two variants were simulated - the current real situation and the scenario with considered new buildings in the area of Victory Square (Vítězné náměstí). Some comments of the ressults are appended at the end of the report.
A Hybrid Method for Nonlinear Least Squares that Uses Quasi-Newton Updates Applied to an Approximation of the Jacobian Matrix
Lukšan, Ladislav ; Vlček, Jan
In this contribution, we propose a new hybrid method for minimization of nonlinear least squares. This method is based on quasi-Newton updates, applied to an approximation A of the Jacobian matrix J, such that AT f = JT f. This property allows us to solve a linear least squares problem, minimizing ∥Ad+f∥ instead of solving the normal equation ATAd+JT f = 0, where d ∈ Rn is the required direction vector. Computational experiments confirm the efficiency of the new method.
Popis TDD modelu verze 3.9
Novák, Jakub ; Jiřina, M. ; Benešová, Michaela
Zpráva je závěrečnou roční zprávou pro rok 2018 v rámci Projektu TDD-ČR. Cílem je předat metodiky pro užití modelu jak provozovatelem distribuční soustavy, tak operátorem trhu a dále informovat o aktuálním stavu modelu. Jsou popsány předávané soubory včetně vzorového výpočtu na reálných datech a jejich obsah.
Nonparametric Bootstrap Techniques for Implicitly Weighted Robust Estimators
Kalina, Jan
The paper is devoted to highly robust statistical estimators based on implicit weighting, which have a potential to find econometric applications. Two particular methods include a robust correlation coefficient based on the least weighted squares regression and the minimum weighted covariance determinant estimator, where the latter allows to estimate the mean and covariance matrix of multivariate data. New tools are proposed allowing to test hypotheses about these robust estimators or to estimate their variance. The techniques considered in the paper include resampling approaches with or without replacement, i.e. permutation tests, bootstrap variance estimation, and bootstrap confidence intervals. The performance of the newly described tools is illustrated on numerical examples. They reveal the suitability of the robust procedures also for non-contaminated data, as their confidence intervals are not much wider compared to those for standard maximum likelihood estimators. While resampling without replacement turns out to be more suitable for hypothesis testing, bootstrapping with replacement yields reliable confidence intervals but not corresponding hypothesis tests.
Robust Metalearning: Comparing Robust Regression Using A Robust Prediction Error
Peštová, Barbora ; Kalina, Jan
The aim of this paper is to construct a classification rule for predicting the best regression estimator for a new data set based on a database of 20 training data sets. Various estimators considered here include some popular methods of robust statistics. The methodology used for constructing the classification rule can be described as metalearning. Nevertheless, standard approaches of metalearning should be robustified if working with data sets contaminated by outlying measurements (outliers). Therefore, our contribution can be also described as robustification of the metalearning process by using a robust prediction error. In addition to performing the metalearning study by means of both standard and robust approaches, we search for a detailed interpretation in two particular situations. The results of detailed investigation show that the knowledge obtained by a metalearning approach standing on standard principles is prone to great variability and instability, which makes it hard to believe that the results are not just a consequence of a mere chance. Such aspect of metalearning seems not to have been previously analyzed in literature.
Stav předaných dat a úprava rozdělení vybraných měření 2018
Novák, Jakub ; Jiřina, M. ; Benešová, Michaela
Zpráva se týká stavu předávaných dat a úpravy rozdělení vybraných měření pro rok 2018 v rámci projektu TDD-ČR. Cílem je informovat o aktuálním stavu dat a navrhnout opatření pro zachování reprezentativity celého vzorku. Jsou uvedena kritéria filtrace dat a navrženy postupy pro přerozdělení vybraných měření.
Problems for Nonlinear Least Squares and Nonlinear Equations
Lukšan, Ladislav ; Matonoha, Ctirad ; Vlček, Jan
This report contains a description of subroutines which can be used for testing large-scale optimization codes. These subroutines can easily be obtained from the web page http://www.cs.cas.cz/~luksan/test.html. Furthermore, all test problems contained in these subroutines are presented in the analytic form.
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Sparse Test Problems for Nonlinear Least Squares
Lukšan, Ladislav ; Matonoha, Ctirad ; Vlček, Jan
This report contains a description of subroutines which can be used for testing large-scale optimization codes. These subroutines can easily be obtained from the web page http://www.cs.cas.cz/~luksan/test.html. Furthermore, all test problems contained in these subroutines are presented in the analytic form.
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How to down-weight observations in robust regression: A metalearning study
Kalina, Jan ; Pitra, Zbyněk
Metalearning is becoming an increasingly important methodology for extracting knowledge from a data base of available training data sets to a new (independent) data set. The concept of metalearning is becoming popular in statistical learning and there is an increasing number of metalearning applications also in the analysis of economic data sets. Still, not much attention has been paid to its limitations and disadvantages. For this purpose, we use various linear regression estimators (including highly robust ones) over a set of 30 data sets with economic background and perform a metalearning study over them as well as over the same data sets after an artificial contamination. We focus on comparing the prediction performance of the least weighted squares estimator with various weighting schemes. A broader spectrum of classification methods is applied and a support vector machine turns out to yield the best results. While results of a leave-1-out cross validation are very different from results of autovalidation, we realize that metalearning is highly unstable and its results should be interpreted with care. We also focus on discussing all possible limitations of the metalearning methodology in general.

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