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The current level of compliance with the concept of prenatal care from the perspective of pregnant women
This bachelor thesis deals with a current level of abidance of the prenatal care conception from the point of view of pregnant women. Theoretical part is divided into four main chapters. The first chapter is focused on the history of midwifery and prenatal care. The second one describes prenatal care in general, organisations, goals, antenatal preparation by the midwife, pregnancy card and a role of the midwife in the prenatal consulting. The third chapter deals with pregnancy diagnosis and the last one concerns the examination of pregnant women in each trimester. Practical part of the thesis points out a comparison of a current level of abiding the prenatal care conception in České Budějovice and Benešov region.Three goals were set prior to writting this thesis. The first goal was to find out the abidance of the prenatal care conception from the point of view of pregnant women. The second goal was to find out, whether pregnant women understand the importance of all the examinations carried out during prenatal consultings. The third goal was to find our and compare the level of abiding the prenatal care conception in České Budějovice and Benešov region. Three questions arose from these three goals: What is the level of abiding the prenatal care conception? What examinations are being carried out during prenatal consultings? What is the difference between abiding the prenatal care conception in České Budějovice and Benešov region?The qualitative method had been used to conduct the survey.Answers to the questions from the survey were searched during the acquisition and processing of the semi-structured interviews. Conclusion of the survey is, that all the pregnant women are satisfied with the current conception of the prenatal care. This way of timing of visit intervals in prenatal consultings seems right to them, important and necessary, not only for a control over themselves, but also for a control over the fetus. The level of the conception of prenatal care is good, satisfactory for all the mothers. Surprising result was, that half of the mothers is unable to describe and elaborate what examinations they went through in prenatal consulting, when it was and what was its purpose. Especially when only two respondents complained about insufficient awareness from the physician about performed examinations. As the most common examinations were stated: blood pressure, urine, weight, CTG scan and vaginal examinations. Based on the conducted survey I have managed to find out that the frequency of regular visits in prenatal consulting, according to CGOS recommendations in České Budějovice was abode only in two cases. This fact was not confirmed by any respondent from the Benešov region. Schedule of the regular visits depends on physician´s consideration. Another difference was not discovered. Current level of abidance of the prenatal care conception in Benešov region is similar to České Budějovice.The thesis may serve as an informational material in prenatal consultings in the future, especially for pregnant women, who want to know the progress of prenatal care.

Awareness of vegetarians about deficit of certain nutritions in vegetarian diet and about ways to compensate them
This thesis deals with vegetarians' awareness of the lack of specific nutritional substances in the vegetarian diet and their compensation. The aim is to explore whether vegetarians have sufficient information about the nutritional composition of their diet, whether they are interested in researching this information and whether the information is available and sufficient. I also looked at whether people with this eating preference are preventing potential nutritional deficits and subsequent health problems. There were designated the following three research questions: "How often and where do most vegetarians get information about a meatless diet?", "How can you achieve a full fledged vegetarian diet?" and "What is vegan awareness on the potential deficiencies in their diet, and how do they try avoid these?". In the theoretical part I deal with vegetarianism as a lifestyle, vegetarianism and its subgroups, the reasons for going to this way of life, the composition of a vegetarian diet with a focus on nutrients that may be deficient, vegetarianism and its impact on the body at different stages of development and ultimately the impact of a meatless diet on human health. The practical section is an elaborated form of qualitative research, specifically I chose semi-structured interviews. I collected the data from the interviews. The interview contained fourteen or fifteen questions, and women were also questioned about the pregnancy period. I asked questions regarding the issue of vegetarianism, veganism or raw foodism. I was interested in individual eating habits, nutrition knowledge and personal experience of the respondents. The data was collected between January 2014 and March 2014. The research group consisted of 6 respondents. The group was made up of women and men in the age range from 20 to 30 years. Among respondents there were vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists and the period of time in which they have been eating this way is different for every person. All respondents were familiar with the purpose of providing an interview and agreed to the publication. The interviews I conducted in person and were recorded on a dictaphone mobile phone. The results of my work show that most respondents do research about a meatless diet. They logically state that most intensive research took place while they were switching their eating habits, but now they still keep finding out new information. The most commonly used way was the Internet, specifically through websites such as or Other sources used are books, articles, studies, and information received from friends or family members. The respondents argue that because the information was obtained this way, their diet is balanced. They are often trying to maintain diversity in their diet, for example, consume legumes and combine various foods such as legumes with cereals. Raw foodists state that they often consume sprouts, seeds, nuts, and of course a large amount of raw vegetables and fruits. All Vegans and Raw foodists know about the possible lack of vitamin B12, and some for this reason, use supplements. Also mentioned are supplements or protein complex supplements designed specifically for vegans.

Rescuers, disaster and "librarians"?
Zeman, Jiří
Na první pohled se může zdát, že knihovníci mají pramálo společného se záchranáři a děním kolem mimořádných událostí a katastrof. Domnívám se ovšem, že právě specialisté na informace mohou významně přispět ke koordinaci pomoci při záchranných akcích. Vždyť v jaké jiné oblasti jsou tak potřeba rychlé, relevantní a jasně strukturované informace, jako při záchraně lidských životů? Kdo by měl lépe shromažďovat informace pro následné analýzy a závěry pro zlepšení do budoucna? A kdo by měl mít lepší informace o nejnovějších technologiích a možnostech jejich využití pro přenos informací než právě odborníci na informace? Na několika příkladech si uvedeme, jak mohou knihovníci kooperovat na vývoji "záchranáře budoucnosti", pomoci se systémy pro koordinaci pomoci při katastrofách velkého rozsahu nebo testovat nové technologie pro efektivní využití v praxi.
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Implementation of lean manufacturing and application of Kaizen management in small and middle company
The thesis deals with the application of the Lean manufacturing and Kaizen ma-nagement in processes of production and logistics management and selected tools and techniques of lean manufacturing and Kaizen management. The research of the imple-mentation of the Lean manufacturing was conducted at the production departments of the company. It is necessary to involve the processes principles.We can say, that the introduction of lean manufacturing principles and application of Kaizen management is a significant competitive advantage. The aim of tools supporting the implementation of the principles of the Lean manufacturing and Kaizen management is the elimination of wasting, improving response to customer´s demands. The keeping of the principles of company culture with the transition from the concept company to concept my (our) company. These principles are applicable to systems in the mass production and the small batch production. The some methods and tools are applicable in the area of services and public administration. We can say, that into each activity can be found reserves which are wasting about the Lean manufacturing. We are able to reduce or eli-minate them with use right tools. The subject of research are a never-ending changes the set up manufacturing processes during the implementation of Lean manufacturing and next application of Kaizen management. The changes which were done was not concern only for new set of material flow, workplace layout, leveling and optimization work, but also changes focused to thinking of people who are involved in these changes or the changes affecting them. To evaluace of the success and applicability of the newly introduced methods were set up measurable indicators and methodology of their eva-luation. The results which are presented are important for the company where the re-search was conducted. The outputs is important for other companies and recommen-dations of general application can help their further development and help to futher de-velop scientic knowledges.

Public Opinion on Environmentally Friendly Behaviour - May 2012
Tabery, Paulína
In May 2012 Public Opinion Research Centre asked questions about environment. People were inquired about their activities in environment protection. We also investigated, if Czechs are interested in information about the environment and have enough of this kind of information.

Evaluation Principles: Effective evaluation and financing system for research, development and innovation
Münich, Daniel
The objective of Ipn project “Effective evaluation and financing system for research, development and innovation“) is to replace from 2015 the existing Methodology of evaluating the results achieved by research institutions with a more effective system of institutional evaluation based on the international quality standards. The new evaluation in the form of informed peer-review will reflect the Ipn Audit recommendations as well as Long Term Evaluation Principles adopted by RVVI (Research, Development and Innovations Council). The new system will combine quantitative and qualitative evaluation of outputs and contributions of the creative activity of research institutions with clear and future oriented indicators in order to facilitate evaluation of their development dynamics, evaluate their outputs from the point of view of their quality, relevance, impact and effectiveness while respecting the departmental and institutional differences. It should enable periodic evaluation of the performance of Czech Research, Development and Innovation system as a whole and of its individual components in comparison with the global standards. The evaluation results should facilitate strategic management on the level of public administration as well as on the level of individual institutions and their departments. The evaluation process should be resistant to nepotism and should be supported by high quality international expert evaluators and bibliometrical criteria.
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Economic aspects of brownfield regeneration in South Bohemia
The purpose of this thesis is to highlight the issue of brownfields. Green Meadow is still dominant because investors often care about making their edifice was built on the spot where now nothing happened, but on the other hand, brownfields have their advantages and disadvantages. The content of this paper is a general definition and the definition of terms as they are perceived by organizations that issue. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the economic regeneration of brownfield sites in selected South Bohemian region consisting of the assessment of costs and benefits associated with brownfields. Brownfields selection was made based on the availability of information and the suitability of the sample for evaluation.

Bite of dog by children in South of Bohemia
Dog bites are becoming an ever more urgent issue. This is caused by the increasing numbers of pets. Children and senior citizens are the most frequent victims of dog bites. Dog bites are caused mostly by cuspids and carnassials teeth. Depending on the intensity of the jaw squeeze the resulting injury is an imprint, scratch, contusion with hemorrhage or stab wound. If the jaw squeeze is very strong even an amputation may occur, particularly of fingers, nose and external ear. Injuries caused by dog bites are mostly of a laceration {--} contusion character. Older children are most frequently injured on limbs, particularly arms. The second, in terms of frequency, are wounds and injuries of head and neck, followed by trunk injuries. In children under 4 years of age the injuries of head and neck account for up to 2/3 of all injuries caused by dog bites. The consequences may include a lifelong trauma. Therefore the issue should not be underestimated and dog attacks should be prevented. The objective of my bachelor thesis was to identify and compare the number of dog attacks against children and youth in towns and municipalities in the South Bohemian region. The objective of the thesis has been met. The research sought to confirm or to rebut the following hypotheses: H: There is a correlation between the number of dog attacks and the size of a municipality or town, H1: There is a correlation between the size of a dog breed and the number of attacks, H2: An absolute majority of all injuries caused by dogs does not require medical intervention H3: An absolute majority of all injuries caused by dogs occurs in the home environment, H4: An absolute majority of a the inquired respondents were attacked by their own dogs. The hypothesis H has been confirmed. Attacks by dogs are three times more frequent in villages than in towns. The hypothesis H1 has not been confirmed. The percentages of attacks are nearly the same for big and small breeds. The difference consisted of 10 %. The hypothesis H2 has been confirmed. 81% of injuries caused by dog attacks were treated at home. The hypothesis H3 has been confirmed. An absolute majority of injuries caused by dogs occurred at home or in the garden - own, in gardens of friends or neighbors. The hypothesis H4 has been rebutted. 33% of the approached respondents were bitten by their own dogs. The results of the research have shown that only 11 of the approached respondents were instructed by their teachers about what to do in case of a dog bite. The answers indicate that the issue of dog bite is missing in the school curriculum. The situation can be improved by implementation of preventive programs dealing with the issue and by expanding the school curriculum. The dog training and canistherapy association Hafík conducts prevention programs in nursery schools as a part of a therapy with the assistance of animals. The association Hafík might also cooperate with schools.

Ekologické zemědělství ve Zlínském kraji a charakteristika ekologických aktivit obce Hostětín
Hromadová, Marcela
The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of current state of organic agriculture in the Zlín Region and characteristics of environmental activities in town of Hostětín. The first part of the thesis describes and contextualizes the concept of organic agriculture, the history, principles and the valid legislation of organic farming in the Czech Republic. The concept of sustainable development is defined and its principles underlying the environmental activities of Hostětín are described. The second part presents an up-to-date list of organic farmers and a land area registered in organic farming in particular districts. A survey is a part of the thesis. It focuses on awareness of municipalities in the Zlín Region, having population of less than 1 000 residents, about model projects of sustainable development in Hostětín and their attitude to environmental matters within community projects.