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Aim of this bachelor work was to analyze possibilities to enter foreign markets by company FARMTEC, a.s. and to perform a situation markets analysis. Partial target was to find the best option how to penetrate foreign markets and to propose an optimal solution for this case. Subject of this work was company FARMTEC, a.s., active in production of agricultural technology and its sale on Czech and foreign markets. Business with partners in the Czech Republic has been prevailing so far but export to foreign countries shows an increasing tendency every year. It is primarily caused by two factors, Czech market is filled and there is quite a great competition on the market. Company exports its production mainly to eastern and southeastern markets in Europe. PEST analysis was applied to analyze possibilities of entry to foreign markets. PEST analysis examines macro economic environment that includes political and legal environment, economic environment, social-cultural environment and degree of technological maturity. This analysis was applied to evaluate macro economic environment of three countries {--} Greece, Rumania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Analysis resulted in outcome that the most advantageous alternative for FARMTEC, a.s. is to enter Rumania market. Strategy to penetrate the market in cooperation with a sole agency was proposed as an optimal solution; a sole agency exclusively represents the company in a certain region and acts on behalf of the company.
Crowdfunding impact on traditional distribution structures
Böhm, Jan ; Zaoral, Ondřej (advisor) ; Šlerka, Josef (referee)
This diploma thesis aims to discover, how crowdfunding influences traditional distributional structures. There are many possibilities, how to approach the problem. I have decided to compare the role of the intermediary in different forms of financing. This means, that by "distributional structures", I understand forms of financing. I compare five forms of financing, that altogether define all important kinds of financial transactions between two subjects: The bilateral model, Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, Market and Banks. As a tool for comparing all the forms, I created "Intermediate chain", that describes the way from one demanding subject, who realises his needs, through finding offering subject, to making and fulfiling a contract. I use the intermediate chain, that analyses this way, to describe all the forms of financing. The outcome of this process is a very detailed description. I describe all the models to verify, how crowdfunding takes over the function of other models. The theoretical frame of the analysis is disintermediation. Only by putting the analysis into this theoretical frame, the whole thesis becomes reasonable: The point is not to describe all the models, how people trade with each other. By the question about the influence of crowdfunding on traditional distributional structures, I...
The Role of the Curator in Conditions of Contemporary Czech Art
Pechová, Gabriela ; Půtová, Barbora (advisor) ; Hoftichová, Petra (referee)
The bachelor thesis seeks to clarify the role of a curator of contemporary art in the context czech art scene. To achieve this objective the person of curator is set into the wide framework. Thesis starts with description of historical events which led to formation of this profession and influenced its evolution into the current form. The vital moment is division of a curator into two types in the second half of 20th century; a curator as employee of exhibitionary or collecting institution and an independent curator. This fact is crucial for the specification of exact responsibilities of a curator. It is this issue and also description of environment, where a curator currently operates, to which one of the chapters is dedicated. A place in the thesis is also given to the analysis of some factors, human and technical, which have a direct and also indirect influence on the work of a curator. The text is ended by a chapter about possibilities of education in the field of curating not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Keywords: curator, contemporary czech art, mediator, organizer, manager
Mediating Roles of Czechoslovakia and Canada among the Great Powers and Cuba in 1959-1969
Krýsl, Ondřej ; Soukup, Jaromír (advisor) ; Jeřábek, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the period of the superpower rivalry of the Cold War, respectively, on the 1960's, and an interesting phenomenon of the intermediary role. At that time, Canada and Czechoslovakia took on tasks far beyond the importance of their bilateral relations with Cuba. They often made significant efforts and spent considerable resources. Furthermore, the work compares the nature of mediation of relations between Cuba and the great powers on the examples of these countries and tries to reveal their connections. More precisely, the work is interested in deciphering the motivations of Canada and Czechoslovakia for the initiative of the role of mediator between Cuba and the individual blocs. These states played this role in the relationship between Cuba and the Western countries in the case of Canada and Cuba and the Eastern bloc in the case of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. The Kenneth Waltz's theoretical approach of bipolar equilibrium will be used and analyzed as one of the possible explanations. From a methodological point of view, the work uses the Mill's method of difference and comparative history. The work has also the ambition to contribute to an interesting topic that unjustly escapes the wider awareness of the general public. The main sources of data are secondary...
Dopady legislativních změn na trh úvěrů pro spotřebitele v ČR
Vinklárek, Filip
Vinklárek, F. The impacts of legislation changes on the consumer credit market in the Czech Republic. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. The subject of this bachelor thesis is to identify possible impact on the providers, intermediaries and the consumers acting on the credit market in the Czech Repub-lic, based on the analysis of changes in regulations relating to the consumer credit sector. The thesis outlines the main reasons that led to the creation of a new law on consumer credit. Its development is also identified based on the characteristics of the mortgage and consumer market and analysis of statistical data. One of the major changes in the new consumer credit law are the new conditions for early repayment of a mortgage loan. The practical part of the thesis is therefore focused on the identification of the degree of willingness and ability of clients to repay the mortgage loan early, based on a survey of clients with mortgage.
Dopady Zákona o spotřebitelském úvěru č.257/2016 Sb. na poskytovatele a zprostředkovatele spotřebitelských úvěrů v ČR
Malovaná, Petra
Malovaná, P. The impacts of law on consumer credit Act No 257/2016 Coll. on providers and intermediaries of consumer credit in the Czech Republic. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. The subject of this bachelor thesis is to analyse the main changes in the legislative concerning the providers and intermediaries acting on the consumer credit market in the Czech Republic, and then to identify possible impacts on providers and intermediaries based on this analysis. The thesis specifies the main reasons leading to the creation of a new law on consumer credit. The thesis also describes the characteristics of the consumer credit market prior to the effective date of the Act, as well as the supposed impacts of this Act on providers and intermediaries. Based on the most significant legislative changes which the law has brought for providers and intermediaries, a questionnaire was made and a questionnaire survey was conducted to evaluate the impact of the law.
Business Plan for Establishing of Small Company
Konečný, Dalibor ; Veselý, Josef (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the creation of a business plan for the establishment of a business, that will operate a website through which will sell as an intermediary unusual leisure activities and experiences. The first part defines the theoretical concepts to create a business plan. The second part is devoted to the analysis of the current state. Based on the knowledge of the theoretical part and the results of the analytical part is business plan created in the proposal part.
Legal regulation of consumer credit in the Czech republic
Stróžik, Lukáš ; Kohajda, Michael (advisor) ; Sejkora, Tomáš (referee)
Legal regulation of consumer credit in the Czech republic Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the topic of consumer credit distribution in the Czech Republic. Recently, the European level of regulation of the provision and intermediation of consumer credit has undergone a major change. In connection with that also individual Member States had to transpose the revolutionary Directive 2014/17/EU which extends consumer protection to loans concerning real estate. This was executed in the Czech Republic by the adoption of the Act No. 257/2016 Sb., which came into effect on 1 December 2016. The paper is divided into four parts, in which the author describes and evaluates the current state of consumer credit distribution regulation. For this purpose, the provisions of the Act and their interpretation using accompanying documents are subject to analysis and evaluation of their conformity with the objectives of the regulation. The first part describes the historical context and development of consumer credit from the beginnings of the western civilization to the present state, focusing on the European Union as the originator of our national consumer credit legislation. The second part is devoted to general aspects of consumer credit provision, especially the scope of the Consumer Credit Act and other general...
The sharing economy and digitalization: challenge for complex modification of labor law?
Tkadlec, Matěj ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Pichrt, Jan (referee)
THE SHARING ECONOMY AND DIGITALIZATION: CHALLENGE FOR COMPLEX MODIFICATION OF LABOR LAW? ABSTRACT This diploma thesis discusses the phenomenon of last decade called sharing economy, which has many different forms and names. In its purest meaning, the sharing economy concerns behavior of economically active entities that, in order to reduce their own costs or to use their spare capacity, share free resources. As the best examples of sharing economy, we can name capital platform Airbnb, where people share their unused immovable in order to generate profit or work platform BlaBlaCar trough which people reduce their car costs while travelling one-off long-distance trips. However, as mentioned above, sharing economy has many different forms. One of them, which cannot be recognized as its pure form, is provided by Uber. Uber, as well as BlaBlaCar, created mobile platform trough which providers of transport services can get in touch with users of these services. Despite this similarity, there are several significant differences from which one can conclude that Uber is not a classic provider of information technology services, such as BlaBlaCar. That was also borne out by foreign courts, including European Court of Justice. On that basis, a question arises, whether Uber drivers really carry on the activity of...
Development of Business Activities of Company ARTOSS realitní kancelář, s.r.o.
Gottvald, Michael ; MBA, Pavel Paulen, (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
This graduation thesis focuses in development of business activities of company ARTOSS realitní kancelář, s.r.o. Thesis is developed in four main parts. The first part describes the given problematics and defines main and minor objectives. The second part is focused in theoretical resources, especially methods and procedures, main concepts and business activity tools. After theoretical base there is the third part of thesis, which analyzes current state of society and it's environment. The last part represents own suggestions of the company's business activity development.

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