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The forms of CAN syndrom - overview work
The presented bachelor thesis is written in the form of a review study. The main goal is to summarize the available scientific studies, research and information from the literature, both Czech and English, from 1992 to 2021, concerning the CAN syndrome. The content includes works from domestic and foreign literature. Scientific studies come from the scientific database Scopus, Research gate and JSTOR. Expert articles were obtained through Google Scholar. Sources that were available in Czech or English are used also from the book literature. It turned out that there are many studies and professional texts in this area abroad and, with a few deviations, they coincide in their content with the Czech ones. Based on the studied literature, the most common forms of CAN syndrome are defined, which are dealt with in the first half of the work. The professional articles included the consequences of these forms of CAN syndrome, signs of how to recognize these forms of the syndrome of an abused, mistreated and neglected child, as well as a description of their various forms. In addition to physical injuries, the main problem with CAN syndrome was the uncertain relationship with parents, which then affects children throughout their lives. Furthermore, the literature describes the forms of CAN syndrome, which they names as special and as new. These are incorporated in the work as three forms of the syndrome, which were in some literature marked as the classic ones. The first part of the theoretical work also processes statistical data that the sources contained. They showed that this syndrome is a relatively large problem both abroad and in the Czech Republic. Another area that appears in the literature is the therapy of CAN syndrome and a list of institutions that address this issue. The conclusions of this work can serve as a basis for education in the field of CAN syndrome, which is, as evidenced by published studies, a serious problem both in our country and all around the world.
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect Syndrome in the context of the campaigne MeToo
Bachelor's thesis deals with the problematic of the abused and neglected child syndrome. The thesis' aim is to determine grammar school students' awareness of this problematic. Thesis introduces the main concepts concerning the CAN syndrome, mentions prevention options, different CAN syndrome forms and their consequences. Furthermore, selected institutions dealing with said syndrome are listed. The practical part is focused on the determination of grammar school students' awareness of the CAN syndrome and the #MeToo Campaign. Quantitative research is used in the practital part. In the final part, information determined via the survey is summarized.
Use of addictive medication in the Czech Republic
Brožková, Lenka ; Gabrhelík, Roman (advisor) ; Rolová, Gabriela (referee)
Background: The use of psychoactive prescription drugs (PPDs) in the patient population is poorly studied in Czechia. Aims: (i) To investigate the prevalence of PPDs use; (ii) to estimate the extent of doctor shopping (DS); (iii) to explore the association between the repeated use of PPD, DS and subsequent addiction care. Design and setting: Pharmacoepidemiological study using the precription database and the database of reimbursed health services of health insurance company Zamestnanecka pojistovna Skoda (2012-2021). Participants: Insurees (n=146,177; male n=71,013; female n=75,164) represented by approximately 340,000 health records. Measurements: To identify drug use in the form of DS we analyzed prescription overlaps from multiple health care providers. The association between repeated use of PPD and provided health services was determined by analyzing the drug history of insurees who received any type of addiction service. Findings: We found that more than half of the insurees who used the opioid analgesic also used anxiolytic drugs in the same year. The highest proportion of insurees with DS was related to stimulant use (3.37%). Regarding opioid analgesics and benzodiazepines, the proportions were similar (OA 2.25%; BZD 2.37%). The number of duplicit prescriptions per doctor shopper was the...
Safe sport
Cvachová, Adéla ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (advisor) ; Buriánková, Jitka (referee)
The final thesis Safe Sport summarizes scientific theoretical knowledge with references to other relevant literature and presents a didactic material draft that can be used as a base for raising awareness and developing education in the field of safe sport in the Czech Republic. Text of the thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a practical. The first, theoretical part defines the term safe sport by summarizing professional concepts and scientific knowledge using the methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison and compilation. In order to put these concepts and knowledge into context and to analyze the state of the Czech sport environment, they are supplemented by available case reports from the Czech media. The subsequent practical part of the thesis presents a proposal for didactic material reflecting the current situation and needs of the Czech sports environment. In addition to the theoretical scientific knowledge, it also includes practical suggestions for prevention and possible procedures for dealing with specific examples of situations that cross the boundaries of a safe sport environment. Keywords: prevention, harassment, abuse, non-accidental violence, didactic material, education, youth
Specifics of adolescence of the children with Down syndrome from their parents view
Tučková, Věra ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Zemková, Jaroslava (referee)
Title of bachelor work: The specifics of adolescence of the children with Down syndrome from their parents view Abstract The bachelor thesis called The specifics of adolescence of the children with Down syndrome from their parents view deals with the term Down syndrome, its origin and forms. The thesis concentrates in the behavior of the teen age children with Down syndrome. The thesis also touch the problem of sexual abuse of the mentally handicapped children, e.g. also children with the Down syndrome and the problem of the becoming independent of these children. The practical demonstrations show the worries of mothers of the children with Down syndrome and how the worries grow up with children age.
Perception of Violence against Different Age Groups of Children at Primary Schools and Eight-year Grammar School
Havelková, Šárka ; Procházková, Jana (advisor) ; Sotáková, Hana (referee)
1. ABSTRACT § Key words: violence, conflict, aggression, cruelty, abuse, neglect, bullying, the perpetrator, the victim, children, adults, seniors, self-harm, suicide In this thesis I would like to focus on how children define violence, what violence includes, how to represent both the offender and victim, what is the difference in the perception of violence against various age groups and how to prevent possible violence. The theoretical part is firstly devoted to the notion of violence or similar terms synonymous to this and to explain them according to Czech and foreign authors. I have then proceeded to topics such as violence against children, adults and seniors, self-harm, suicide and the consequences of violence. In the practical section, I examined the perception of violence among students in primary school compared with students of the same age at a grammar school. I focused on the students of class sixth / ninth grade and first and fourth year of an eight-year grammar school). The survey was not only carried out in schools in the capital city but also in a smaller town.

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