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Evaluation of the presence of fine and ultrafine particles in the air in an industrial zone
Kysilka, Matěj ; Martincová, Jana Victoria (referee) ; Doležalová Weissmannová, Helena (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of the presence of the fine and ultrafine particles in an industrial zone. At the beginning of the theoretical part, dust particles and their division by size are described. Subsequently, sources of particles, methods of their measurement are mentioned and methods of analysis are described in more detail. Significant part of the research is devoted to health risks related to exposure to particles, the fundamental impact on the environment is also mentioned. The experimental part describes the measurement conditions that took place outdoor near an unnamed industrial zone. At the beginning of the experimental part, the used devices are presented. Subsequently, measured and graphically evaluated data on the concentration of particles in the air are presented. Particles collected on filter were used for analysis of selected metals. Analysis of selected metals was performed also on the samples of soil and plant material. The obtained metal concentration data were evaluated and commented.
Climate change or precursor emissions - which of these will be the major player in future ground-level ozone concentrations?
Tremaskina, Anastasiia ; Hůnová, Iva (advisor) ; Matoušková, Leona (referee)
This thesis examines the reasons for potential future outcomes as well as the evolution of future ground-level O3 concentrations. Ground-level O3 is primarily formed by the reaction of precursor emissions, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), in the presence of solar radiation and warm temperatures. Transport, industrial operations, and energy production are the primary human activities that produce these emissions. Climate change, on the other hand, also has an impact on ground-level O3 concentrations by modifying the atmospheric conditions that promote O3 generation. The frequency and length of high O3 occurrences, for instance, may increase with increasing temperatures and changes in atmospheric circulation patterns, but drought conditions may decrease plant ability to absorb O3 and other pollutants. Additionally, precursor emissions can potentially be impacted by climate change. For instance, rising temperatures may cause plants to produce more biogenic VOCs, and shifting rainfall patterns may have an impact on soil NOx emission rates. Therefore, both precursor emissions and climate change must be considered and addressed in order to correctly anticipate future ground-level O3 concentrations. The work covers the results of previous studies on precursor emissions...
Environmental and Health Benefits of Electromobility
Sanetrník, Michal ; Bendl, Jiří (advisor) ; Hůnová, Iva (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the health and environmental benefits of electromobility. The main objective of this thesis is to describe the current health and environmental risks of emissions from combustion engine vehicles and to determine whether electric vehicles eliminate these risks. The secondary objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of current emission regulations in automotive transportation. The first part of this thesis describes the current state of air pollution, sources of pollution, exposure and health impacts on the population. The second part is dedicated to electric vehicles and vehicles with combustion engines, and compares their health and environmental impacts. The output of this thesis is that combustion engine vehicles contribute to more than four million premature deaths worldwide each year, accelerate global climate change, damage the ozone layer, contribute to acidification, eutrophication, and negatively affect vegetation and pollinators. For these reasons, it is necessary to switch to a health and environmentally friendly alternative. Battery electric vehicles appear to be a suitable replacement in all areas covered by this thesis, especially if their implementation is accompanied by a transition to renewable sources. Keywords air polution, emissions, premature...
Long-term trends in sulphur and nitrogen wet deposition - a comparison of Northern Hemisphere regions
Vlnasová, Eliška ; Hůnová, Iva (advisor) ; Kaňa, Jiří (referee)
This scientific literature review examines the time trends of wet atmospheric deposition of sulphur and nitrogen over a four decade period in three regions of the Northern Hemisphere, namely Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. The wet atmospheric deposition processes transport sulphur and nitrogen compounds from the atmosphere to the Earth's surface via vertical or horizontal pathways. Excessive levels of these deposited compounds can cause a number of environmental problems, such as change in biodiversity, degradation of forest stands or change in water and soil chemistry. It is therefore necessary to monitor and evaluate these trends. Sulphur and nitrogen can enter the atmosphere through anthropogenic emissions, among other sources. The change in sulphur and nitrogen emissions over the last four decades has undoubtedly influenced the time trends of wet deposition. The aim of this work is to evaluate these patterns in addition to the sulphur and nitrogen trends. This work also addresses the change in wet deposition ion ratios, in particular the change in the ratio of NH4 + to NO3 - in the wet deposition of nitrogen. Wet deposition of sulphur, in line with a significant reduction in sulphur compounds emissions, records a noticeable decrease in both Europe and North America, but wet...
Vyhodnocení emisí amoniaku z chovu drůbeže ve vybraném zemědělském podniku
This diploma thesis deals with pollutants that escape into the air during intensive breeding of broiler chickens. The biggest polluter is ammonia gas, which mainly results in the creation of the greenhouse effect and thus contributes to global warming. Many scientists are working on ways to reduce this unwanted gas, and are therefore developing modern stables technologies for all types of livestock on intensive farms. The final work evaluates the production of emissions from broiler farming. In particular, the evaluation of the annual ammonia emissions and the reduction of the production of this gas in the selected agricultural holding. The measurement was performed at the private agricultural company ZEFA Nová Pec, spol. s r. o. in the broiler chicken farm, located near Strunkovice nad Blanicí.
Přínos elektricky poháněných osobních automobilů pro snížení emisí oxidu uhličitého ve městech
VOTRUBA, Michaela Hana
Master's thesis deals with the issue of air pollution, to which automobile transport contri- butes extensively. Poor air quality has adverse effects on the health of every human being on Earth, so it is important to work constantly to reduce the emission footprint we leave behind. It is road transport that has a lot of room for improvement. The aim of thesis was to calculate the amount of CO2 produced by passenger cars on a selected section of the road in České Budějovice. And then calculate the amount of CO2, which would leave the same number of electric cars in the same driving section.
Legal regulation of air protection against pollution
Mrověc, Martin ; Sobotka, Michal (advisor) ; Damohorský, Milan (referee)
in english The aim of this thesis is to provide a systematic insight into the regulation of air protection from pollution produced by so called "enumerated stationary sources", which means from sources enumerated in annex no. 2 of Act no. 201/2012 Coll., focused on the on air protection. The work is divided into two sub-parts when the first part focuses on the proposed legislation in the field of air protection from pollution, its historical development, and legislation at all levels - expressly international law, law of European union and national legislation. Subsequently, the thesis describes the basic objectives of current legislation with regard to all sources of air pollution. The second part of the thesis concerns only on legislation that adjusts enumerated stationary sources and presents a list of various legal instruments of control in a systematic division of conceptual, administrative and economic tools, which is always given to the appropriate section. These particular tools are discussed with regard to the specifics applied to these enumerated stationary sources. The conclusion is a separate chapter devoted to liability for infringement of operators that run the enumerated stationary sources.
Urban Ventilation Dependence on Geometric Configuration
Kukačka, Libor ; Jaňour, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Carpentieri, Matteo (referee) ; Uruba, Václav (referee)
Title: Urban Ventilation Dependence on Geometric Configuration Author: RNDr. Ing. Libor Kukačka Department: Department of Atmospheric Physics Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Zbyněk Jaňour, DrSc., Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Thermomechanics, v. v. i. Abstract: The main goal of the thesis is to investigate the impact of urban geometry on the urban ventilation using wind-tunnel modelling. To measure the pollutant transport, both advective and turbulent, within complex urban geometries with a high temporal resolution a special measurement method was developed. At first, the pollution of a simplified urban area was simulated by a ground-level point source and the ventilation of the intersection with respect to four wind directions was studied. Later, the pollution of other simplified and complex urban areas was simulated by a ground-level line source and the ventilation of three different street canyons with respect to wind direction perpendicular and oblique to their along-canyon axis was investigated. The clear impact of urban complexity and wind direction on street canyon ventilation is demonstrated at lateral and top openings of all investigated canyons and the intersection. Whilst the dominance of the pollutant advection is demonstrated at the eaves of pitched roofs, at the roof ridges...
Air quality index - a tool for ambient air quality assessment
Stráník, Vojtěch ; Hůnová, Iva (advisor) ; Matějíček, Luboš (referee)
7 Abstract Air pollution has a great impact on human health, with acute consequences possibly resulting even in death. It is therefore important to inform the public about up-to-date air quality and its impact on health in a simple and easily undestandable way. Air quality indices seems to be ideal for this purpouse, but there is large variety of them. In this master thesis, the air quality index most suitable for the capital city of Prague has been searched for. A comparison of the following indices has been carried out based on available data: of following indicies based on avaible data (concentration of O3, PM10, NO2, SO2 a CO): Air Quality Index, Aggregate Air Quality Index, Revised Air Quality Index, Common Air Quality Index a Pollution Index and their modifications according to european standards. As a criterion of aptness of a particular index, a degree of correlation between the index itself and corresponding health problems (daily count of deaths, daily count of deaths caused by diseases of the respiratory system, daily count of deaths caused by diseases of circulatory system, daily count of hospitalization caused by diseases of the respiratory system, daily count of hospitalization caused by diseases of circulatory system) of the local population has been chosen. This relationship was verified...

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