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The Establishment and Development of JZD in Hošťálkovice and Lhotka (the Development between 1945 and 1992)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the foundation and development of JZD Lhotka and Hošťálkovice between the years 1945 and 1992. Both cooperatives were situated near the industrial city of Ostrava, which significantly influenced their existence. Within the opening chapter, the author describes the history of Lhotka and Hošťálkovice until 1945. Every chapter contains a theoretical part describing selected events which had an impact on the development of JZD. Unlike the other theses dealing with cooperatives of given era, this one is not devoted to the fight against kulaks. In this case, the research focuses mainly on the economic aspect of the issue. The author has managed to capture the development of both cooperatives while not only using the archival materials and literature but also testimonies of contemporary witnesses.
The historical development of landscape in South Bohemia
This bachelor thesis describes the historical development of landscape at times of Lords of Hradec, Lords of Rožmberk, Schwarzenberg sand at times of Hussitism. The thesis also deals with the development of pond culture, the description of landscape after Thirty Years´ War, The Second World War and after the year 1989. There are depicted the changes of the landscape in each time period. The main attention is paid to the changes of forests, water management and agriculture. The most important changes of landscape are associated with the time of wars, when the landscape was devastated. The image of landscape is also influenced by human settlement, the forests are often cut down, the plough land is dissolved etc. because of the growing built-up area.
The assessment of the NPR Řežabinec pond ecosystem stability.
The first part is characterized by a pond ecosystem and National Nature Reserve Řežabinec in terms of its historical development and creation. Are mentioned methods , the method and system of protection of the site. The paper describes a method of fish farming during the period of the individual plans of care farming in the last five years and the water conditions in the area . The ecosystem is assessed on the basis of available data in the literature to me In our own work we focus on monitoring water chemistry and state recovery tank , especially in terms of development and biomass of zooplankton species representation in the course of one growing season. He also details the fishing and agricultural management and water management conditions in the locality. Marginally judging submerged and littoral vegetation and the presence of water birds. This work demonstrated the dependence of the size of the fish stock on the frequency of a generic representation of zooplankton and the positive impact of lower stocking on the development and stability of the entire ecosystem. Contributes to the stability and sensitive farming in the last period.
Development of Land Adjustment in the Czech republic
BLÁHOVÁ, Barbora
This bachelor thesis is devoted to the development of land consolidation at our area. Land consolidation issue can be met since the ancient times till the present time. With the help of this bachelor thesis I would like to resume the main developmental stages (the period of feudalism, capitalism, consolidation, land reforms, period of collectivisation and socialisation of villages, creation of collective farms, technological-agricultural conversion till the present time). Each of these stages had a different form, content and also agricultural and social goal. The last chapter aims to compare land consolidation here with other countries. In each country land consolidations reflect political, agricultural, economical and legal standards. They are a tool of practical realization of agricultural policy of ruling classes. Land possession always had different reasons and ways of realisation of land consolidation.
Historical treatment of land in Jihočeském kraji
The work describes the historical treatment of land in the South Region for the period: Rosenberg; Buquoys, Eggenberg and Schwarzenberg; after World War I.; after World War II.; after 1989. This work describes the changing of landscape in different seasons and informs about the most important adjustments, particularly in the fields of: fishing, forestry, water management and agriculture. There are elaborated landscaping history records from the beginning of the registration to the present. The work contains a treatise on colonization reforms, land consolidation, modern and contemporary land consolidation in the area of interest.

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