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Freya organisation
Rosolová, Tereza ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
TITLE: Freya organisation AUTHOR: Rosolová Tereza DEPARTMENT: Department of Special Pedagogy SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Monika Mužáková, PhD. ABSTRACT: This these sis discussing the topic of sexuality of disadvantaged individuals and relevant sexual assistance. Primarily It focuses on examining of the Freya organisation, which provides education, consultations and other supporting services in the field of sexuality of disadvantaged and older individuals. The first part of the theoretical part focuses on sexuality, sexuality of disabled individuals and the terminology and the origin of sexual asistance in the Czech republic and other countries. Also compares sexual assistance systems in selected European countries. The second chapter is examining the Freya organisation. In particular characteristics, history, goals, principles and specific services. In particular Its characteristics, in depth history, which is supproted by comparisons of sexual asistance systems in other selected Europe countries, their goals, principals and services. The practical part will be delivered by structed interview with the use of qualitative research. The goal of practical part was to examine differences or alikeness in the sexual assitance services in Freya organisation from the first beginnings and today from the point of view of...
Release of pupils from physical education in elementary schools
Miláčková, Andrea ; Pavlová, Ilona (advisor) ; Hošková, Blanka (referee)
Title of the thesis: Release of pupils from physical education in elementary schools Aims of the thesis: The aim of this thesis was to find out the main causes of the release of pupils from physical education (PE) at 8 primary schools in the districts of Kolín and Nymburk, to outline the health consequences of release, to monitor the situation regarding the number of pupils with special educational needs (SEN) and to examine the subjective opinions of teachers on the issue using fieldwork data collection. Method: It is a questionnaire survey conducted at 8 primary schools in the district of Nymburk and Kolín. The research group consisted of 16 physical education teachers (2 teachers from each school), 12 women and 4 men. The questionnaire is divided into 2 parts. The first part, where general information and pupil numbers were collected, was completed by all respondents. The second part was intended for those who have pupils in their class with special educational needs. Results: 4.46 % of pupils were released from physical education at the schools interviewed in 2018/2019. The most common reason for TV release is muscle, skeletal or connective tissue disease (27 %). According to teachers, too many students in the group and the risk of progression of the disease or injury were the most frequent...
Familly in material need
The bachelor thesis on "Family in Material Need" deals with the problems that faced families in the system of material need. The thesis contains a description of the system of material need including an explanation of whom and for what benefits are used. It also focuses on the issue of families in material need, where focuses more on families in danger with material need - a single parent family, a family with an unemployed family member and a family of a child with a health disadvantage. In the practical part of the thesis there are four real cases of families that receive benefits in material need with description of their situation and the problems that they face.
The impact of a chronic disease on the choice of study field and subsequent employment
Svobodová, Julie ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The thesis consists of a comprehensive introduction to the problems of individuals suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases. The main topics comprise of the impacts of the disease on the process of education, the field of study and the highest achieved level of education and furthermore, the issues of employment as well as social and psychological aspects of these diseases. The thesis has focused on the detailed understanding of everyday and long- term problems encountered by the disabled people. The aim of the thesis was to provide information crucial for the decision-making in regards to the selection of the future field of work for individuals with inflammatory bowel diseases. The recipients of the information would be the individuals themselves, their families, as well as the professions of engaged or special teaching. The qualitative methodology implemented by the technique of semi- structured interviews was applied with ten randomly selected respondents diagnosed with inflammatory bowel diseases. An open coding method was used after the examination of the research data. The analysis of the acquired data has shown that most respondents felt a negative influence of the disease on the course of their education, the selection of their field of study or their highest achieved level of education....
Practicing self care activities for school age children with mental retardation
Stříbrná, Kristýna ; Valešová Malecová, Barbara (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
Stříbrná, K. Training of self-service activities in children of younger school age with mental retardation. Bachelor thesis. Prague: Department of Special Education, Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. Supervisor: Mgr. Barbara Valešová Malecová, PhD., 2019. 68 s. The bachelor thesis deals with the problem of self-service training in children of younger school age with mental retardation. The work contains definitions of mental retardation and activities of everyday life with an emphasis on self-care. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to create an educational plan for a particular girl with moderate mental retardation, which is focused on the practice of self-service activities that could be applied in practice.
A child with celiac disease in kindergarten.
This thesis is focused on health handicap at nursery school children who suffer celiac disease. It points out to problems which are connected with this diet restriction. Wheter it means food restriction, financial demands or constant caution. The aim of this thesis is to point out to fact that if children with celiac disease strictly observe gluten-free diet, they can live fully - fledged and satisfied life as children of the same age who have no special diet restriction. The practical part is worked out as case study at nursery school child who suffers celiac disease. The thesis points out to situations when this health handicap influences child, her/his family, children of the same age and nursery school. Another aim was to find out feelings of child who suffers celiac disease, feelings of child's parents and also find out the influence of this disease to child's stay at nursery school.
How can be sibling constellations by health disability affected
Doskočilová, Renata ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Prouzová-Květoňová, Regina (referee)
Thesis named How can be sibling constellations by health disability affected, researchs effect of health disability to sibling constellations. Influence of health disability is examined in the area of career orientation, spending freetime and position of intact sibling in sibling constellation. Data gained from semistructured interviews are sorted by contained informations and contexts to these three categories. The objective of thesis is to find out whether sibling constellations are ind the fixed areas affected by health disability. The data and codes are obtained by summary in interviews according to required categories. These data are compared with theoretical basis and then they are formed to answers to research questions. The conclusions of research established that in investigated areas sibling constellations are influenced. The influence comes from the individual dispositions of each of the respondent. At the end of the thesis based on the survey results there are proposed additional procedures for the processing of reladed research. The idea of the thesis is to express and give support for persons similar life situations. KEYWORDS health disability, sibling constellation, parents and children, career orientation, freetime

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