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Are elderly internet users healthier?
Hozová, Karolína ; Votápková, Jana (advisor) ; Švarcová, Natálie (referee)
This thesis examines how internet usage impacts health outcomes of elderly aged 50 and above living in European countries using data from Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) Wave 8. Since bi-directional relationship between health and internet usage is expected, a two-stage least square model (2SLS) is used. Self-assessed health condition as the response variable is tested. Internet usage proved to be endogenous with respect to the health among seniors aged 65 and older by employing Wu-Hausman test. Robustness check, in the form of respondent's self-rated limitations in activities because of health, confirms the endogeneity, direction and significance of the relationship. Results show that internet usage positively affects health outcomes of seniors in the retirement age and decreases odds of poor health condition among the pre-retirement population (adults 50 to 64 years old). When accounted for socioeconomic factors in the pre-retirement age, significance of IT literacy diminishes. Other characteristics which affected health outcomes of elderly in our model are age, behavioral risks, life satisfaction, satisfaction with health care system and health literacy. Keywords: elderly, internet usage, health status, SHARE Title: Are elderly internet users healthier? Author's email:...
First aid knowledge ice hockey players
Hrubý, Matyáš ; Majorová, Simona (advisor) ; Prokešová, Eva (referee)
Title: Level of first aid knowledge of ice hockey players Objectives: The main aim of this study was to determine the level of first aid knowledge of ice hockey players. The sub-objective is to determine whether education affects first aid knowledge. The second sub-objective is to determine whether graduates of first aid courses achieve better results than individuals who have never taken a course in their life. Methods: Quantitative data collection through a survey was used to meet the objectives. The questionnaire survey was conducted by internet distribution using Google forms. The target group were active ice hockey players. A total of 42 participants took part in the survey. The first half of the survey dealt with general information about respondents while the second half focused on general first aid knowledge and dealing with the most common injuries in ice hockey. The data was processed and subsequently evaluated. Objectives: Based on the survey, it was found that ice hockey players did not demonstrate sufficient knowledge of first aid. Respondents answered with an average success rate of 69 %. It was also found that the results were influenced based on previous participation in a first aid course. Players who had previously completed a course achieved an average success rate of 72 %. While...
Assembling a Medical Condition. Adermatoglyphia Case.
Iormark, Daniel ; Tremčinský, Martin (advisor) ; Tesárek, Jan (referee)
The thesis addresses the adermatoglyphia medical condition. It used the theoretical framework based on the Foucauldian thought and ANT ideas as well as the mix of methods they suggest, in order to study how various actors and forces are enacted by scientists in their articles in order to assemble adermatoglyphia. The thesis revealed that a detour into the identification and authorization requirements, the description of fingerprinting, the figure of a healthy patient, the presence of biopolitial, technological and biomedical dispositifs as well as the equal treatment of both human and nonhuman actors are characteristic for the studied articles. The contingency of adermatoglyphia on the mechanisms of biopolitics and disciplinary power, fingerprinting technological solution and western biomedical science, the pathologisaion of people with adermatoglyphia, the problems of betrayal and translation were addressed in the thesis. It also contains a macro perspective of adermatoglyophia as well as the attempt to use the concept of extended phenotype in order to equalize technomachines and intellectual constructs.
Childhood diet in relation to the determination of social roles and health status in Great Moravian population
Jílková, Michaela ; Brůžek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kovačiková, Lenka (referee)
This study is focused on dietary reconstruction according to stable isotope analysis of carbon and nitrogen in bone and tooth collagen. The material used for this study is represented by set of 46 skeletons of adult individuals from 6th church's burial site in Mikulčice, which belong to the Great Moravian era (9th -10th century). Isotopic values are discussed in relation to the formation of social roles and health status. The presence and eventually degree of severity of some non-specific stress indicators and pathologies (Cribra orbitalia, presence of tooth caries, caries intensity, linear enamel hypoplasias, dental wear and length od femur) was observed. The results of isotopic analysis suggest, that diet in this population sample was based on terrestrial sources, both animal and plant protein. Plants in Great Moravian diet belonged to C3 and C4 group. C4 group of plants in Mikulčice was represented by millet (Panicum miliaceum), which supports the hypothesis of "Millet - typical crop of old Slavs" (Reitsema and Kozlowski, 2013). Millet was consumed mainly in childhood. Significant differences between diets of high social class and rest of population was found with people of higher social rank consuming more animal protein. These differences were created in childhood and persisted to adulthood....
Elderly Suicide Rates in the Helping Professionals' Point of View - District Karlovy Vary
Puchálková, Michala ; Havránková, Olga (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
The author in her diploma theses deals with the problem of elderly suicide rates in the helping professionals' point of view in the district of Karlovy Vary. Her two key focus areas are personal experiences of the helping professionals with this particular topic and their knowledgeableness of it. Furthermore, the author validates whether the helping professionals are supported adequately enough to be able to deal with this phenomenon appropriately. In the theoretical part of the study the author presents basic introduction into the issue of suicide itself - briefly outlines the history of suicide rate and the most common motive, causes and forms of suicidal behavior. Moreover, she sketches the specifics of suicide rate among seniors and ways of working with this particular target group. Last but not least she drafts possible preventive techniques of suicide behavior among seniors. In the empirical part of the study the author explains the research methodology and briefly describes the district of Karlovy Vary. Most importantly the author presents findings concerning experience and knowledgeability of suicide rate among seniors by helping professionals gathered by research consisting of semi-structured interviews. She also thoroughly examines the professionals' point of view on individual elements...
The level of first-aid procedures knowledge amongst floorball trainers
Kylarová, Radka ; Majorová, Simona (advisor) ; Vilikus, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: The level of first-aid procedures knowledge amongst floorball trainers Objectives: The primary aim of this research was to identify to what extent trainers of the Czech highest female floorball league are familiar with the first-aid procedures. Methods: In this research, the sampling method was carried out in the form of an anonymous questionnaire, which was constructed from two parts. The first part of the questionnaire assessed general knowledge (7 questions). The second part tested the participants through a random scenario (15 questions). The number of respondents counted a total of 17 B-licensed trainers, both male and female. The questionnaire was completed with the assistance of the Czech Floorball Union, and the collected data was presented in graphs. Results: Based on the anonymous questionnaire, the findings showed the above-average experience of trainers providing first-aid, during both floorball practice or competition. The most common injures were the least serious, such as the wind knocked out, muscle / ligament strain. The results showed that the knowledge of coaches in not sufficient (the average percentage of correct answers among respondent is only 62 % in total), and moreover they are influenced by the scope of the first aid course and when the course was graduated. But...
Obesity uncovered: the case of the Czech Republic
Veselá, Barbora ; Bryndová, Lucie (advisor) ; Bertoli, Paola (referee)
iv Abstract This thesis uncovers the long-term development of overweight and obesity prevalence in the Czech Republic and finds the associations with relevant lifestyle risk factors and determinants of health. Periodically collected interview and examination survey data from 1993 to 2019 are standardised and used to perform a pooled analysis to inspect trends within the cross-sectional units. The binomial logistic regression is used to estimate changes in the odds of being overweight given a set of socio-economic and lifestyle-related predictors, and to inspect time trends in their magnitude and significance. Adjustment to historical data is calculated to account for methodological changes in BMI classification scheme to ensure comparability of survey outcomes. In addition, the response bias in self-reported anthropometric measurements is confirmed and quantified. Finally, the most recent data (2019) for obesity rates are updated accordingly to reflect this finding. The true prevalence of overweight in the Czech adult population is calculated to 75.8% for men and 58.8% for women, which is higher than interview survey results by 7.7 and 9.6 percentage points respectively. These adjusted results may be utilised by users of survey outcomes to build their analyses on validated data, together with other...
The effect of gut microbiota composition on condition in birds
Černá, Kateřina ; Vinkler, Michal (advisor) ; Saláková, Martina (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to summarize present knowledge concerning the effects of gut microbiota composition on condition in birds. The effect of gut microbiota on various aspects of animal physiology is currently intensively studied and the understanding of its biomedical importance is a topical theme. However, the majority of the current research is focused on humans and other mammals, and in birds on agriculturally significant species. Therefore, this thesis focuses also on the applicability of results of agriculturally orientated research on free-living birds' study. The results of agricultural research show a high interspecies and intraspecies variability in the effects of certain bacteria on the condition of the host. That should be taken into account when designing experiments in wild-living species. This thesis summarizes current knowledge concerning the effects of bacteria on condition of birds that was gained in correlational and manipulative studies. Manipulative studies include those in which probiotics or antibiotics were given to birds. The main modes of action of probiotic bacteria are also summarized here. One of the aims of this thesis was also to find out the possibilities of using detection of certain bacterial species as a non-invasive method to assess birds' condition. This thesis...

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