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Proposal for the Expansion of Infant Food to the Vietnamese Market
Tranová, Petra ; Milichovský, František (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the presentation of a procedure manual for a Czech company with baby food products when entering the Vietnamese market. The company selected for the submission of the manual is engaged in the production and distribution of baby food for infants and young children. The work is divided into four parts. In the introductory part, the issue is defined, the main and sub-goals to be achieved by the diploma thesis are set, and the methods used are described. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts of the solved problem. This part is followed by an analytical part with an analysis of the current state of the company. The last part contains our own solution proposals, including an economic evaluation.
Vývojové tendence agrárního zahraničního obchodu České republiky v období po vstupu do Evropské unie
Chybová, Vendula
The bachelor thesis is evaluating developmental tendencies of agricultural foreign trade of the Czech republic after joining the European Union. It is focused on analyzing of agricultural trade of the Czech republic and judgement of its overall dynamic as well as development of territorial and commodity structure and also identification of product group which expel comparative advantage or disadvantage towards integrated trade of the European Union. For construction of the analysis was used the CZSO database.
Hodnocení vlivu devizových intervencí ČNB na export České republiky
Prejdová, Jana
This paper is studying forex interventions implemented by the Czech national bank since November 2013 and their effects on the Czech Republic's export. The area of interest of this paper is the period since 2005 to January 2016. The first section of the bachelor thesis studies monetary policy and foreign trade of the Czech Republic in the period of focus. Next part focuses on the change in strategy of central banks after the global financial crisis and theoretic findings of the Marshall-Lerner condition and the J-Curve for foreign trade. In the second main section of this paper there are estimated import and export elasticities using Mandel's (1994) methodology. The elasticities are later used to determine if the Marshall-Lerner condition is met in the studied period for the trade between the Czech Republic and its main trading partners.
PETROVÁ, Michaela
The diploma thesis deals with trade agreements that the EU concludes with third countries in order to remove tariff and non-tariff barriers to foreign trade. The theoretical part deals with the description of legislative documents that regulate the conclusion process of these agreements, where the EU member states are represented by the EU and act externally as a whole. The practical part dealt with the economic impacts of trade agreements with selected countries on the EU in comparison with its member state the Czech Republic. The impacts were assessed according to selected indicators, which focused mainly on the trade balance and employment. According to the studied literature, agreements have a higher impact on small economies and companies, as tariff and non-tariff measures are more difficult for them to overcome than for large corporations. The EU promotes global economic openness and seeks liberalization of the world market, but in recent years there have been increasing views on maintaining barriers, as some studies could jeopardize the competitiveness of the European market in certain commodities.
Specifics of import of goods from Spain to the Czech Republic
The topic of this bachelor thesis is the specifics of the import of goods from Spain to the Czech Republic. The main goal of this work is to define the most important items of import to the Czech Republic based on the analysis of specifics and individual measures for import into our territory. The thesis contains a theoretical part, which, based on the use of literature, describes the functioning of foreign trade of the Czech Republic, the common trade policy of the EU, and the rules for importing goods into the Czech Republic. The practical part includes an expert interview, as well as a list of key products imported into the Czech Republic, and related regulations. The end of the thesis summarizes the individual facts.
Francie jako obchodní partner Visegrádské skupiny
The topic of this bachelor's thesis is France as a business partner of the Visegrád group. The aim of the thesis is to assess the foreign trade between France and the Visegrád group and to define the main development trends. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the common sense of foreign trade, determination of certain fundamental conceptions concerning foreign trade and the description of chosen theories based on literature research. In the practical part, it attends to particular facts in the field of foreign trade of the countries of the Visegrád group and France and multilateral foreign trade between these countries. In the conclusion of the thesis, the observations about the development of foreign trade between France and the Visegrád group are summarized, as well as the factors affecting mutual trade.
The impact of Brexit on EU trade
Theoretical part of the master´s thesis explains the fundamental terms necessary for introduction to the topic and understanding the situation. Practical part of the master´s thesis is divided into two parts. The first part consists of qualitative research through a questionnaire survey of Czech exporters registered in Official Database of Czech Trade, government pro-export agency, and the data are evaluated by the synthesis method. The second part of the master´s thesis is a case study demonstrating trade between European Union and the United Kingdom before Brexit and after the end of the Brexit transition period. The conclusion is a summary and at the same time a connection of all obtained information into one whole as well as a confirmation of the hypothesis of this master´s thesis.
Factors influencing the development of exchange rates with a focus on the economy of Czech republic
The bachalor thesis deals wirth the basic terms about an exchange rate, for example like the systems of exchange rates or the definition of terms of trade. There is described also the historical development of foreign trade until now, when it is the key item of global economy. The second part is practical, where is fundamental analysis of the czech crown in time intervallum from 2010 until 2019. There is two chosen currency pairs, the EUR/CZK and the USD/CZK. The second part of the practical part of bachalor thesis is looking for impacts on foreign trade with the help of chosen theories of determination of an exchange rate. For the analysis were chosen these theoris - absolute version of the purchasing power parity, relative version of the purchasing power parity, the index ERDI and the theory of current account payments.
Aim of this bachelor work was to analyze possibilities to enter foreign markets by company FARMTEC, a.s. and to perform a situation markets analysis. Partial target was to find the best option how to penetrate foreign markets and to propose an optimal solution for this case. Subject of this work was company FARMTEC, a.s., active in production of agricultural technology and its sale on Czech and foreign markets. Business with partners in the Czech Republic has been prevailing so far but export to foreign countries shows an increasing tendency every year. It is primarily caused by two factors, Czech market is filled and there is quite a great competition on the market. Company exports its production mainly to eastern and southeastern markets in Europe. PEST analysis was applied to analyze possibilities of entry to foreign markets. PEST analysis examines macro economic environment that includes political and legal environment, economic environment, social-cultural environment and degree of technological maturity. This analysis was applied to evaluate macro economic environment of three countries {--} Greece, Rumania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Analysis resulted in outcome that the most advantageous alternative for FARMTEC, a.s. is to enter Rumania market. Strategy to penetrate the market in cooperation with a sole agency was proposed as an optimal solution; a sole agency exclusively represents the company in a certain region and acts on behalf of the company.
This baccalaureate work, called Activity export analysis of chosen company, was drawn up in co {--} operation with the company TRW-DAS Inc., which is engaged in producing of components for cars and automotive trucks. The principal aim of this work has been completion of the analysis of export of the company TRW-DAS Inc., before and after entered the European Union. The analysis of export of the TRW-DAS Inc. company has been made during 2000 {--} 2006 by means of graphic visualisations. It was made use of analysis of export policy TRW-DAS Inc. company, namely Porter{\crq}s model of five powers and SWOT analysis.

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