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Smart house
Král, Adam ; Pech, Ondřej (referee) ; Mauder, Tomáš (advisor)
This bacherol’s thesis is describing, how is technology getting into our households and making smart homes. After defying, what is smart home and what is not deals with possibilities of their control, their effect on energy savings and raising of security. In the end there is an example of calculation of budget needed to reconstruct a house into a smart house and discussion about which direction will the trend take in the future.
Web Services to Integrate BPMS in BPMN 2.0 Specification
Mihola, David ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Hruška, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to chose and implement appropriate BPMN blocks, which enable integration with surrounding web based systems, exchange of messages between parallel BPMN processes and their synchronization. The goal was reached with an implementation of an information system, which is based on the MVC design pattern. The system primarily enables uploading of BPMN models, their configuration and creation of BPMN processes described by those models, which can be then managed and solved within the system. Synchronization of BPMN processes owned by different organizations, which are using instances of this system, and message exchange between them is specified by users in BPMN models with blocks Message Event and Signal Event. The system then executes modeled synchronization and message exchange. Integration of this system with other systems is ensured via Application Programming Interface calls, which can be configured in the GUI. Configured APIs can be integrated into BPMN models by using the Service Task block. That enables automation of API calls with data obtained during the interpretation of BPMN processes. Great emphasis was also placed on security and correct code structuring during the implementation.
Secure reading of smart meters
Chaloupková, Denisa ; Mlýnek, Petr (referee) ; Kohout, David (advisor)
The work deals with the implementation of the secure push mode of the DLMS standard. It introduces the DLMS/COSEM standard, contains a theory for message security and describes how push works and its attributes. The Gurux library in Java is used and the example gurux.dlms.push.listener is modified. The Raspberry Pi platform is used as the server. Wireshark and the Gurux DLMS Translator available in Gurux GXDLMSDirector were used to verify security of a push message. Subsequently, push messages are compared in terms of their size according to the type of security used. The larger the content of the data sent in the message, the smaller the additional data needed to secure the messages in proportion to the total volume.
User rights defined by SELinux technology in Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system
Končitý, Patrik ; Kubánková, Anna (referee) ; Komosný, Dan (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá omezením uživatelských práv v operačních systému Red Hat Enterprise Linux (GNU/Linux) pomocí technologie SELinux. V první části práce jsou objasněny mechanismy, pomocí kterých můžeme omezovat práva v OS. Jsou zde vysvětleny základní dva mechanismy omezení práv. Jedná se o mechanismy Diskretního řízení přístupu a Mandatorního řízení přístupu. Dále rozvádíme SELinux technologii, která je formou mandatorního řízení přístupu. V praktické části je proveden nejdříve průzkum typických uživatelů OS a jejich typických činností, na které navazuje implementační část, kde jsou uplatněny teoretické poznatky o SELinux technologii. Je zde popsána implementace nových confined uživatelů a šablony, které jsou přidávány do jednotlivých bezpečnostních politik. Následně jsou tyto bezpečnostní politiky testovány na konfigurovaných systémech a testuje se mitigace konkrétních zranitelností. Mitigace je úspěšná a útočníkovi je zamezeno získat práva. V poslední části se zaobíráme možnými budoucími rozšířeními bezpečnostních politik.
Secret Sharing Authentication Key Agreement
Ryšavá, Pavla ; Dzurenda, Petr (referee) ; Ricci, Sara (advisor)
Práce se zabývá implementací a vytvořením kryptografické knihovny a grafického uživatelského rozhraní (GUI) pro nově navržený protokol "Smlouva o autentizačním klíči na základě Shamirova sdílení tajemnství" (ang. "Shamir’s Secret Sharing-based Authenticated Key Agreement", zkráceně ShSSAKA). Protokol je založený na principu AKA (autentizovaná domluva klíče), Schnorrově podpisu a rozšířen Paillierovým schématem pro možnost podílení se více zařízení na podpisu a autentizaci. Prezentovány jsou také benchmarky na osobním počítači a RaspberryPi.
Dry land training of swimmers in the age group 13-14 years
Zenáhlík, Aleš ; Pokorná, Jitka (advisor) ; Jurák, Daniel (referee)
Title: Dry land training of swimmers in the age group 13-14 years Objectives: The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out and to specialize the content of the dryland swimming training during basic swimming training. Due to different demand on focus on preparation of the swimmers on dryland in different phases of the training, the survey fixed its attention on swimmers aged 13-14 years. The research was conducted in swimming clubs with their sports activity in Prague and Central Bohemian region. Methods: The main method of the research was using a self-report questionnaire. To evaluate the research data, the methods of analysis and comparison were used. The sectorial analysis was applied to the subentries with help of the graph showing. One used the method of comparison to compare the acquired data in the given regions of the Czech Republic. Results: Despite some differences between Prague and the Central Bohemia results suggest that three quarters of the surveyed swimming clubs realize dry land training for 13-14 year old swimmers in the range of 1-2 hours per week with the most common subsidies of between 45-60 minutes before swimming training in a swimming pool complex areas, or even off-campus swimming pool. Personnel is mostly preparation for drought secured a coach with swimming qualifying...
Historical Evolution of Social Security and its Types
Leyer, Petr ; Štangová, Věra (advisor) ; Vysokajová, Margerita (referee)
Historical Evolution of Social Security and its Types The topic of the thesis is "Historical Evolution of Social Security and its Types" and its main purpose is to describe how social security works during different eras and also to analyze how particular points of view have changed. Various approaches occurred in more than three thousand-year history of social security. Some of them are up-to-date even today and another are useless for practical implementation into contemporary social security systems. This comparison is also one goal of the study. I have chosen the topic because every individual is interested in its living standard in case of getting ill, becoming disabled, old age etc. but there are only few studies examining social security from legal angles. The paper is divided into three main chapters. First chapter is introductory and composes of three parts. Part One defines basic terminology used in the paper e.g. social security and its special Czech equivalent "sociální zabezbečení" as well as social services and social welfare. Part Two explain aims and aspects of social security. And finally Part Three presents basic principles which create some sort of ideological background. Second chapter is subdivided into six parts and each of them has from three to six subparts. The whole chapter focuses...
Information System Assessment and Proposal of ICT Modification
Sadovský, Matěj ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the assessment of the information system of a company that deals with large-scale production. Its subsequent analysis and description of the current state of society and the information system. Based on these outputs, solutions are presented and proposed which would would lead to an overall streamlining and improvement of work with the information system.
Automated Attacks on WiFi Networks with Low Detectability and Defense Against Them
Klusáček, Jan ; Vrána, Roman (referee) ; Orsák, Michal (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to create a tool which can be used for automated Wi-Fi attacks. All types of Wi-Fi security are described, with attacks, which can be used on specific security type. Existing tools used for hacking are described further, of which several are included to the final tool.
Game server security design
Marek, Milan ; Vilém,, Hujňák (referee) ; Sedlák, Petr (advisor)
This master thesis focus on game server security which is connected directly to the internet. Based on current security and scanning the server with penetration testing tools, I designed complete methodology for fixing security issues and vulnerabilities.

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