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Construction contract documentation management
Neumann, Michal ; Smital, Petr (referee) ; Tichý, Zdeněk (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis aims to describe the documentation management systems according to applicable laws and standards related to the construction contract. The theoretical part defines the types of documentation according to their binding a function together with their processing mechanisms. The basic technical requirements for the construction order documentation management systém are also described. For this purpose, 2 leading suppliers of information systems in the Czech Republic are introduced. The practical part describes the construction work Strengthening the water management functions of a small water reservoir in Dolní Babákov, which was implemented by the construction company Instav Hlinsko a.s. Attention is paid mainly to the documentation that was created in connection with the construction work and their manipulation within the implementation and archiving. The conclusion of the bachelor´s thesis is the evaluation of the construction order documentation management systém of a construction company , its effectiveness and possible suggestions for improvement in the areas of dostribution or performance.
The Project 'Reconstruction of the State' as an Anti-Corruption Initiative
Charvátová, Terezie ; Šárovec, Daniel (advisor) ; Mlejnek, Josef (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the problem of corruption in the Czech Republic and with the project Reconstruction of the State, which aims to alleviate corrupt practices. The thesis describes corruption from a theoretical point of view, its definition, causes and level of corruption in the Czech Republic. Subsequently, anti-corruption organization Reconstruction of the State is introduced, its genesis and goals, method of operation and financing are described. The thesis also deals with anti-corruption precautions proposed by the Reconstruction of the State and subsequently linking the organization with political parties. At the end of the thesis, an analysis of the impacts of this project is performed.
Angloamerican, European, Islamic legal culture (comparative study)
Kalíšková, Lucie ; Kühn, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Maršálek, Pavel (referee)
ii Abstrakt a 5 klíčových slov v anglickém jazyce Anglo-American, European, Islamic legal culture (comparative study) Abstract The aim of the J.D. qualification thesis is to describe the large legal systems and to analyze them in the form of a comparative study. The J.D. qualification thesis consists of six chapters. The first chapter contains the characteristics of large legal systems and their differentiation and, in addition to the compared legal cultures, it also briefly discusses African customary law, the customary law of the Indian subcontinent (based on the religious tradition of Hinduism and Buddhism) and Sino-Japanese legal culture. The second chapter focuses on the description of Anglo-American legal culture and its subsystems, especially English law, US law, Canadian law, legal systems of Australia and New Zealand. The third chapter deals with continental legal culture and its subsystems, specifically the French, Austrian, German, Swiss, Scandinavian, Latin American and European Union legal cultures. At the same time, this chapter briefly summarizes other important civil law codifications of European countries, such as the Netherlands, Romania and Russia. The fourth chapter is focused on the Islamic legal culture and the importance of religion in society. The main part of the J.D. qualification...
Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo, Linnaeus, 1758) as a Model Species for Environmental Education
Žmolil, Matouš ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with an eagle owl as a model species for environmental education. The first part focuses on this species and how it was perceived in the past and the possible reasons for its pursuit. The second part focuses on the progressive return of this owl to Czech nature and legal measures to protect it. In the third part the thesis focuses on the presence of eagle owl in neighbouring countries of the Czech Republic and their latest states and legal measures. The last and practical part is focused on the perception of secondary forestry students and grammar school students on the return of selected vertebrates to Czech nature. This part focuses mainly on comparing the perception of eagle owl to other vertebrates in Czech nature.
Methodology of identification of revisions and inspections of technical equipment for a manufacturing company based on the requirements of ISO 45001
Valenta, Jakub ; Jandová, Kristýna (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
This work deals with the issue of inspections and revisions of technical equipment according to safe operation standards on the basis of OSH and FP requirements. In the introduction, these fields of work safety and fire protection are described, which will be used in later parts of the work. Subsequently, the term „technical equipment“ and subcategories of this issue are defined, with each of the subcategories being specifically approached. As a result, the thesis describes why it is necessary to regularly inspect the technical equipment, while the individual types of inspections are subsequently defined. This is accompanied by the distribution of the person’s rights to carry out individual inspections and the distribution of responsibility for the inspections carried out. The acquired knowledge is then used to create a model of the process of regulation of inspections and revisions and to create an overview of periodic inspections and revisions of technical equipment for a manufacturing company. This model and review of inspections are then considered the output of this bachelor’s thesis.
Valuation of Easements - Comparison of Valuation Methods
Prokop, Jan ; Sadílek, Augustin (referee) ; Klika, Pavel (advisor)
In this diploma thesis I deal with methods of valuation of easements according to current legislation and methodology. The easements, as a tool for limiting or extending the rights to real estate, are dealt with in a general way, I will state the methods for their valuation and subsequently apply these methods to specific easements.
Conflict in confidentiality and reporting obligations in social work
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue between confidentiality and reporting obligations (mandatory reporting) in the area of social workers. One of the areas of social work where this conflict most often occurs is the social and legal protection of children. The obligation of confidentiality of a social worker is explicitly stated in Section 100 of Act No. 108/2006 Coll., the term of mandatory reporting is contained in the Penal Code Act No. 40/2009 Coll. However, this issue also has the other side of the coin, which is the definition of confidentiality and mandatory reporting in terms of ethics, which is constituted in the Code of Ethics of Social Workers of the Czech Republic. Thus, a social worker often finds himself in a number of situations where he faces a dilemma of decision-making within the framework of law or ethics. The theoretical part deals with the role of social worker, values and moral and ethical issues. There is also information from the point of view of confidentiality and mandatory reporting in the area of social work with various aspects of performing this activity in the area of social and legal protection of children. The aim of the bachelor thesis was to map the experience of social workers in the field of social and legal protection of children with conflict between confidentiality and reporting obligations. To answer the research questions, the qualitative research method based on semi-structured interviews with open questions was used. The interviews were conducted with a target group of social workers working in the area of social and legal protection of children. The main research question set in this work were: Do social workers in social and legal protection of children distinguish the ethical and legal aspects of a dilemma? Do social workers in social and legal protection of children favor the legal or ethical way of thinking in their decision-making? The results of my work can serve mainly for pedagogical purposes as illustrative cases of dilemmas in social work.

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