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Curriculum framework and its fulfilment in common and extended music education
The diploma thesis focuses on the school subject "Music class" in its common conception and on the teaching of Music classes with extended learning (further on MCEL) at the second level of primary schools from the perspective of the Framework Educational Programme for Primary Education (further on FEPPE). The thesis contains theoretical knowledge about curriculum documents for education and about the requirements of the FEPPE for teaching Music classes. In the following chapters, the thesis deals with the documents that relate to the teaching of regular Music classes and to the teaching of Music classes with extended time allotment. The differences between these two conceptions of Music classes are pointed out in this diploma theses. The thesis presents a part of the School Curriculum of a particular school where Music classes with extended time allotment are taught. Based on an interview with a teacher of MCEL, the thesis provides findings from the overall organisation of the subject.
Leadership of first grade students to viewer literacy
Fidrmucová, Barbora ; Hanyš Holemá, Irena (advisor) ; Ferklová, Alžběta (referee)
The diploma thesis is devoted to the leadership of first-grade students to viewer literacy. The theoretical part is devoted to children's theatre, what children learn through its visits, the possibilities of visiting theatres, their selection, and what methods of drama education can be used to reflect on theatre performances. The work is focused on the inclusion of theatre visits to educational programs and education possibilities in this area for teachers. The practical part of the diploma thesis takes place in a survey among teachers of different schools and ages, which will examine how teachers and pupils reflect on individual performances and whether it is effective for pupils and helps develop viewer literacy. The research seeks to find out how teachers work with children in reflection and whether they are interested in enriching their work with other methods.
Design and verification of an inquiry-based task on the topic of acids and hydroxides for elementary school students
Tomešová, Jana ; Chroustová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Rusek, Martin (referee)
This thesis looks into inquiry-based learning in chemistry classes at elementary schools. The objective was to design an inquiry-oriented task on the topic of acids and bases which would comply with the goals of inquiry-based science education while at the same time achieving the compulsory outputs of this topic, as defined by The National Curriculum. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the characteristics of teaching chemistry in primary schools and the definition of inquiry-based learning specifics. The practical part firstly describes the exact course of the proposed task. Subsequently, the results obtained in cooperation with eighth-grade students are verified and assessed. To evaluate the task, several materials were used: the outputs created by the pupils during the activities, the initial and final knowledge tests, and IMI (Intrinsic Motivation Inventory) questionnaires which focus on the students' perception of the task. Based on the obtained data, the task was evaluated from several points of view. The implementation of the task successfully led students to learn about concepts related to the topic, as well as various methods of pH measurement. The effect on their skills for planning and carrying out a chemical experiment was also positive. The shortcomings of the task, as...
Distance education of pupils with Specific Educational needs from the View of Parents and Teachers
Nováková, Kateřina ; Bartoňová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Hádková, Kateřina (referee)
Distanční vzdělávání u žáků se specifickými vzdělávacími potřebami z pohledu rodičů a z pohledu pedagogů Distance Education of Pupils with Specific Educational Needs from the View of Parents and Teachers Kateřina Nováková ABSTRACT: The thesis is focused on the topic of distance education, which is caused by the pandemic of the Covid-19 disease (second half of the 2019/2020 school year and 2020/2021 school year). It is especially aimed on the specifics of distance education for pupils with specific educational needs. This topic is examined from the perspective of elementary school teachers and parents of students with specific educational needs. The theoretical basis of the thesis consists in the description of the system of education of pupils with SEN in the Czech Republic, in the specifics of the personality of pupils with SEN and in the theoretical system of distance education in primary school. A research survey among teachers and parents representing 4 primary schools in the district of Liberec shows some practical aspects of distance education, especially for pupils with SEN. KEY WORDS: distance education, pupil with specific educational needs, primary school, teacher, parent
Perception of distance learning from the perspective of teachers to student with special educational needs in primary education
Sajtlová, Tereza ; Bartoňová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Komorná, Marie (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis and research project is to find out the pitfalls and positives of distance education in realiton to pupils with special educational needs in mainstream schools from the point of view of teachers. The work responds to the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, when education was forced to introduce nationwide distance education. In the theoretical part, the work deals with pupils with special educational needs and legislation, counseling system and inclusive education belonging to them. Furthermore, the factors influencing the educational process of pupil with SEN are defined, with and emphasis on the framework educational program of basic education, support measures, teaching assistants and methods and forms of work with these pupils. The last chapter is devoted to distance education, where the elements of distance education, the conducted research and the cooperation of all actors involved in education during the pandemic are described. The empirical part, with the help of a qualitative investigation using the techniques of analysis of the studied literature and semi-structured interviews, ascertains the experiences of teachers with distance education for pupils with special educational needs. KEYWORDS pupil with special educational needs; distance teaching; distance...
The awareness of harmful effects of using tobacco products and experience with their usage among pupils of lower secondary stage of selected elementary schools.
Kolářová, Kateřina ; Váchová, Alena (advisor) ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis called "The awareness of harmful effects of using tobacco products and experience with their usage among pupils of lower secondary stage of selected elementary schools." is divided into three parts. The theoretical part is devoted to the origin of tobacco products and their chemical composition. It describes the effect of toxic substances contained in tobacco smoke on the human body, characterizes the diseases that are associated with the use of these products, explains the harm of passive smoking, and lists the legislative measures introduced in this area. It also deals with the emergence and treatment of addiction, the use of tobacco by children of older school age and describes preventive measures that appear in Czech schools. In the practical part, it presents the results of quantitative research with 198 respondents, in two elementary schools in the Karlovy Vary region. The target group consisted of pupils of the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grades. The results of the research showed that the awareness of these pupils is at a very high level, but some awareness needs to be brought closer to the pupils - especially in the section of diseases caused using tobacco products, legislative measures and in the section of chemical composition of products. The survey also shows that 45,9...
Construction technological project of the annex of the school gymnasium in the town of Hrob
Smrčka, Adam ; Jílek, Jan (referee) ; Mohapl, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the construction technological project of the annex of the school gymnasium in the town of Hrob in the Ústí region. The work contains a technical report of the construction technological project, a coordination situation of the building with the solution of wider relations of transport routes to the construction site, time and financial construction plan for construction objects and a study of the implementation of the main technological stages. For the main construction object, an itemized budget for the shell construction, a graph of the need of workers and machines, and a detailed time schedule were also worked out. The work also includes a construction site equipment project, including drawing documentation for the stages of earthworks and shell construction, and the design of the main construction machinery. As part of the technological regulation, the work deals with the assembly of the prefabricated reinforced concrete skeleton of the gymnasium, including a detailed quality control and test plan for this process. Last, but not least, the work contains a safety and health protection plan for working on the construction site, a noise study, a calculation of the entire building according to THU, a schema of the assembly of the skeleton by a mobile crane including its assessment and a schema of the reach of the truck concrete pump.
New construction of the main building of the primary school in Hrušovany u Brna
Zichová, Barbora ; Párová, Jitka (referee) ; Rusinová, Marie (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with a design of a main building of the primary school in Hrušovany u Brna. This design is intended for the second level of basic education. The content of this thesis is to design the object with regard to its surrounding buildings and its use and preparation of parts of the detail design documentation. The elementary school building is located in Hrušovany u Brna on a flat open area, which is designated by the local zoning plan for the construction of civil buildings. It is a partially basement building in the highest part with three above-ground floors. The building consists of a basement floor with technical facilities, warehouses and auxiliary operations and on the above-ground floors of classrooms, specialist classrooms, cabinets and sanitary facilities. The elementary school is designed as a reinforced cast-in-place concrete frame based on a reinforced concrete slab supported by drilled piles. The external loadbearing walls in basement are reinforced concrete monolithic with a thickness of 250 mm. The infill wall of the above-ground floors is designed from ceramic blocks with a thickness of 250 mm. The underground floor is insulated with an extruded polystyrene 160 mm thick. The upper floors are insulated with a certified contact thermal insulation system 260 mm thick made of a mineral wool. In the building are designed two double-arm reinforced concrete staircases and an elevator. Roof of the building is designed flat. Above the 3rd floor, the roof will be used for the placement of photovoltaic panels. Above the 2nd floor and the 1st floor there is a green roof.

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