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Art Nouveau art in children's free time
Lachnit, Ondřej ; Hanková, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on Art Nouveau art in leisure time. In the first, theoretical part, I focus on defining the concepts of free time, the functions of free time, and the introductory characteristics of Art Nouveau, where I mainly deal with decorative elements such as stucco, painting and sculpture decoration, stained glass, metal elements, and lighting. The practical part is devoted to a project that I created for leisure-time educators and art teachers. Based on the created project, I discussed with art teachers and workshop instructors about the project and supplemented my bachelor thesis with their outputs. The project concept is divided into four blocks that are interconnected and intended for second-grade students. In the first block, I focus on searching for Art Nouveau symbols during a walk around the architecture in Prague. The second block is devoted to discovering Art Nouveau jewelry and its creation. The third block focuses on architecture and the creation of a model. The last, fourth block is devoted to the theme of the vernissage and its preparation, as well as an overall reflection on all the blocks.
The Sun in the first grade of elementary school
My master thesis deals with the Sun. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the stars, the origin of the Sun, its evolution and future, the structure of the Sun, the Sun's activities, its motion, its influence on the planet Earth, the magnetic field of the Sun, the exploration of the Sun and solar mythology. Last but not least, the RVP ZV and the ŠVP of selected schools are briefly discussed. The second part of the thesis is devoted to the research of the pupils' knowledge, the teaching of my sample lesson, the evaluation of the input and output questionnaires and the comparison of the results with each other.
Tvorba pracovních listů do předmětu Chov zvířat pro SŠ zemědělského zaměření
Matoušková, Anna
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of worksheets and their use in education in agricultural subjects. Creating worksheets is a time-consuming activity, but their use brings many positives. This bachelor thesis points out their usability in a specific subject animal husbandry. The theoretical part briefly defines the subject of animal husbandry and material teaching aids that can be used in it. It summarizes the basic characteristics of worksheets, their conditions, types of questions and learning tasks and the possibility of use in teaching. The practical part presents the possibilities of using worksheets for students and methodological sheets for teachers related to the subject animal husbandry. The thesis presents 3 worksheets for students, methodical sheets and correct worksheet completion for teachers, as an example of possible variable usage, compilation and structure across the subject according to the needs of teachers and students.
Hydrological drought and surface water quality as research education on grammar school
Janečková, Petra ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the topics of hydrological drought and water quality in the school environment. The goal of the thesis is to create a worksheet using research-oriented teaching, on the above-mentioned topics. In the theoretical part, from the available professional and popular science sources, it characterizes both professional and didactic issues with the help of research. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis serves as a basis for creating a worksheet. In the practical part, with the help of a worksheet, it increases students' awareness of hydrological drought and surface water quality. The conclusion of the thesis discusses the students' results from the worksheet. Key words research-oriented education, hydrological drought, surface water quality, worksheet
Mathematical competitions for the youngest pupils
The aim of the diploma thesis is to develop material for primary school teachers, which can be used to stimulate interest in Mathematics and further develop the youngest pupils' mathematical skills. In the theoretical part, teachers will get acquainted with an overview of domestic (the Czech Republic) and abroad mathematical competitions. These competitions are compared in different perspectives - complexity, typology of tasks, elaboration methods (complete task solution × choice of answer from the offered options). Each competition is briefly described, and it contains suitable motivational, or in some way interesting solved tasks. For each task, the teacher finds a methodological analysis of the solution with commentary. The practical part of the work contains four worksheets (for 2nd to 5th grade), which contain tasks from various competitions. These worksheets were verified at selected primary schools.
Integrated teaching of mathematics and geography
This diploma thesis deals with the interaction between the subjects of mathematics and geography in primary school education. The theoretical part focuses on the presentation of the document Framework Educational Program and anchors the subjects of mathematics and geography. It then describes the use of these two subjects in interdisciplinary relationships. The second part of the theory deals with teaching methods in primary school, including integrated teaching. The practical part consists of six different activities for mathematics or geography lessons. Each of these preparations contains a methodological sheet, a description of the activity, an evaluation and personal experience with the activity. The four activities include worksheets.
Use of the Czech National Corpus in teaching the Czech language
The diploma thesis is focused on the use of the Czech National Corpus in the teaching of the Czech language at a grammar school, especially at lower-secondary school. The work is divided into theoretical and research part. The purpose of the theoretical part is to define a basic overview of the didactics of the Czech language, corpus linguistics, the Czech National Corpus and lexicology. The empirical part describes creation of a worksheet focused on lexicology, especially phraseology. It also summarizes the results of student work. Data from the written corpus KonText and WaG were used to create the worksheet.
Through mathematics to technique
The word "technique" can be understood as the improvement of human skills that are based on the application of natural sciences. It has been gradually evolving as proportionately as all humanity has. It has brought a number of experts in all categories who raised their followers and there was no shortage of these individuals. Over time, it turned out that number of these "teachers"started to decline and hardly there were a few successors. This bachelor thesis deals with technical examples in Mathematics and their practical use. The main goal is to develop a number of interesting examples in the form of worksheets. We will show that Mathematics already has been used everywhere in elementary school. The materials can help all teachers of Mathematics either as a scheme or for their use in the class. Several necessary tools are included in this thesis for some tasks. The last part is supplemented by practical examples of elaborated sheets from first-year high school students.
Worksheets for teaching mathematics at secondary school from selected topics
The main aim of the thesis is to verify the pupils knowledge in arithmetic on the basis of worksheets at lower-secondary schools and selected grammar schools. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on the knowledge that each pupil should already know. The practical part contains 4 working sheets intended for pupils of the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grades of lower-secondary school and for the pupils of equal corresponding grade of grammar schools. The results with detailed solution of the work sheets is listed in the appendix of the thesis. The practical part includes is the results of the research which show the pupils´ differences of knowledge of the selected schools.
Set of worksheets for the exhibition "Haptic models for people with disabilities"
The diploma thesis deals with the creation of a set of worksheets dedicated to the exhibition of haptic models, which are located in the Dominican monastery in České Budějovice. The thesis consists of theoretical and project part. The first part mentioned above deals with the history of the monastery from an architectonic and cultural point of view. Furthermore, individual haptic models are processed both from a historical and descriptive point of view. The thesis also takes into consideration the methodology of creating haptic models for the blind. The last chapter of the theoretical part is focused on museum education as a medium of mediating art to visitors, through self-service worksheets for lower secondary school pupils. It also includes a brief description of the above-mentioned age category. The project part is focused on creating worksheets, including their trial evaluation in the church and the adjacent cloister of the monastery. Its subsequent reflection is also taken into account.

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