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Geoprocessing services in environment of the internet with specialization in ArcGIS
Bilík, Jakub ; Grill, Stanislav (advisor) ; Brůha, Lukáš (referee)
Geoprocessing services in internets environment from view of ArcGIS Abstract The aim of this work was explore problems creating geoprocessing services in software of firm ESRI. In first section of bachalors work was pursued literature search, that is engaged in geoprocessing services. It's introduced summary projects and use cases, that implement geoprocessing services in spatial data infrastructure. It's solving in the work creation geoprocessnig services in environments of products firm ESRI. With use ArcGIS server is created map and geoprocessing service. With use ArcGIS JavaScript API is incorporated this services to web site. Key words: geoprocessing, web services, ArcGIS, JavaScript API, WPS
Multi-platform mobile application of database system Matylda
Kunc, Ondřej ; Kofroň, Jan (advisor) ; Vinárek, Jiří (referee)
System Matylda was created in order to provide a database and web interface which allows sorting, filtering and comparing of products from food and drugstore industry. The goal of this thesis is to create a user friendly mobile application for this system. The application will be available for all today's major mobile platforms. The final application uses main features of the existing web application and also takes advantage of capabilities of modern mobile devices such as maps and user location. Some of the main features are searching for detailed product information, browsing discount leaflets, comparing discounts, creating shopping lists, authentication and more. The application can be used as a smart assistant which helps with shopping for food and drugstore products and can also save both time and money. Powered by TCPDF (
Preferencev querying, indexing, optimisation
Horničák, Erik ; Vojtáš, Peter (advisor) ; Ondreička, Matúš (referee)
In this thesis we discuss the issue of searching the best k objects from the multi-users point of view. Every user has his own preferences, which are represented by fuzzy functions and aggregation function. This thesis designs and implements several solutions of searching the best k objects when attributes data are stored on remote servers. It was necessary to modificate existing algorithms for this type of obtaining data. This thesis uses several variants of Fagin algorithm, indexing methods using B+ trees and communication via web services.
Web Interface for the Treex Framework
Sedlák, Michal ; Popel, Martin (advisor) ; Rosa, Rudolf (referee)
This work deals with a web application called Treex::Web which serves as a web interface for NLP framework Treex. The work addresses several Treex issues (e.g. absence of graphical user interface and complicated installation) and offers Treex::Web as a possible solution. At the beginning of this work we introduce the Treex framework itself. The following chapters describe Treex::Web's user interface (chapter 3) and the implementation of the whole web application (chapter 4). Conclusion of this work includes a comparison of NLP frameworks similar to Treex and their web interfaces. 1
Application of Record Office Connected to Databoxes
Dvořáček, Pavel ; Rychlý, Marek (referee) ; Bartík, Vladimír (advisor)
The work examines legislative requirements for records management systems and databoxes system. It suggests processes and records office system as a universal solution suitable for deployment in a wide range of organizations.
Print Server for Creating PDF Documents
Nemec, Miroslav ; Klicnar, Lukáš (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the creation and the implementation of print server for generating PDF documents. The result is the solution which generates PDF documents based on selected and filled templates. Template selection, template filling and request for generating PDF document are carried through web interface. The execution and the operation of request is handled by an application server. Data for templates are stored in the Caché database. The print server is created in order to facilitate the work of users when creating PDF documents.
Remote API Web Reference for Java Enterprise Applications
Krpec, Ondřej ; Turoňová, Lenka (referee) ; Kočí, Radek (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce popisuje testování REST API rozhraní aplikací. Výsledkem práce je aplikace Restty, založená na použití nástroje Swagger, která umožňuje testovat jednotlivé části API aplikací, i vytvářet a spouštět komplexní testovací scénáře nad daným rozhraním. Teoretická část práce vysvětluje principy webových služeb, vzdálených rozhraní a představuje nástroj Swagger i technologie použité k implementaci. V následující kapitole jsou v práci prezentovány designové návrhy aplikace, na které plynule navazuje kapitola o implementaci a testování, pro které je zvoleno rozhraní nástroje Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite. V závěru práce jsou vyhodnoceny přínosy aplikace Restty a navrženy případné budoucí rozšíření.
Data Transformation Manager
Nedelka, Roman ; Hrubý, Martin (referee) ; Kočí, Radek (advisor)
The objective of this bachelor's thesis was to create a data transformation manager, which will be a part of printing process in two Czech insurance companies. It is a transformation, when data from database are transformed to output documents using various templates (for example: information about a customer stored in a XML document is transformed to a contract in a PDF file format). The manager is designed as a multi-tier application (application server, web interface, persistent data) and implemented in Java or more precisely Java EE. XML-based technologies are used for the data transmission and the data processing. The manager was tested and is ready for use. It should eventually replace familiar, currently used systems, which are outdated and difficult to maintain and contribute to increase effectiveness of a printing process.

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