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Formation of Professional Identity of Speech Therapy Students
Kučerová, Kamila ; Kotvová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Korandová, Zuzana (referee)
The master thesis "Formation of professional identity of speech therapy students" is focused on the formation, specifics and reflection of professional identity of speech therapy students in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part focuses on the topics of professional identity, speech therapy studies and the speech therapy profession in general. It also describes psychological and developmental aspects related to the period of emerging adulthood and its relation to professional identity. The empirical part of the thesis presents a mixed research design working with the analysis of qualitative interview data and its connection with quantitative questionnaire data coming from final year students of the follow-up master's degree in speech therapy at the Faculty of Education of Charles University (n = 20). The results of the research provide a number of findings about the influences and circumstances that contribute to the formation of the professional identity of these students, about their relationship to the profession of speech therapy and about the prospects that students have towards their professional future. KEYWORDS professional identity, speech therapy student, identity formation, education, professional future
Proposal of a project of further education for academic staff of selected universities with a humanities focus
Tomešová, Kateřina ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the issue of further education of academic staff of universities with social sciences and humanities. The aim of the diploma thesis is to create a project proposal for further education in the field of pedagogical and presentation skills for academic staff of selected humanities universities. This output is preceded by 4 steps. The first partial aim is to describe education and professional competencies of university teachers. The second partial aim is to describe the current system and legislation of higher education in the Czech Republic. The third partial aim is to identify opportunities in the field of further education of university academics. The fourth partial aim is to analyze the needs of academic staff in the field of further education. Building upon a research of literary sources, analysis of documents and legislation, the theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the field of education, professional competencies of academics, the issue of further education, the higher education system and related legislation defining higher education in the Czech Republic. The research part of the thesis consists of a draft educational program for academic staff within the framework of further professional education in the field of pedagogical and presentation skills. The...
Using ICT and modern technologies by pupils and students with visual impairment in distance education
Fajkusová, Helena ; Šumníková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Květoňová, Lea (referee)
This thesis focused on the topic of modern digital aids for students with visual impairment that can be used in education. The theoretical part deals with sub-areas, namely education of a student with visual impairment, digital technologies that can be used in the education of a student and distance learning. The author's research was conducted based on a qualitative research model using the semi-structured interview method, which was then elaborated on one area at a time. The results show that most often the pupils used standard digital devices, namely a computer, or as additional devices a tablet and a mobile phone. As far as special compensatory aids are concerned, the braille display was mentioned in particular. On the topic of reading software, NVDA and JAWS were the most talked about by interviewees with ambivalent views. In distance learning, some respondents reported difficulty navigating the online file sharing environment, but used various forms to gain information on how to operate the programs. It was reported that they obtained information on their own from websites, and some turned to parents and/or directly to teachers who were able to guide them with the help of sighted review. The final chapters also mention the positive impacts of distance learning in terms of increased interest...
E-learning implementation into company education regarding the 70:20:10 educational model
Doležel, Radim ; Čapek Adamec, Martin (advisor) ; Kočí, Jana (referee)
This thesis sees the use of e-learning as an important tool for distant learning and adult education. The theoretical part focuses on the introduction of e-learning, its advantages, and disadvantages, detailly describes the stakeholders and created standards for e-learning, too. Thesis also describes the pedagogical aspects during development of e-learning. An integral part of this thesis is the description of the 70:20:10 education model and adult learning. The key part of the research is the quantitative data collection. The research questions are validated by a questionnaire according to which several recommendations and possible improvements emerged. As a part of the research of this thesis, a community on the Fuse platform has been created. Individual departments from Hilti ČR spol. s r.o. can upload their training materials to this platform. KEYWORDS E-learning, distance learning, LMS, education, educational model 70:20:10
The conditions of kindergartens for education of children between the second and third year of age.
The topic of this bachelor's thesis approaches the issue of the conditions of kindergartens for the education of children aged 2-3 years old. The thesis is divided into two basic parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part describes the conditions of education in kindergartens (especially the conditions for children under the age of three years old) and also describes the development and abilities of a child between two to three years of age using developmental psychology. The practical part is devoted to qualitative research, which was conducted on the basis of personal visits, consultations and interviews with teachers in three selected kindergartens in Humpolec area. The aim of the thesis is to explain the individual conditions (material, personnel, psychosocial, etc.) and to find out how kindergartens provide conditions for the upbringing and education of children under three years of age.
The Technical Monuments in Region And How to Use Them in Primary School Education
This diploma thesis describes the topic of technical monuments of the region and their use in teaching at the primary school. In the theoretical part, I deal with four main areas. The first area is devoted to the characteristics of the child of younger school age. The second area deals with primary technical literacy, its goals, concepts and components. The third area gives a brief description of the technical areas in the RVP ZV. The fourth and final area deals with the characteristics of selected objects of the pupil's place of residence for application in technical education at the primary school. The practical part contains three lesson preparations and two preparations that have been implemented. The developed and verified preparations are intended for pupils from the second to the fifth year of primary school. The practical part contains worksheets and reflections from the lessons.
Comparison of knowledges of members of volunteer fire brigades in the Vimperk municipality at theories and methods during emergencies
This thesis deals with the comparison of the knowledge of members of the units of volunteer fire brigades in the Vimperk municipality with extended jurisdiction, in the field of theory and procedures in emergencies. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the state of knowledge of volunteer fire brigade unit members in Vimperk in the field of theory and procedures in emergencies, and then to compare the knowledge between members who hold different positions. In order to achieve these objectives, hypotheses needed to be established. H1: The knowledge of volunteer fire brigade unit members in the Vimperk municipality in the field of theory and procedures in emergencies reaches at least 80%. And H2: The function in volunteer fire brigade units in the Vimperk municipality has an impact on knowledge in the field of theory and procedures in emergencies. In order to achieve the set objectives and verify the hypotheses, a questionnaire survey was conducted and the results were subsequently evaluated using statistical methods. The questionnaire contained 27 questions, two of which were informative. The research sample consisted of 158 volunteer fire brigade unit members operating in Vimperk municipality with extended jurisdiction. The results of the questionnaire survey show that the knowledge of the members reaches to the specified level of 80%. It was also found that the position that members hold in the unit has an impact on their knowledge. Both hypotheses were accepted according to the results obtained. The contribution of the thesis is mainly the obtained overview of the knowledge of volunteer fire brigade members in Vimperk municipality. The obtained results can be used for the needs of the South Bohemian Fire Brigade.
Education of paramedics in the field of emergencies with mass disability
This bachelor thesis deals with the education of paramedics regarding to the issue of emergencies with mass disability. The theoretical part of this work focuses on basic knowledge about the medical emergency service, it contains a description of its individual workplaces such as the educational and training center and a workplace of crisis preparedness. Further on, the theoretical part deals with a description of the procedures on how the employees of the medical emergency services are prepared for an exceptional event with a mass disability of people and what their activities are in the case of such an event. The practical part of this work was realized on the basis of a qualitative research through interviews with representatives of individual medical emergency services. The interviews were carried out with the employees of the educational training center or with the workplace of crisis preparedness. Fourteen semi-ctructured interviews were done between 1st December 2021 and 1st June 2022. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to monitor the approach of individual providers of the medical emergency services regarding to the issue of the preparation of primarily non-medical health care workers for emergencies with mass disability of people. The research part of this work reflects the level of preparation of individual providers dealing with the issue of educating and training of medical emergency service employees. The aim of this work is to submit a general overview of the method of preparation of individual medical emergency services in the Czech Republic for exceptional events with mass disability of people.
Research of nursing in the context of historical development
The Diploma Thesis "Research of nursing in the context of historical development" has a theoretical character. Its aim is to analyze the historical development of nursing research as an essential part of the nursing profession. The work is adapted as a historical - analytical study of available sources and documents with subsequent interpretation of texts through the method of textual hermeneutics. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to set two research questions: What period events influenced nursing research in the historical context? What development has nursing research seen from a historical perspective? The work is divided into five chapters entitled From Prehistory to the Modern Age, Florence Nightingale Period, Interwar and War Periods in the Context of Nursing Research, Postwar Periods and Nursing Research, Nursing Research Today. Among crucial events that influenced the development of research in nursing there are Human evolution (script), the influence of religion, wars, Theresian and Josephine reforms and the emancipation movement as well as the formation of education institution (universities), organizations and development of publications. At least but not last there are other important influences such as established political and economic reforms, Bolton's law, the Kellog program, the Advisory Committee's report, the possibility of travel (internships), the adoption of the Bologna Process and technical progress (internet, PC). The research went hand in hand with education, which also affects the level of nursing care. When speaking of the second research question, it can be stated that the first research can be traced back to prehistoric times, through sources of human knowledge, nursing care needs, nursing education, work needs and requirements, nurses' health and safety, motivation, nurses' roles or community nursing. In the period of time, research activity has led to the establishment of research centers and training faculties, research educational programs, research plans (prevention, digitalization, chronically ill), international cooperation and the achievement of their own terminology, classification and methodology. For the time being is nursing research defined by ethical and legal principles, based on EBN and financed from public resources.

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