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Potencial of RES in the Czech Rep
Kříž, David ; Zlevorová, Tereza (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
In today's modern age, we still predominantly rely on non-renewable resources, the utilization of which further harms our planet Earth due to the significant greenhouse gas emissions. In order to reduce emission levels and the continuously increasing energy costs due to the diminishing supply of fossil fuels, humanity is striving to find alternative sustainable resources and methods for the future. The greatest hope for change lies in renewable energy sources. This work initially focuses on researching the currently available renewable resources in the Czech Republic, their gradual development throughout history, and their utilization methods here. Further information pertains to the projected development and potential of renewable resources in our country in the coming years, how we are capable of meeting the requirements set by the European Union, and what new technologies could be helpful in this regard. The final section presents a comparison of some significant European countries and selected neighbors in terms of the proportion of utilization of these resources.
MR- new trends and importance in modern diagnostics
The topic of the bachelor thesis is magnetic resonance, new trends and their importance in modern diagnostics. In the theoretical work I deal with magnetic resonance, history, its brief principle, examination, there are also described individual trends in magnetic resonance diagnostics. The theoretical part is processed from literature, professional articles and websites. The aim of my work was to find new trends and describe their significance. A questionnaire survey containing 20 questions was used to fulfill the research question. A total of 51 respondents answered the questionnaire. The questionnaire contained questions about knowledge, the use of new trends and the frequency of examinations.
Využití kompozitních materiálů v konstrukci dopravní techniky
FUSKO, Augustin
My bachelor thesis is divided into two main parts, which are further divided into chapters and subchapters. In the first part, the work deals more with the theory from the history of composite materials through definitions, individual types to types of production of composites themselves. Only some of the most commonly used types of composite matrices and fibers are discussed in more detail. In the next chapter, the work deals with various types and possibilities of composite production. In the second part, the work focuses on a more practical use of composite materials. Examples are passenger cars, train transport, applications for everyday life, such as gas cylinders, which we can use if we have a gas stove, but are mainly used as a fuel tank in small handling equipment.
Minor Cereals growing in the Czech Republic
The bachelor's thesis, prepared in the form of a literary research, provides informa-tion on individual minority cereals and pseudo-cereals, which are grown in the Czech Republic. For each of the crops, the history of its cultivation and expansion of cultivation areas, botanical characteristics, morphology and examples of vari-eties, as well as demands on the environment, agricultural technology, harvest, inc-luding post-harvest treatment and use are given. The representation of cereals and pseudo-cereals in Czech fields is also outlined.
Biology Textbooks Evaluation from the Perspectives of Teachers
Šindelářová, Kateřina ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (advisor) ; Svobodová, Silvie (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on selected textbooks used for teaching natural history and their evaluation by teachers who work with them. The work aims to find out teachers opinions on the quality and practical use of natural history textbooks from the publishing house "Fraus, Nová škola - Duha and SPN". The work is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part, the basic concepts related to textbooks are explained, and attention is paid to their evaluation and use possibilities. The research uses a questionnaire survey method to evaluate selected natural history textbooks by teachers. It focuses on specific work with a textbook, on topics that, according to the respondents, are not appropriately treated, and topics that are entirely missing or need not be in the book. The subsequent analysis of the collected data shows teachers' different approaches to using the textbook; some share only selected topics with their students, and homework assignments may also vary. In addition, most teachers think that not all topics are handled correctly, nor are they all genuinely essential. KEYWORDS textbook, natural history, topic, use, Fraus, Nová škola - Duha, SPN
The use of foreign players in the first Czech league of American football
Krs, Jan ; Crossan, William Morea (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Use of foreign players in the first Czech league of American football Objectives: The objective of this thesis is to determine the game and club contribution of foreign players (as defined by the CAAF) who played in the first league of American football in the Czech Republic in 2013-2019. To compare their game efficiency with other players and to determine whether foreign players had an impact on the development of the membership base, spectator attendance and league balance. Methods: The thesis analyses secondary data obtained from the web portal of the Czech Association of American Football and internal data provided by the association itself. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with eight representatives of first league American football clubs in the Czech Republic. The number and position of foreign players between 2013 and 2019 who were classified as Foreigners or Imports by the association was examined. The key information for the thesis was selected football statistics. The effect of these foreign players on the development of the membership base, average spectator attendance and league balance was also examined. Results: Foreign players are crucial for Czech clubs and are most often assigned to the position of quarterback. The club contribution is also evident. Foreign players...
Augmented reality and its use
Ibehej, David ; Holoubek, Tomáš (referee) ; Hůlka, Tomáš (advisor)
Augmented reality is one of the most developed technological areas. It corresponds with the fact, that we hear more and more about it and therefore it needs to be considered for the future. This bachelor thesis attempts to provide brief research in topics of its definition, history, current usage, shortcomings and options in the field of game engines and developer tools. In second part it demonstrates possible utilization in industry providing the solution of mechanical component projection and interaction.
Preparation and use of dogs in IZS units
Konvalinka, Martin ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: Preparation and usage of dogs in Integrated Rescue System (IRS) Objectives: The goal of bachelor thesis is describe dog training methods and compare these methods with methods used by dog handlers who used their dogs for professional or rescue purposes. Methods: In the thesis will be used structured interview with its evaluation. It will be questioned only dog handlers who represent each category of IRS Results: There will be description of dog training methods for professional or rescue purpose. Keywords: Safety, preparation, dog, ingredients, use
Drama in Education as the method of teaching in 2nd and 3rd class of the Primary School.
Volejníková, Jana ; Svobodová, Radmila (advisor) ; Ferklová, Alžběta (referee)
This master's thesis is to verify the use of methods and techniques of dramatic education in primary subject in the 2nd and 3rd year of elementary school and to find out the possibilities that the dramatic education brings. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with topics related to the methods and techniques of drama education. In the practical part are described and compared classics hours of primary subject and hours primary subject with using elements of dramatic education. The methods of research are non-direct observation and questionnaire investigations.
The study of recycling non-ferrous metals in the EU and the Czech Republic
Rákosník, Vítězslav ; Benešová, Libuše (advisor) ; Tonika, Jaroslav (referee)
Overall, recycling entails both advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage is saving large amounts of energy in recycling compared to primary raw material, which is another big plus for recycling non-ferrous metals - save primary raw material. The Czech Republic and many other countries are largely dependent on imports of certain raw materials (aluminum, lead, copper, etc.) or just on mentioned recycling. Nowadays, increase in the number of electrical devices (computers, mobile telephones, tablets, etc.), is recycling of scrap metal very important, because in each device occurs a certain amount of non- ferrous metals, noble metals, which can be used again. In this work will be described commonly used non-ferrous metals (properties, inventories, recovery and recycling). Theses also deal with e-waste and its management. Key words: non-ferrous metals, recycling, utilization

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