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Influence of humidity changes to properties of building materials with organic filler
Vasas, Silvestr ; Vacula, Miroslav (referee) ; Bydžovský, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of dimensional changes of building materials containing organic filler, in connection with changes in the humidity of the environment in which the material is located. Searches of knowledge, especially from the scientific literature showed a significant effect of moisture on volume and weight changes of both wood itself and wood of cement composites. In this respect, the treatment of wood (thermal, chemical, etc.) ort he surface treatment of the final wood of the cement composite (coating systém, impregnation, etc.) is essential to reduce the rate of change due to ambient humidity. Experimental laboratory assessment of dimensional and mass changes proved compliance with theoretical knowledge and extended them by specifying the effect on individual dimensions. The different behavior of cement-bonded particleboards in terms of their hygroskopicity was demonstrated on the changes of the boards surface threatment with the coating system and on the boards without surface threatment.
Use of buildings rainwater for irrigation and soaking ind the Moravské Křižánky village
Hubený, Michal ; Kameníčková, Ivana (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue and utilisation of rainwater. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. Theoretical part consists of general rainwater distribution, the formation of individual rainfall - its composition, quality, surface run-off, individual possibilities of water purification, accumulation and infiltration. The ways of using rainwater in households and gardens are also described in thesis. The practical part deals with the use of rainwater around a family house in the specific location. The area is located in the village called Moravske Krizanky in Vysočina region. In conclusion, a complete solution for rainwater accumulation, irrigation and infiltration was developed.
Layout solution of a small workmanship within a given company
Urban, Antonín ; Peterková, Eva (referee) ; Štroner, Marek (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the process of making a disposition draft of a small machineshop producing 70000 bearing housings per year. Theoretical part of this thesis is focused on fundamentals of designing machining production units. Practical part describes in detail the process of designing dispositional solution for the machineshop which is based on performed capacity calculations. These calculations were used as a guide in the process of designing two diferent machineshops. The first one is fitted with conventional machining devices whereas the second machineshop uses CNC mills to produce the housing. These two projects are compared to each other to give reader a better picture on which machineshop of the two is better.
Machining on a universal milling machine equipped with a divider
Luňáčková, Nikola ; Jaroš, Aleš (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with milling using a dividing device. The aim is to acquaint with the technology of machine milling, its kinematics, machines, tools and about the use of a dividing device. The theoretical part deals with machine milling on a universal milling machine equipped with a cutting device and milling using CNC machines. The practical part compares these two types of milling using a product made on a CNC milling machine and a machine universal milling machine equipped with a cutting device, using the same tool diameters.
Perspectives of flue-gas desulphurisation gypsum and rock gypsum in the Czech Republic
Nymsa, Zdeněk ; Přikryl, Richard (advisor) ; Ettler, Vojtěch (referee)
Flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) gypsum makes one of the so-called coal combustion by-products. FGD gypsum is the mostly used type of synthetic gypsum. In many applications, it can fully substitute natural rock gypsum (e.g. in wallboard production or as setting retarder in cement industry). Production and usage of FGD gypsum is directly connected with electricity generation based on coal combustion. In a broad scale, FGD gypsum appeared in Japan, USA, and Western Europe in 1970s-1980s, a bit later (in 1990s) also in Central Europe. During recent decades, the technology quickly spreads in Asia (China, India, etc.) as well. Ironically, the countries which used FGD gypsum technology as the first, will be probably also the first one which will cease the technology due to demise from energy generation in coal power stations. With a certain delay, similar trend is expected in the Czech Republic as well. Based on this presumption, this BSc. thesis discusses various scenarios, including possibility of long-term deposition of FGD gypsum in order to allow its usage over longer period in the future. Besides this, the thesis also strengthens the importance of natural gypsum, which will replace FGD gypsum in the future.
Analysis of the activities of the mounted police in the Czech Republic and municipal mounted police in Prague.
Konířová, Kristýna ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: Analysis of the activities of the mounted police in the Czech Republic and municipal mounted police in Prague. Objectives: Comparison of selection and training of police horse. Comparison of hippologic activities of the mounted police and municipal mounted police in Prague. Data analysis of activities of the mounted police since 2015 till 2019. Patrol analysis activity of the municipal mounted police in Prague in 2019 and comparison with the mounted police patrol activity in the Czech Republic. Methods: Data collection from the head of the mounted police of the Czech Republic in Prague and the head of the municipal mounted police in Prague. Study of available literature and subsequent research. Data analysis from Czech police was divided according to the types of interventions, locations and frequency for every single year. The data comparison with the municipal mounted police in Prague was based on frequency of patrol activities in 2019. Results: Result is comparison of hippologic activities of mounted police and municipal mounted police in Prague. Differences in selection and training of horses by mounted police and municipal mounted police in Prague. Comparison of frequency and types interventions by mounted police since 2015 till 2019. Differences in patrol activities for the mounted...
Hodnocení zpětného odběru elektrozařízení, odděleného sběru elektroodpadů a nakládání s nimi za roky 2017 a 2018
Šlégrová, Helena
Článek hodnotí evidenci toku zpětně odebraných elektrozařízení a odděleně sebraných elektroodpadů v rámci České republiky za roky 2017 a 2018. Evidenci jsou povinni zasílat výrobci, poslední prodejci, distributoři a pověření zástupci výrobců elektrických a elektronických zařízení, a to buď sami nebo prostřednictvím kolektivního systému. Podklady pro hodnocení evidence toku elektroodpadů použité v článku byly vzaty z roční zprávy o plnění povinností zpětného odběru elektrozařízení a odděleného sběru elektroodpadů. Cílem článku je zhodnocení nakládání s elektrozařízeními a elektroodpady ve stanovených letech vzhledem ke směrnici Evropského parlamentu a rady 2012/19/EU o odpadních elektrických a elektronických zařízení, která stanovuje minimální úrovně využití, recyklace a přípravy k opětovnému použití elektroodpadů. Z uvedených výsledků vyplývá, že se České republice v roce 2017 a 2018 podařilo splnit stanovené požadavky EU na minimální úroveň využití vyřazených elektrozařízení a úroveň jejich recyklace.
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Douglas fir - suburban forests: Proceedings
Novák, Jiří ; Slodičák, Marian ; Novák, František
Douglas fir and forestry management in suburban forests
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Technika a technologie získávání balsového dříví a jeho využití
Cigánek, Daniel
Objective of this bachelor thesis is to determine both suitable and available technique and technology for obtaining the wood of balsa tree (Ochroma pyramidale (Cav. ex Lam.) Urb.). Research of literature and consultations with experts were used to compose the thesis. Suggestions for improvement of described technologies were put forward in the thesis. Possible uses of various parts of balsa tree were stated in the thesis.
Chov a využití českých fousků v České republice
Filipi, Helena
In this bachelor thesis is described problematics of bohemian wire haired pointing griffons breeding. First part of work is based on history of breeds formativ, standard of breed and work standard focused to hunting fitness. Here is an overview of exams of work performance, its rating system and evaluation of trends in development of initial states of this breed in Czech Republic. Part of this work is also a brief overview about breeding and utilization of bohemian wire haired pointing griffon in foreign kynology and hunting. In conclusion are enclosed results from exams of work performance and memorial competition.

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