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Effective use of industrial waste in building materials
Szép, Melinda Klaudia Virág ; Mészárosová, Lenka (referee) ; Černý, Vít (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with one of current topics, namely to effective use of industrial waste in building materials. The theoretical part of this work presents changes in legislation of the Czech Republic in field of waste management system, explains the most important terms and defines each method of waste management. The main goal of this work was to formulate a methodological procedure for efficient use of industrial waste. The methodological procedure was compiled on the basis of elaborated base set of possible variants of waste utilization in the construction sector and a set of corresponding criteria of standards and legislative criteria. A table of elementary criteria has also been compiled for the better orientation in corresponding standards. The proposed methodological procedure was demonstrated on specific example, in fact on slag from municipal waste incineration. The slag was examined in two environments – one with standard laboratory condition and the second with controlled condition (8 % concentration of carbon dioxide and 80 % of relative humidity) – for better understanding of its behaviour. The expected acceleration of the aging process in the environment with controlled condition was confirmed based on the degree of carbonation. The expected reduction of volume changes of the sample exposed to the controlled condition was also confirmed.
Secondary raw materials production from municipal waste
Kouřil, Čeněk ; Gregor, Jiří (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
The main purpose of the bachelor thesis is to give an overview of the current system of municipal waste management and to demonstrate its techno-economical demands. To solve these objectives, an analysis of the current state in Czech Republic was carried out and a calculation tool was created to evaluate the overall techno-economical balance of the management system at the regional level. The results of the tool showed that it is expensive for municipalities to carry out waste management activities and would not be feasible without complex subsidies. The reader gets a basic overview of the current waste management system in Czech Republic and acquires knowledge of its partial techno-economical costs.
The effect of bottom ash pretreatment on heavy metals leaching
Maršálková, Olga ; Šyc, Michal (advisor) ; Pohořelý, Michael (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the influence of bottom ash ageing on the leachability of heavy metals. The leachability tests according to ČSN EN 12457-4 and 12457-2 have been carried out with two different bottom ash granulometry and the ratio of the liquid to the solid phase. The results were compared with the classes of leachability according to the Czech legislation and a comparison of the above mentioned standards was made to the infused number of monitored elements. Keywords Leaching tests, bottom ash, leachability, combustion, waste
Analýza produkce a nakládání s odpady vznikajícími ve vybraném podniku
Groman, Martin
The objective of the bachelor work is the analysis of waste production and waste treatment in the industrial company Česká zbrojovka a.s. Within the introduction part I have specialized on legislation of the Czech Republic in the area of waste management, mainly for stated industrial company Česká zbrojovka a.s. Furthermore, I have described the company and her environmental policy. Within the following part I have stated the origin of industry waste, manipulation, management and disposal of the waste produced by the company. In the conclusion I have proposed suggestions for waste decreasing, improvement of the company ecology and Česká zbrojovka a.s. environmental impact empowerment.
Earthship as a meshwork of material flow: The Ethnography of the Self-sustaining House Construction Process
Deáková, Tereza ; Stöckelová, Tereza (advisor) ; Halbich, Marek (referee)
This thesis is based on a qualitative research which followed the construction process of a self-sustaining house Earthship that is located in the larger centre of Prague. I am making use of Tim Ingold's approach of ecological anthropology which allows me to track the lines of the material flow and the exchange of materials which take place within the house and during the construction process of the Prague Earthship. Apart from humans there are other actants involved in these construction processes, that is non-human materials and elements of the natural environment which the building is an integral part of and which it is embedded in. With the help of the Ingold's concept of meshwork I interpret the Earthship as a living and dynamic organism, which is connected to its environment and which is through its becoming involved in various social processes. The materiality of the building navigates actions of its builders and residents and directs them to changing their life style and everyday practices towards more sustainable consumption.
Waste management in Czech Republic
Petráňová, Karolina ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
This diploma thesis discusses issues of waste production and related issues of waste management in the Czech Republic. Wastes are generated almost every day as a result of the most of human activities. The main objectives of waste management policy are the effort to regulate the amount of produced waste, increase the utilization of waste instead of its disposal and especially eliminate the negative impacts on the environment, natural resources and human health. These objectives are enforced especially through legislative instruments. Theoretical part of this thesis is a comparison of findings and knowledge gained by the studying of literature and other relevant sources from the area of production and management of wastes. The practical part of this thesis deals with the analysis of waste production and waste management in the Czech Republic in selected time frame and includes a prognosis of future development. The basis of the practical part are statistical data, processed with chosen statistic methods, especially with the analysis of time series. Finally, a survey about the waste management is carried out with the aim of finding the current state in the field of waste sorting.
Project metods utilization /disposal waste from selected machine works
Šíma, Kamil ; Nekvasil, Richard (referee) ; Novotný, Pavel (advisor)
The topic of my master’s thesis is waste management issue in selected engineering company with focus on industrial wastes. With use of information gained from selected engineering operation there is mentioned its brief characteristics, details about individual operations and products, impact of company activities on environment, facts about quantity of produced wastes and summary of current ways of waste management. On the basis of review of gained information there are suggested measures in the master’s thesis which realization would mean not only increase of material and energy utilization of produced waste, increase of degree fulfilment of waste economy and decrease of quantity of wastes placed in dump, but, in the long term, betterment of economical situation of company and its image.
Verification of possibilities of hazardous waste transformation into a new material
Bína, Tomáš ; Dohnálek,, Pavel (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
This work deals with the use of solidification technology for the disposal of hazardous waste with the aim of its material recovery. The goal of this Master's Thesis is to find and verify a new solidification way that will allow efficient transformation of hazardous waste into new material and its further use in civil engineering.

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