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Application of Predictive Maintenance Algorithms for State Monitoring of an Experimental Pneumatic Device
Štastný, Petr ; Brablc, Martin (referee) ; Dobossy, Barnabás (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with finding state indicators of pneumatic cylinder using algorithms of machine learning and data mining. The goal was to determine measurable quantity and algorithm of its evaluating, using which would be possible to identify state and sources of failures. The data of behavior of pneumatic cylinder were acquished on testing stand, which was equipped by sensors of 16 different quantities. Postprocessing and evaluating of the data took place in Matlab tools, particularly Diagnostic Feature Designer and Classification Learner.
Exception of text and data mining for the purposes of scientific research in the context of libraries and repositories
Míšek, Jakub
Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market aims to update copyright legislation to meet the needs of the information society. The paper focuses on Article 3, which introduces a mandatory exemption from the copyright and sui generis database right for extraction of texts and data for scientific research purposes. The first part of the paper presents the exception. The second part focuses on the possibilities and pitfalls of national implementation. The third part relates the exception to the activities of libraries and repositories.
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Analysis of the development direction of a conceptual academic library resource sharing service based on a case study of DXY
Niu, Xiaofei ; Zhang, Ling ; Han, Li
Under a global environment characterized by open and complex information, academic library resource-sharing practitioners should observe the information-service market beyond a “library-oriented” setting and rethink the development direction of the service. To investigate this issue, this paper presents an analysis of the development trajectory and characteristics of DXY, a Chinese information service enterprise. This study also discusses the development of academic library resource-sharing service from three dimensions, namely, service targets, service contents, and service roles. Findings show that the academic library resource-sharing practitioners should break through the traditional cognitive framework of “academic users on campus” and “document providers,” and furthermore, consider upgrading the service to assume a comprehensive role as information sharer, information connector, and platform operator simultaneously. This change will enable the move toward a knowledge service orientation.
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OLAP Recommender
Koukal, Bohuslav ; Chudán, David (advisor) ; Vojíř, Stanislav (referee)
Manual data exploration in data cubes and searching for potentially interesting and useful information starts to be time-consuming and ineffective from certain volume of the data. In my thesis, I designed, implemented and tested a system, automating the data cube exploration and offering potentially interesting views on OLAP data to the end user. The system is based on integration of two data analytics methods - OLAP analysis data visualisation and data mining, represented by GUHA association rules mining. Another contribution of my work is a research of possibilities how to solve differences between OLAP analysis and association rule mining. Implemented solutions of the differences include data discretization, dimensions commensurability, design of automatic data mining task algorithm based on the data structure and mapping definition between mined association rules and corresponding OLAP visualisation. The system was tested with real retail sales data and with EU structural funds data. The experiments proved that complementary usage of the association rule mining together with OLAP analysis identifies relationships in the data with higher success rate than the isolated use of both techniques.
Business Intelligence in Healthcare - Data Mining Techniques as a Possible Hospital Management Tool in Austria
Schmied, Marten ; Štěrbová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Mevenkamp, Nils (referee)
Public healthcare provision is under increasing economic restraints making an efficient and sustainable managerial planning a necessity in the hospital sector. Business Intelligence is the extraction of business relevant knowledge in order to adjust and refine executive operations. On the free market industries have applied the according methods and software dedicated to the generation of Business Intelligence is offered by variety of companies. Data Mining, furthermore, describes the facilitation of algorithms in order to train programs to detect unseen patterns from huge amounts of data. Therefore mining techniques are suitable for adding to the business relevant knowledge, particularly as they can produce more accurate predictions. The thesis examined the status of Information Technology normally utilized in Austrian hospitals and simultaneously identified studies that apply Data Mining to a Hospital Information System to gain Business Intelligence. While the general level of Austrian Hospital Information Systems is well sophisticated, common challenges are present in a separation between clinical and administrative systems and their interfaces. For the Data Mining a majority of studies aims at medical improvements. Some applications were found to have good business relevant prospects but their feasible introduction into the practice needs additional fostering.
Document Digitisation Sollution Design
Svobodová, Dagmar ; Josef,, Novotný (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This thesis contains a proposal for digitization and data capture from invoices, including the process of scanning, and other specific processes associated with the digitization of documents.
Personalization of the Website Content
Šatera, Ondřej ; Mittner, Jan (advisor) ; Buchalcevová, Alena (referee)
This work focuses on web personalization, its advantages for users and merchants. Presents current standards in this field, analyzes theoretical background and technical realization. Finally describes application of the theory on actual web projects - and Main benefit of this work is a complete overview of the web personalization and general manual for personalization implementators.
Data capture from structured documents
Žižka, Ondřej ; Kunstová, Renáta (advisor) ; Marešová, Zdena (referee)
The Bachelor thesis is focused primarily on digitalization of structured documents. It describes the process of digitalization and all of its phases. It answers the question why imaging and scanning, what is the best way of doing it and what resources are necessary. Types of scanned documents and the extent of their structuring is also being defined. Most attention is paid to structured documents and their attributes, functions, frequent deficiencies, their optimization and development. Individual parts of such a document as well as their options and recommended settings are described. In the second part of this thesis there is a specific example of a contract with the aim to develop an easily processable document and then perform a data capture. This contract was specified by the company České Energetické Centrum Jih s.r.o.. In this section an appropriate configuration is being showed on particular elements.
Approaches to document digitalization solutions.
Novotný, Vladimír ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Benáčanová, Helena (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to provide a survey of document digitalization and to analyse the market of companies outsourcing the document digitalization. The first part of the thesis decribes the technology of scannig and the methods of document recognition and data minig. It also decribes the systems of barcodes used to identify documents. Furthermore, this thesis includes the principles of document saving and electronic (digital) signature issues from the viewpoint of Czech legislation. Its contribution lies in analysing the companies dealing with outsourcing of the document digitalization and in the view of a company using these services. A brief outlook to the future regarding this topic is included as well.
Approaches to the implementation of document imaging systems
Kapicová, Eva ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Vondrouš, Martin (referee)
This thesis is focused on document imaging and describes different approaches to the implementation of document imaging systems. In the first part there is the theoretical background of the document imaging that is supplemented by current statistics. In the first part there are also some remarks on the situation on the Czech market. The second part is based on examinations of different approaches to document imaging systems that were made by Czech companies. The main objective of this thesis is a practical example of selecting an appropriate solution of the document imaging. There are considered three types of approaches to the document imaging: complete outsourcing, in-house outsourcing or a solution of their own. To achieve this goal there is an adequate theoretical basis for the document imaging and an overview of hardware and software support for digitization in the first part of the thesis. TEI method by Forrester Research is used for comparison of the economic impact of the different approaches. The contribution of this thesis is primarily in the description of the state of document imaging in the Czech Republic and also examination of different solutions and approaches to the document imaging. There is also a completion of the theoretical part by a data from current surveys.

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