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Influence of information technologies in Regional Scientific Library Liberec
Votočková, Marie ; Černá, Milena (advisor) ; Němečková, Lenka (referee)
(English) The thesis examines the influence of information and communication technologies on the automation of library management processes and services as well as their applications, with a key consideration of the environment of the District Scientific Library of the city of Liberec. The introductory chapters briefly describe the development of basic international standards for data processing and communication networks in the world. The following chapters deal with the implementation of automated library management systems and networks in the Czech Republic in the early '90s, including accompanying projects that formed an inseparable part of the development. The development of automated library management processes and services in the District Research Library of the city of Liberec from the 90s till the end of 2010 becomes the core subject hereby examined. This is closely related to the parameters of the selection and application of the library management system, including the specific features thereof, as well as its internal utilization by librarians and its utilization by external users. The external use of the library management system has been evaluated through a survey of the use of online information sources and services sought by and provided to registered users. Taking into account the...
Matching Images to Texts
Hajič, Jan ; Pecina, Pavel (advisor) ; Průša, Daniel (referee)
We build a joint multimodal model of text and images for automatically assigning illustrative images to journalistic articles. We approach the task as an unsupervised representation learning problem of finding a common representation that abstracts from individual modalities, inspired by multimodal Deep Boltzmann Machine of Srivastava and Salakhutdinov. We use state-of-the-art image content classification features obtained from the Convolutional Neural Network of Krizhevsky et al. as input "images" and entire documents instead of keywords as input texts. A deep learning and experiment management library Safire has been developed. We have not been able to create a successful retrieval system because of difficulties with training neural networks on the very sparse word observation. However, we have gained substantial understanding of the nature of these difficulties and thus are confident that we will be able to improve in future work.
Intelligent information retrieval and its trends
Pačísková, Jana ; Papík, Richard (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis is focused on information retrieval in the context of its historical development, it presents trends in integration of intelligent features in it, and thus the emergence of intelligent information retrieval. Individual intelligent elements are described in a separate chapter, following chapter then introduces their use, including specific examples. Thesis also traces research on the topic of intelligent information retrieval in selected institutions both in the Czech republic and abroad; results of this survey for Czech republic are presented in the enclosed search.
Syntax in methods for information retrieval
Straková, Jana
Title: Information Retrieval Using Syntax Information Author: Bc. Jana Kravalová Department: Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics Supervisor: Mgr. Pavel Pecina, Ph.D. Supervisor's e-mail address: Abstract: In the last years, application of language modeling in infor- mation retrieval has been studied quite extensively. Although language models of any type can be used with this approach, only traditional n-gram models based on surface word order have been employed and described in published experiments (often only unigram language models). The goal of this thesis is to design, implement, and evaluate (on Czech data) a method which would extend a language model with syntactic information, automatically obtained from documents and queries. We attempt to incorporate syntactic information into language models and experimentally compare this approach with uni- gram and bigram model based on surface word order. We also empirically compare methods for smoothing, stemming and lemmatization, effectiveness of using stopwords and pseudo relevance feedback. We perform a detailed ana- lysis of these retrieval methods and describe their performance in detail. Keywords: information retrieval, language modelling, depenency syntax, smo- othing
High-performance exploration and querying of selected multi-dimensional spaces in life sciences
Kratochvíl, Miroslav ; Bednárek, David (advisor) ; Glaab, Enrico (referee) ; Svozil, Daniel (referee)
This thesis studies, implements and experiments with specific application-oriented approaches for exploring and querying multi-dimensional datasets. The first part of the thesis scrutinizes indexing of the complex space of chemical compounds, and details a design of high-performance retrieval system for small molecules. The resulting system is then utilized within a wider context of federated search in heterogeneous data and metadata related to the chemical datasets. In the second part, the thesis focuses on fast visualization and exploration of many-dimensional data that originate from single- cell cytometry. Self-organizing maps are used to derive fast methods for analysis of the datasets, and used as a base for a novel data visualization algorithm. Finally, a similar approach is utilized for highly interactive exploration of multimedia datasets. The main contributions of the thesis comprise the advancement in optimization and methods for querying the chemical data implemented in the Sachem database cartridge, the federated, SPARQL-based interface to Sachem that provides the heterogeneous search support, dimensionality reduction algorithm EmbedSOM, design and implementation of the specific EmbedSOM-backed analysis tool for flow and mass cytometry, and design and implementation of the multimedia...
Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval in the Medical Domain
Saleh, Shadi ; Pecina, Pavel (advisor) ; Hanbury, Allan (referee) ; Kliegr, Tomáš (referee)
Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval in the Medical Domain Shadi Saleh In recent years, there has been an exponential growth of the digital content available on the Internet, which has correlated with the increasing number of non-English Internet users due to the spread of the Internet across the globe. This raises the importance of unlocking resources for those who want to look up information not limited to the languages they understand. For example, those who want to use the Internet to find medical content related to their health conditions (self-diagnosis) but they do not have access to resources in their language. Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval (CLIR) breaks the lan- guage barriers by allowing search for documents written in a language different from the query language. This thesis tackles the task of CLIR in the medical domain and investigates the two main approaches: query translation (QT) where queries are machine translated to the language of documents and document translation (DT) where documents are translated to the language of queries. We proceed with our research by employing Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) systems that are tuned for the QT approach and the DT approach in the medical domain for seven European languages (Czech, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish and Swedish) and...
ROPO efekt a jeho vplyv na nákupné správanie spotrebiteľov
Ďurajková, Alexandra
Ďurajková, A. ROPO effect and its impact on consumer behavior. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University 2019. The topic of this bachelor thesis is the current issue within the business, which was given the acronym ROPO. The work deals with the impact of ROPO effect on millennial consumer buying behavior. The first part of this work is focused on a brief introduction to the issue. The next section will include quantitative and qua-litative research developed for this work. Subsequently, both researches will be analyzed and based on their results, appropriate marketing activities will be pro-posed to increase the amount of visitors in the brick and mortar stores.
Srovnání sylabů předmětů na různých univerzitách dolováním znalosti z textu
Moravcová, Libuše
The thesis is focused on how to get the most accurate information about Universities, faculties, fields, and the syllabi of particular subjects of those Universities through text-mining tools. The first part describes the basics of text mining and related topics, collecting and creating data text background, turning them into the English language. In the next phase, the database will be generated from accumulated data entries. The purpose of the next step will be to obtain the most matching results such as specific phrases. The procedure of valorizing and summarizing will be used at the end of the thesis. In case of any problems, possible solutions or alternatives will be suggested.
The Challenges of Incorporating Grey Literature Into A Scholarly Platform
Reece, Alistair
GeoScienceWorld are in the process of acquiring, converting, and loading a major content repository with a significant amount of grey literature, to be hosted alongside our existing collection of peer-reviewed journals and books in the geosciences. What happens when a traditionally scholarly content provider decides to incorporate grey literature into their online content platform? What are the challenges of preparing the content for publication and discoverability? How does the presence of grey literature in the database affect cross search? How do differing business models find a common home in a unified content platform?
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Meeting users in their spaces: key findings on discovery to delivery
Connaway, Lynn Silipigni ; Cyr, Chris ; Gallagher, Peggy ; Hood, Erin M. ; Brannon, Brittany ; Holloway, Jay (author of presentation and video speach)
OCLC Research has been studying how individuals get their information and resources and how they engage with technology for almost two decades. We have learned that convenience often is one of the factors that most drives individuals’ decisions for getting information and resources. However, convenience is a moving target and is dependent upon the context and situation of the individual’s need. Many factors will influence the decision-making process, such as how quickly the information or resource is needed, how important that information is to the individual need, and how much effort is required to get access to the information or resource. Our findings indicate that individuals often do not consider the library as the first place to get information and sometimes do not consider libraries at all. This often is attributed to the complexity and misunderstanding of library processes for acquiring resources and to not knowing resources or options for accessing and acquiring these resources through the library. Many individuals opt for open content since it is easy to discover and readily and quickly available in full-text. We have conducted semi-structured individual interviews with undergraduate and graduate/post graduate students and faculty in Australia and the U.S. to identify how they discover, access and acquire resources and why they make these choices and decisions, including their format preferences. We also have conducted focus group interviews with resource sharing and ILL librarians in Australia and the U.S. to identify their workflows and to discuss ideas to improve these processes to better meet the needs of their users. The findings from these interviews provide ideas for enhancing the discovery to delivery experience for both users and librarians.
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