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Changes in the properties of cement-bonded particleboards due to fluctuations in atmospheric humidity
Vasas, Silvestr ; Vacula, Miroslav (referee) ; Bydžovský, Jiří (advisor)
The work is focused on changing dimensional, volume, weight and mechanical properties of cement bonded particleboards due to fluctuations in the humidity of the surrounding environment. Part of the work is a search of scientific literature focused on the possible modification of organic materials used as fillers in cement bonded matrices, as well as cement bonded composites. Since wood is used as a filler, which is very susceptible to moisture, it is important to treat it – thermally, chemically. In the practical part, various recipes of cement bonded particleboards were inspired by previous research are designed and tested. The laboratory assessment of changes in the properties of cement bonded particleboards due to relative humidity demonstrated compliance with the theoretical foundations, as a result of the thesis, suitable recipes for the production of cement bonded particleboards including their verification were defined.
Dynamika rozvoje včelstva ve Warré úlu
This bachelor's thesis deals with the dynamics of bee colony development in the Warré Hive. The Warré Hive aka the People's Hive can be easily made at home, it is undemanding to operate and it is used for natural beekeeping. The aim of this work was to compare the construction, thermal and humidity effects, which could influence the development of bee colony. The experiment was carried out from May to September, regular inspections were performed based on climatic conditions. The areas of sealed brood, eggs, larvae and bees were determined. Each beehive was equipped with a device recording temperature and humidity. The experiment station was located in Číhaň (Klatovy district) at 593 meters above see level. The measurement results differed. They did not demonstrate whether the beehive construction has an impact on the bee colony development. However, the results show that the beehive construction affects the internal climate of the beehive.
Rizikové faktory v kabině sklízecích mlátiček
The diploma thesis is focused on harvesting threshers in terms of noise, dust and temperature in the cab. The work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part there are basic data and concepts of harvesters, acoustic materials and health protection at work in agriculture. In the practical part itself was performed measurement of noise, dust, temperature and humidity in the cabin cabin cabinet. Measurements took place on land of agricultural cooperatives and private owners. Based on the measured values, an overview of the parameters of individual machines was created.
Dohnal, Jakub ; Hradil, Petr (referee) ; Straka,, Bohumil (referee) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
In building structures wood is very often used as construction material and can also be used for supplemental non-supporting structures, e.g. as wood panelling, screening elements, etc. The most common woody plant species that can found in the biotope of the Czech Republic are Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.). Wood as construction material is popular in architect comunity as well as this material like also investors, who prefer living in healthy and natural environments. Wooden structures are also popular with structural engineers for their good mechanical properties and low weight, which, however, depends on moisture. Wood properties vary in every natural way and need to be taken into account at the beginning of the designing process. This dissertation aims to contribute to the description of mechanical characteristics of wood during changes of moisture content in the wood structure. Various experimental tests and numerical modelling were used in the thesis in order to reach the aims. The experimental tests examined mechanical properties at different sample moisture of selected woody plant species. Subsequently, the obtained values were compared with values available in specialist and scientific literature, so that these values could subsequently be used as input values for numeric calculations. The conclusions of the dissertation will contribute to more accurate calculations and further analysis.
Methods of moisture measurement in the historical masonry of archaeological site under the III. courtyard of Prague Castle
Kalianková, Kateřina ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Sněhota, Michal (referee)
This work deals with determining the humidity of historical masonry in the archeological area under III. courtyard of Prague Castle. The area is endangered especially by salt weathering, which is supported by increased humidity of the masonry. The moisture content of marl masonry was determined at the site of the early modern bridge pillar and at other selected walls in the archeological area. The aim of this work is to analyze selected methods of measuring moisture in historic building materials and evaluate their advantages and cons. The suitability of methods for application to historically valuable materials and buildings is also evaluated. Another goal of this work is to analyze the state of humidity in the monitored localities and to determine the source of humidity in the archeological area under III. courtyard of Prague Castle and based on the results propose a procedure for monitoring the future development of humidity. Non-invasive methods of infrared surface imaging, electromagnetic method (MOIST 210B and EM 100), and resistance method (GMR 110) were chosen for humidity monitoring, subsurface resistance measurement, electromagnetic method (TDR), and uranine-probe was chosen from invasive methods of humidity monitoring. Simultaneously with the measurement of humidity, air and masonry...
The effect of abiotic factors on house dust mites Dermatophagoides farinae
Vacková, Tereza ; Hubert, Jan (advisor) ; Zemek, Rostislav (referee)
House dust mites are one of the most important allergenic agents found in households worldwide. The biology of these mites is significantly affected by hygrothermal factors - especially by temperature and humidity. The study is focused on the influence of temperature and humidity to the behavior of Dermatophagoides farinae within a thermal gradient (simulating a vertical section of a mattress), on its metabolism (represented by respiration rate) and population growth. Within a constant thermal gradient (19-41 řC) run for 24 h D. farinae mites most often received food in the sector with a temperature range of 32-36 řC. In experiment with 5 days of alternating cycles of the same gradient (8 h / day) and room temperature (16 h / day) was the sector with a temperature range of 32-36 řC for mite's feeding also the most prefered. In contrast, in both variants of the experiment, non-feeding mites preferred the sector with a temperature range of 19-23 řC (or rather, the largest number of them were found in this sector during the evaluation). During the measurement of respiration, mites of this species showed significant CO2 production when were incubated at temperatures of 25- 30 řC. Out of the studied combinations of temperature and humidity, the highest respiration was measured when mites were incubated...
Study of the influence of fillers and external conditions on the resistivity of cement composites
Kejda, Dalibor ; Melichar, Jindřich (referee) ; Černý, Vít (advisor)
The progress of new materials is important for the construction industry. Modern materials include cement composites with reduced resistivity. This is achieved by adding suitable electrically conductive fillers. If there is enough of these fillers, the so-called percolation threshold occurs. Suitable fillers (Condufit C4 and Supragraphite C300) have been proposed. Recipes have been designed to be before and after the percolation threshold. The tests were performed on beams measuring 40x40x160 mm with built-in electrodes for measuring their resistivity. The aim of the work was the research of influencing external conditions on cement composites. The effect of temperature was verified. The lowest values of resistivity were evaluated at temperatures of 50 ° C and the resistivity increased with decreasing temperature. The effect of humidity on the resistivity was then verified. Reference samples and samples with a smaller proportion of graphite powder showed larger differences in resistivities with increasing humidity. The samples above the percolation threshold were not much affected by increasing humidity. Finally, the effect of loading on the resistivity of the samples was verified. Almost all samples with increasing compressive stress showed an increasing value of resistivity.
Renewal of the former coaching inn in Tišnov
Velazquez Hernandezová, Natalie ; Muroň, Ivo (referee) ; Ležatka, Lukáš (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis is the renewal of the cultural monument of the former coaching inn vol. Peklo in Tisnov. The subject of the proposal was the preparation of documentation for the building permit and part of the documentation for the construction on the basis of an architectural study, which was prepared in the subject AG035 Monuments renewal studio. The aim was to design the renovation of the inn, its new functional use and design a family house for the owner. My main concept is to make the inn building as intact as possible and to adapt it to the current requirements for the new content of the cultural center in combination with the preservation of valuable structures and elements. The most significant intervention in the external appearance of the building there are the those two extensions on the west facade, which hide the hygienic facilities and staff facilities. The visible above-ground extension is separated from the building by a glass connecting neck so that it is still possible to perceive the original form. The second building of the sanitary facilities is connected by an elevator to the above-ground extension, but it is located under the newly modified terrain, so only a small tube with an entrance from the lower courtyard is visibly added to the building from the exterior. The building of the newly built family house is separated from the building of the inn and embraces the existing cellar, the construction of which will be secured and cleaned and will continue to serve its purpose. The cellar will not be visible from the outside, but its value will remain preserved in the interior as a hidden treasure. This is a plot of land in the historic center of the town of Tišnov, where it was necessary to solve the separation of the private and public zones, landscaping and connection of extensions to the existing building. The proposed concept works with the division of the land into two height levels, which are linked to the histo
Restoration of the Hell inn in Tišnov
Streďanská, Lucie ; Špiller, Martin (referee) ; Guzdek, Adam (advisor) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the preparation of documentation for building permits and part of the documentation for the construction on the basis of an architectural study, developed in the course AG35 - Restoration of Monuments Studio. The topic of this work was to find a suitable concept of a new functional use with regard to the historical nature of the monument and its technical condition. The design also included the new construction of a housing for the owners and the solution of all surrounding areas. The result was an architectural study with an emphasis on viability and feasibility. The aim of the bachelor's thesis is a gentle restoration of the building with an emphasis on its revitalization with newly incorporated functions and original expressive elements. The operation of the tasting cellar in the preserved Gothic cellar has returned to the inn. The cultural and social heart of the building became craft workshops with a shop selling handmade products and a multifunctional hall. The operation was supplemented by an accommodation unit for the building manager, this operation also includes a new extension, adjacent to the west wing, which housed the operation of a temporary warehouse on the 1st floor and the bathroom of the administrator on the 2nd floor. Last but not least, the attic of the building with a reconstructed truss was revived. This part works as a mobile and multipurpose space, which can be adapted to current needs for children's camps, as well as for lectures and reading. One of the significant characteristic elements of this work are atypical roof windows copying the curvature of the mansard roof. These windows visually connect outdoor life on the street and occasions in the attic. This expressive element is complemented by dark metal accents of the restored exterior gallery, steel frame edging of the window, illusory entrance gate and new extension.
Restoration of Medov court Hermanuv Mestec
Hošek, Dominik ; Mikeš, Stanislav (referee) ; Guzdek, Adam (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis as to prepare a documentation for building permits and a part of the documentation for the building construction on the basis of the architectural study, developer in the AG35 – Monuments Restoration Studio. The topic of the studio work was to think about the appropriate use of a listed building in the historic place of the small town Heřmanův Městec and to create an architectural study. My proposal concept was to make a place for every age generation and to create a place for meetings. Functions of the house is by followed: Rehabilitation Center, Cafe, Restaurant, rented places for office work and studio. For renovation of the place i have a respect for a listed building of the national treasure. I am looking for the essence of the place and each of the part of the building. I´ve studied many technologic processes for protecting the historical building and making it visible for other people.

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