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Vliv vlhkosti vzduchu a půdy na rozvoj vybraných patogenů řepky
Nečasová, Aneta
The thesis focuses on monitoring and appraisal of colza vegetation microclimate. Humidity and soil moisture were measured. It was monitored if colza was infested by selected pathogens which are related to humidity and soil moisture. Recorded figures were compared with figures recorded at a standard weather station situated near the monitored rape vegetation. Maps showing vertical stratification of humidity in whole vegetation profile were created. Using regressive analysis equations of relation between humidity in vegetation and at the weather station were created. It was found out that weather influences the pathogen development. It was proved that predication only by "petal test" is inaccurate, so it is good to do it together with the microclimate monitoring.
Dynamics of undeground water level in the Morava river alluvial area.
Basu, Soham
Dynamics of underground water in floodplain forest in the Morava river alluvium in South Moravia is primarily dependent on hydrological conditions as main recipient of Morava, Kyjovka & Spářavka. Hydrological measures carried out in 2nd half of 20th century have caused a negative impact on this floodplain groundwater. Increasing climatic extremes (low precipitation, high evapotranspiration) caused decreasing moisture content in surface soil layers. The aim of the study was to evaluate the underground water dynamics of 2018 in model area of Mikulčice forest using GIS and compare the result with previous studies to get the long term trend of changing underground water and soil moisture regime. Results show that the underground water level dropped to more than 2m from the surface in the sand and gravel layer almost throughout the year which interrupted capillarity of the soil profile. The underground water dynamics in the vegetation period was only on average 0.75m which is almost flat. Soil moisture dropped to lower than hydrolimits of availability of water for plants in the vegetation period. Measured tree increment of main trees was very low and some trees are permanently in stress. Finishing of revitalization in this area with the aim of improving the negative situation is Important for future years.
Porovnání orebné a bezorebné technologie zpracování půdy z hlediska jejího zhutnění
MACH, Václav
The bachelor thesis focuses on technologies of soil cultivation which are nowadays most frequently used in our country and what is their influence in soil compaction. It describes reasons of the origins of soil compaction, impacts of the compaction and the effect of compaction on soil as a unit. It also focuses on procedure? against unwanted compaction or its following elimination. Subsequently, the thesis describes basic work operations which are plowing and aeration. There are details of the principle how the plough works, basic types of ploughs and the way how we can divide plowing. There are also methods of plowing which are applied in different conditions on land. Last but not least, the thesis points out advantages and disadvantages of this most common soil cultivation. It deals with technologies of aeration as well as it deals with machines which are able to cultivate soil or with technologies of soil cultivation and their advantages and disadvantages in work without a plough. The field experiment which has been done for drawing up of this bachelor thesis focuses on comparison of ploughing and non-ploughing technologies of soil cultivation in a way of its compaction. There is evaluation of the penetrometric resistance, of the achieved depth in measurement and the soil moisture. These values have been measured on a field which was divided according to the technology of soil cultivation. The first part was done conventionally with the plough and in the second part the plough was replaced with the aeration. The results of the measurement were then compared with the whole soil profile of the measurement, then in the depth of 20 cm and finally with rest the horizon of measurement. Values and comparisons of the individual measurements are for better illustration noted in tables and marked on graph.
Soil moisture estimation using Sentinel-1 radar data
Outrata, David ; Štych, Přemysl (advisor) ; Potůčková, Markéta (referee)
Soil moisture estimation using Sentinel-1 radar data The main aim of this diploma thesis was to find and quantify the relationship between the intensity of backscatter from the Sentinel-1 radar data and the volume soil moisture at the level of agricultural fields. The research was conducted in three areas, in the first part there were two vegetation-free fields near the Thessaloniki (Greece), and information about soil moisture was obtained from own measurements using a thermogravimetric method. The second part drew data from the freely available ISMN database and the research was carried out on agricultural fields during the vegetation season in northwest Germany. The third part used soil moisture data from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) and the area of interest was two grassed areas of the airport and one agricultural field. Correlation was measured by calculating the determination coefficient and by using the linear regression an equation for calculating the soil moisture from the radar backscatter was compiled. High dependence has been confirmed when VV polarization with constant surface roughness were examined. In the case of surfaces with varying roughness and vegetation cover, only low correlation was found, similarly with using VH polarization. Key words: radar, SAR, Sentinel-1, soil...
Equipment for automatic watering of plants
Vavroš, Ondřej ; Fedra, Zbyněk (referee) ; Prokeš, Aleš (advisor)
This bachelor project deals with design of converter of soil moisture into usable data format using moisture sensors and microcontroller Silicon Laboratories C8051F120 series and evaluation kit to care for plants, especially their irrigation. Furthermore, the project deals with the development of software modules for converters operation and operation of irrigation.

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