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Podpora rozvoje venkovského turismu v Jihočeském kraji prostřednictvím PRV
Vrábelová, Soňa
This bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of the rural tourism support funded from the Rural Development Programme in period from 2007 to 2013 in the South Bohemian region. The thesis includes a theoretical anchorage of terms regarding tourism, rural tourism and its various forms based on literary search. Furthermore, it includes an overview of the financial support for this type of rural tourism funded from the European funds. The practical part of this thesis consists characteristics of the examined area, its possibilities for rural tourism development and especially the analysis of the projects supported within axis III. field of support 1.3 Encouragement of tourism activities. In the programming period from 2007 to 2013 89 projects were approved for the South Bohemian region, however, only 70 of them were traced back. This number has been analysed according to established criteria. The results of the analysis show that just 40 projects meet the concept of rural tourism.
Venkovský turismus v oblasti Blanského lesa - případová studie obce Křemže
Bachelor thesis with the topic of Rural tourism in Blanský Forest analyzes the situation in the selected area - the village of Křemže by the case study. The theoretical part defines the key concepts such as a tourism and its forms, a rural tourism. South Bohemian Region is characterized here, as well as The Blanský Forest Protected Landscape Area, including Křemže and its adjacent settlements. It captures the types of rural tourism that are used in Křemže and its surroundings. The practical part summarizes the empirical survey based on questionnaires completed by residents and tourists of the given site. A detailed analysis of the tourists and residents´ views assesses more aspects of rural tourism - in view of the infrastructure and of the impact of rural tourism on the environment in that municipality and its surroundings. Finally, rural tourism and its impact on nature and population in the Křemže region are evaluated.
Rural tourism in Táborsko region - case study of Choustník and Roudná municipalities
The target of the bachelors project is to define the area of Tabor town as a tourist destination and compare two selected villages Choustnik and Roudná in rural tourism and its exploitation. The research explains the concepts of literature related to tourism and its factors, rural and rural tourism. The practical part is the comparison of objective and subjective data, supplemented by interviews of village mayors.
Rural tourism in the Trebon region - case study
This bachelor thesis on the theme of Rural tourism in the Třeboň region maps Třeboňsko as a tourist destination and analyzes the situation in selected municipalities of Chlum u Třeboně and Staňkov by the form of a case study. In the theoretical part key terms such as rural space, rural tourism and its forms are defined. It describes the regional context of the model municipalities and describes their history and present, especially in terms of tourism. The practical part summarizes the empirical survey based on interviews with selected businessmen and the results of the questionnaire between residents and tourists. Finally, the sustainability of rural tourism in these municipalities is assessed.
Analysis of Terms of Development of selected Type of Torism in the
The bachelor thesis analyses the conditions for development of agritourism and rural tourism, which focus exclusively on the territory of south Bohemia. It also describes selected chosen objects within the South Bohemian Region focusing on accommodation capacity. In the practical part is realized questionnaire survey, use on selected object and evaluation of the current state of agritourism. The conclusion summarizes the findings and proposals for further development possibilities of rural tourism in the South Bohemian Region.
Rozvoj venkovského cestovního ruchu prostřednictvím ROP v kraji Vysočina
Hadroušková, Michaela
The main focus of this diploma thesis lies on an evaluation of the support of the rural tourism industry provided by ERDF's Regional Operational Programme Southeast. Diploma thesis contains theoretical explanation of concept of rural tourism and potential development through EU funding. Theoretical part explains the concept of tourism, rural tourism and the beginnings of rural tourism. Contains argue about rural tourism in context of the sustainable development of the tourism. Thereafter follows an explanation of the principles of regional politics and functioning of support through EU funding. Last chapter of the literature research defines analyzed area from the viewpoint of its potential for the development of the tourism industry. The applied part of the diploma thesis contains an analysis of realized projects in the priority axis 2: Development of sustainable tourism (fields of support 2.1 and 2.2). Projects are analyzed according to selected criteria of rural tourism. Finally, an evaluation of the support of rural tourism provided by ROP Southeast and contains the final recommendations for the develompment of the rural tourism.
Lokální produkty a venkovský cestovní ruch na příkladě vybraného regionu
Tibenská, Katarína
The thesis deals with the analysis of the quantity and the importance of the local products in rural tourism in the tourist region of Vysočina. The attitude of the promotion of the local products from the tourist information centres is being evaluated. The basic concepts of local products and rural tourism, such as rural tourism, territorial marketing, regional branding and local product are defined. The territory in terms of potential for rural tourism is specified. The relationship between local products and rural tourism is outlined. Subsequently, the thesis captures results and describes opportunities in improving the current condition.
Vzdělávací význam naučných stezek v jižní části Chráněné krajinné oblasti Beskydy
Žůrková, Jitka
This diploma thesis is focused on the educational importance of the nature trails in the southern part of the Protected Landscape Area Beskydy. The first part is devoted to the theoretical overview of rural tourism and, especially, I wrote about the situation of tourism in the area. Then I described PLA Beskydy and also village Zděchov, where the nature trail is located. In the practical part I evaluated a questionnaire, which was focused on finding out how much of knowledge had visitors about the area before they visited the natural trail and after I tried to compare it with knowledge of people who were just about to visit this nature trail and also with people who were outside of this trail.
Podpora rozvoje venkovského turismu ve vybraném kraji prostřednictvím PRV
Šedivá, Lenka
The bachelor thesis evaluates the support of rural tourism from the Rural Development Programme in the South Moravian Region. The work includes theoretical background of rural tourism, its potential in rural development and an overview of the financial support for this type of tourism from European funds. The practical part of this thesis is determined by the cultural-historical and natural potential of the South Moravian Region in tourism and finally -- it discusses supported projects from the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, namely axis III. 1.3 Encouragement of tourism activities, and analyzes them according to established criteria of rural tourism.

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