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Czech and Slovak media representation of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia
Kvítková, Alena ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
The master thesis Czech and Slovak media representation of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia is concerned with the way in which media portrayed the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Through the analysis of articles on the topic in question it examines the media image created by each newspaper respectively, by Czech and Slovak newspapers as two units and the overall image based on all of the collected data. Three Czech (Mladá fronta DNES, Rudé právo and Blesk) and three Slovak (Smena, Pravda and Nový Čas) newspapers served as the source for the analysis. Articles from two periods were collected - from the time the act on the dissolution of Czechoslovakia was passed and from the time the actual dissolution took place. The aim is to establish the overall media image of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, but also to compare and contrast the image created by Czech and Slovak newspapers and to study their differences concerning the overall positive, negative or neutral image as well as the implemented media frames. In addition, the thesis also focuses on the different portrayal of the dissolution in right-wing and left-wing newspapers and broadsheet and tabloid press. The final confrontation of the results with public opinion surveys is also important as it proves the connection between the media agenda and...
Připravenost České republiky k přijetí eura
Zárubová, Jana
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate the Czech Republic's readiness to adopt the euro. Within this objective, the concept of monetary union, the European Central Bank, is explained and describes the historical development that was behind the emergence of the eurozone. It also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of adopting the euro. The readiness to adopt the euro is assessed using the nominal and real convergence criteria, which are first theoretically characterized and subsequently evaluated using the available data. The last chapter deals with the opinion of citizens of the Czech Republic and representatives of the current and past governments of the Czech Republic, who are interested in adopting the euro
Geneticky modifikované potraviny
Tuzová, Kristýna
Diploma thesis Genetically modified foods discusses about genetically modified foods in the Czech Republic, European Union (EU) and worldwide. The aim of the thesis was to investigate the awareness of Czech and Austrian students and citizens about geneti-cally modified foods and also to highlight the pros and cons of genetically modified foods. The method of literary research and comparative method was used to evaluate the current state of genetically modified food. In the experimental part of the thesis a brainstorming method and SWOT analysis were used to determine the main advantages and disadvantages associated with genetically modified foods. Information on the atti-tudes of interest groups was collected through a questionnaire survey. The results show that the awareness and attitude of the general public and students varies within the Czech Republic and Austria.
Průzkum veřejného mínění na způsob obhospodařování ŠLP Masarykův les Křtiny
Pokorný, Jakub
I elaborate my diploma thesis at the Department of Forest and Wood Products Economics and Policy, led by Ing. et. Ing. Josef Lenoch, PhD. I focus on the public opinion survey of a representative sample of visitors of the Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Křtiny (TFE). The goal is to map the sociological structure of forest visitors - gender, age, education and knowledge representation, and their opinions on the management of the Training Forest Enterprise and their general awareness and knowledge of forestry and forestry issues, opinions on the fulfillment of the non-productive functions of the forest, the satisfaction of visitors with access by Training Forest Enterprise, possible comments and contributions to improve management, and in particular, the fulfillment of non-productive functions of the forest etc. The survey will be conducted directly on the territory of the TFE on visited hiking trails, on the territory of all three forest districts (Habrůvka, Vranov and Bílovice nad Svitavou) using a simple anonymous questionnaire.
Why the French are Discontent: The Change in Perception of the Office of the President and its Influence on the Popularity
Boudová, Kristina ; Emler, David (advisor) ; Matějka, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelors thesis deals with the decline of popularity of the last three French presidents (Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron). Each and every single one of them witnessed the lowest levels of popularity in the history of the Fifth republic. The thesis is trying to determine whether this decline is due to some systematic changes in the perception of the office of the President of the Republic and whether the phenomena are recurring at the societal level. Instead of analysing the macroeconomical factors, it is rather focusing on the society and the systém itself, while comparing the presidents on different levels. The first part of the thesis lays down the theoretical framework of the French political system and the changes after the reform in 2002. The next chapter determines how these changes influenced the electoral behavior and describer the presidential elections. The next part shifts focus more on the Presidents itself, by describing their media strategy used in the campaigns and introduces the question of personalisation of power in France. Finally, these elements are confronted with data on the evolution of popularity in the first year and a half of the mandate with the objective of demonstrating that these problems are common for the chosen Presidents and are...
Inclusion in the Pre-school Education System
Vlachová, Jana ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The rigorosum thesis deals with the inclusive education in nursery schools in the Czech Republic. It is based on specialized literature, an overview of legislative changes in preschool education and longtime experience of its author, a preschool special educator. The thesis consists of three parts. The first, theoretical one, defines basic concepts and cornerstones of school inclusion as well as the role of its main actors from the point of view of both positive and negative impacts the school inclusion may have on them. It also brings a brief outline of the preschool inclusive systems in Great Britain, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The second part gives an overview of the preschool inclusive education in the framework of current Czech education system including some information and experience gained during the author's professional carrier. Personal experience of visits to some nursery schools in Sweden and Finland is also included. The third part of the thesis brings findings of a quantitative survey oriented to expert and lay attitudes to the preschool inclusion. It examines the attitudes and opinions of some inclusion actors, namely professional teachers and parents, in the first years of its implementation providing a perspective on preparedness of the respondents for inclusion. The survey...
Interpretation of Pre-election Polls in The Czech Printed Dailies
Tučková, Kateřina ; Nečas, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Vochocová, Lenka (referee)
The diploma thesis Interpretation of Pre-election Polls in The Czech Printed Dailies studyies the ways in which media portrays data from election polls as part of thier news service. The thesis draws from theories of media effects, the research of which indicates a possible influence of media content on the formation of public opinion or even voting behaviour. For this reason, it maz be expected that the media present data in line with certain standards. However, in the Czech Republic, there is no code of conduct that would formulate such requirements. This leads to an ongoing struggle between the research agencies who supply such data and the media who present it to the public, where each party judges the content's quality by different measures. Some of the often criticised errors include misinterpretation of data and an insufficient explanation of the research's background. This paper uses quantitative content analysis to examine 154 articles from Czech printed journals across the three pre-election periods (2010, 2013, 2017) with the aim of determining in which form the results of pre- election polls are presented, and if all necessary data are added. The final analysis looks at the data as a whole as well as examining the trendlines during the studied time period. In conclusion, it evaluates...
The Influence of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games on the Foreign Policy of Nazi Germany and its Image in the International Community
Pokorný, Jiří ; Emler, David (advisor) ; Smetana, Vít (referee)
The theme of the bachelor thesis is the influence of the 1936 Summer Olympic Games on the foreign policy of Nazi Germany and its image in the international community. The thesis aims to verify whether the Nazis managed to use the Olympic Games to improve the image of Nazi Germany abroad and then to leave the unfavorable foreign policy position in which it was located. The bachelor thesis is divided into two well-arranged parts, in the first one the author deals with the starting position of Germany in the international community and his foreign policy before the Olympic Games. In addition, in this section he deals with the Olympic Games themselves. In the second part, based on newspaper articles and an internal report produced by the Foreign Office, the author investigates the influence of the Olympic Games on the image of Germany abroad and later on its foreign policy. The Nazis sharply opposed the Olympics at a time when they were assigned to the fragile Weimar Republic as an award for their efforts to return the country to the cultural society of modern states. However, they realized in time what opportunity they had been given, and after joining the power they organized with great effort spectacular and, in many ways, progressive games that predetermined the direction the Olympic Movement would...

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