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Democratic Architecture – Ostrava
Staněk, Lukáš ; Šmédek, František (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of a residential building in an almost neglected location in Moravská Ostrava. The proposal looks for a way how to portray housing as such as community housing applicable in Czech conditions. The result is an adaptable environment that users can choose according to their wishes, as democracy says - about choices, about voting. Its variable and flexible form offers very easily and quickly changes to the program, whatever the advanced age of users, or with the needs for more space for new additions to households. Even the smallest apartments take on a sense of generosity, with pull-out furniture and wall - screens. The interior of the flats is renewed and creats a "room in a room". However, the case study also deals with the housing crisis and the shortage of housing, so the variety of functions are limited mainly to housing. However, the capacity for variation are retained and can be adapted over time to community housing, mixed - used or office space in an attractive location. It addresses the housing crisis comprehensively, and with a choice of apartment sizes ranging from studio apartments to 3 bedroom apartments. This system can be applicable to a variety of areas as well as plots with numerous dimensions. One of the many goals is to connect the public space with the indoor and outdoor space of the building. But it is it is important to maintain the intimacy of not only the semi-public space - the common areas of the building, but also the intimacy of the apartments. The design becomes a meeting point between the city and nature, specifically the roof garden and root purifier located in an unenclosed atrium in the wider centre of Ostrava. At the same time, it is capable of lowering the temperature in a densely populated and sparsely vegetated area.
Democratic Architecture – Kamenný vrch
Borkovcová, Tereza ; Moler, Vít (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with architectural design of a building near gable of a prefabricated house on Kamenný vrch in Brno. My building is one of four designed projects at this spot. All the buildings created the center that has been missing before. It brings new functions to the locality and also new people. Residents of the building are constantly changing thanks to its function, which are offices for startups, temporary accomodation and added foyer with small bar not just for residents. Space is the most variable as it can be, so it can be used by residents as they please.
Studium celogenomové variability lidského cytomegaloviru.
Dvořák, Jan ; Tachezy, Ruth (advisor) ; Roubalová, Kateřina (referee)
This work is part of a project focused on the study of the variability of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) among clinical isolates with the aim to map the geographical distribution of HCMV genotypes, reveal the relationships between genotypes and the severity of HCMV-associated diseases, and identify regions in the HCMV genome with a potential for use as diagnostic and therapeutic targets. Attention was paid to the development of the methodology for the preparation of the material for next-generation sequencing (NGS) from HCMV clinical isolates and evaluation of the obtained sequencing data. Blood and urine samples collected from hematopoietic stem cell transplantat recipients and congenitally infected children were analyzed. Samples suitable for NGS were sequenced by the Illumina platform and sequences were created by de novo assembly followed by mapping assembly. Urine samples in comparison to blood samples had higher yield of material for NGS. Of the samples positive for HCMV DNA (7 of 50) after amplification in the cell cultures, only one sample had high purity of the viral DNA (98%) while six samples had purity of less than 7%. The sample containing 98% of the viral DNA was fully sequenced and the sequence was compared to the sequences of other clinical isolates from Belgium in 11 polymorphic...
Universal clothing and its use in museum education
Švejdová, Kateřina ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
In my thesis, built on the bachelor's thesis, I focus on the universal form of clothing. In the theoretical part I research the common features of garments in changing cultural and historical contexts. I focus on general aspects of clothing. I search for connections between functions and forms of clothing. I monitor the impact of historical styles on the work of contemporary clothing designers and I seek the universal features of today's fashion apparel. I observe the interest of children, teachers and also of publications in textile creation. In the art section I work on a series of proposals for universal variable apparel. By using patents it is created more models out of just one. I document and crtitically reflex the final results of possible model variations. In didactic part I suggest educational program for selected clothing exposition. The program includes worksheets and the posibility of using a universal garment as teaching tool. The program I verify in practice I also document and evaluate.
Variation in dragonfly wing venation with application of geometric morphometrics (Insecta: Odonata)
Přibylová, Petra ; Prokop, Jakub (advisor) ; Růžička, Jan (referee)
The pattern of wing venation in dragonflies (Odonata) bears a set of characters commonly used in systematics. The aim of this thesis is to identify the wing venation variability of dragonflies by various methods of geometric morphometric. The wing venation variability was examined on the level of suborder, family, species and also in respect to dimorphism through the principal component analysis (PCA), redundancy analysis (RDA) and centroid size. Data set consisting of images of 46 dragonfly species, belonging to 43 genera and 24 families was obtained from institutional entomological collections. The research carried out that Zygoptera have a large variety of wing contours. The wing venation variability of Epiprocta is shown primarily in the costa and node area. Between sexes there is no noticeable difference in shape or structure of the wing. The ratio between wing length and width and the pterostigma shape is dependent on dragonfly body size. Key words: Odonatoptera, Odonata, Epiprocta, Zygoptera, wing venation, variability, geometric morphometrics
Use of cytogenetical methods in taxonomy of Arachnida (Arachnida)
Alaverdyan, Argam ; Šťáhlavský, František (advisor) ; Johnson Pokorná, Martina (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the use of cytogenetic methods in taxonomy of Arachnida. To understand this matter, we need to analyse available information about inter and intraspecific karyotype variability of individual orders. At the beginning of the thesis there is a description of cytogenetic methods used with Arachnida.They are used to gather the karyotype's fundamental information, such as the diploid number of chromosomes, chromosome morfology and possible occurence of sex chromosomes. Main part of the thesis is focused on describing karyotypes of selected orders (Amblypygi, Palpigradi, Pseudoscorpiones, Scorpions, Opiliones and Araneae) and considering the convenience of use of cytogenetic methods for their taxonomy based on these information. The thesis includes current number of described genera (species) of the orders, as well as a number of cytogenetically analyzed genera (species) for comparison.
Multiplication of shape as a means of constructing reality
Málková, Helena ; Magidová, Markéta (advisor) ; Čech, Viktor (referee)
Málková, H.: Multiplication of shape as a means of constructing reality. [Diplom thesis] Prague 2017 - Charles University, Faculty of Education, Department of Art Education, 123 pages. The diploma thesis focuses on the theme of creation of systems, structures and constructions in visual reality. The theoretical part is aimed at the possibilities of multiplication, its growth into space or a plane, while regarding creation of plastic arts by selected artists from the field of fine arts. The practical part introduces author's conception of the topic by the means of photographic medium. Structure is a crucial phenomena in possible understanding of visual reality. It has prerequisites for development of transcendental thinking. We can discover it throughout the whole universe as its unifying element. The findings from the theoretical part are used as basis for didactic activities. The didactic part presents the realized art assignments, which are a part of the implementation of the research. The thesis brings findings and conclusions within the framework of the results of creation and teaching of the topic of spatial composition of multiplied form within a coherent object. KEY WORDS: construction, structure, movement, shape, space, material variability, racionality, photography, object creation,...
Variability of Execution Environments for Component-based Systems
Malohlava, Michal ; Bureš, Tomáš (advisor) ; Racek, Stanislav (referee) ; Duchien, Laurence (referee)
Reuse is considered as one of the most crucial software engineering concerns. It allows for delivering software systems faster with less effort. Therefore, the thesis explores limits of reuse in the context of component systems. It analyzes in depth contemporary component systems, finds their commonalities and variation points, and introduces a meta-component system -- a software product line which allows for producing a tailored component system based on a set of requirements. The thesis addresses the meta-component system definition and focuses on its crucial aspects which play the key role in component systems preparation- (1) a configurable execution environment and (2) generation of implementation artifacts. To address the first aspect, the thesis proposes a model-driven method for creating configurable execution environments. Motivated by creating execution environments, the thesis contributes to (2) by introducing a notion of domain-specific languages interoperability in the context of the code generation. Furthermore, the thesis elaborates the proposed notion resulting into a family of interoperable domain-specific languages which is parametrized by a general purpose language.
Sociophonetic study of dysfluent behaviour in native English speakers
Longauerová, Renáta ; Skarnitzl, Radek (advisor) ; Gráf, Tomáš (referee)
The present thesis focuses on the study of the influence of two social factors, age and gender, on the frequency and variation of seven different types of dysfluencies (filled pauses, silent pauses, repairs, repetitions, false starts, vowel and consonant lengthening) in the spontaneous speech of native English speakers from England. The speakers were divided into four different social groups according to their age and gender. The first part of the present thesis provides a general characterization of the relevant types of dysfluencies, together with the main issues concerning the production of speech dysfluencies. The empirical part presents the analyses of the recordings of 32 native English speakers from England. The overall results considering general influence of age and gender show that the only significant difference is between age groups, with older speakers producing more dysfluencies than younger speakers. Gender, on the other hand, does not make the difference significant, except for vowel lengthenings that were produced significantly more by female speakers than male speakers, and repetitions, which is the only type of dysfluency where the difference is significant and influenced by both age and gender, with older male speakers producing significantly more dysfluencies than any other...
The Inflation-Output Variability Relationship in the CEE countries: A Bivariate GARCH Model
Kubovič, Jozef ; Čech, František (advisor) ; Červinka, Michal (referee)
This thesis examines the output-variability relationship and causal relationships among the inflation, the output growth and their uncertainties for the Central and Eastern European region during the period of time that covers the economic crisis of 2008. We apply the bivariate GARCH(1,1) model with the constant conditional correlation covariance matrix to obtain conditional variances that proxy the two uncertainties and use Granger causality test to determine the causal effects among four variables. We come up with a number of interesting results. First, we did not find statistical evidence neither for the inflation-output variability relationship nor for the Phillips curve. Second, we uncovered support for the positive causal effect of the inflation on its uncertainty and negative causal effect for the reverse direction. Additionally, we also found some support for the indirect negative causal effect of the inflation on the output growth. These results support the policy of low and stable inflation in the countries. Finally, we showed that crisis has a significant impact on the results, changing the behaviour of conditional variances and causal effects among the variables. Powered by TCPDF (

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