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Value orientation and emerging generation strategies (X, Y, Z)
Chobotová, Tereza ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of the transformation of values, morals and strategies of the coming generations in the Czech Republic. The work focuses primarily on generations X and Y, marginally then, as an addition, on the simultaneously emerging generation Z. The aim of the work is to describe how generations differ from each other in their approach to values and morality, what strategies they choose and how they change within their lives. Within sociology, concepts of morality, values and strategy are key concepts that are used to study human behavior and society. They thus contribute both to a deeper understanding of the established paradigm in society and facilitate the process of optimization in various fields. They allow industries to respond to the changing demands and demands of the coming generations. Specifically included categories in this work are family relationships and work force. In the theoretical part, the issue is embedded in the scientific literature. This section is devoted to terminology, definition of individual generations, values, morality and strategies. In the practical part, the work builds on the European value research for the Czech Republic from 1991, 1999, 2008 and 2017. Working with data sets from these years is based on a descriptive analysis in the...
Values perceived by players in Czech rugby compared to the stated values of the sport
Pospíšil, Jakub ; Crossan, William Morea (advisor) ; Bednář, Miloš (referee)
6 Abstract: Title: Values perceived by players in Czech rugby compared to the stated values of the sport Objectives: This bachelor's thesis aims to determine how rugby players perceive rugby values in themselves and their surroundings. Another objective was to identify trends in the responses using statistical tools. The third objective was to look for deviations from rugby values and their sources. Methods: In the practical part of this bachelor's thesis, a quantitative research method, specifically the questionnaire method, and a qualitative method, specifically the semi- structured interview method, were used. The respondents of the quantitative research are players who play in the Czech Extraliga. The respondents of the qualitative research are selected coaches from clubs that play in the Extraliga. Results: Czech rugby actively strives to honor the values that define this sport. However, the results clearly show that there are problems in some areas. Players have issues with discipline, and although they rated themselves positively, coaches perceive a lack of passion in their teams. Keywords: values, rugby, fair play, training
Perception of the meaning of life and faith in childhood and old age
The Bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of finding the meaning of life in old age and in adolescence. The aim of the preliminary research was to find out whether and what differences exist in the perception of the meaning of life and what the selected seniors and adolescents find the meaning of life in. The partial goal was to emphasize the importance of awareness of the meaning of our actions in senior age and in adolescence. The theoretical part describes the relationship between religious faith and the meaning of life, the life period of adolescence, then ageing old age and the changes associated with this period. The practical part contains qualitative preliminary research. The goal of the preliminary research is to find out the view of a selected group of seniors and adolescents on the meaning of their lives. The conducted qualitative preliminary research also focused on sub-questions, through which it found out, whether and how the addressed respondents manage to fulfil their lives, what values they have, what is their meaning in life, what are their main sources of the meaning and life goals.
Virtue Ethics in P. Foot
LEVÁ, Barbara
This bachelor thesis deals with the virtue ethics of Philippa Foot. The work is divided into four chapters. In the first chapter, I introduce Foot's philosophy, her life, and the significance of her work for the field of ethics. The second chapter explains in general what virtue ethics is and introduces the virtues themselves. In the third chapter, I describe what ethical education looks like in the Czech Republic and in European countries, and I introduce foreign projects for the development of ethical education. The last chapter is about various methods and goals of ethical education.
The influence of leisure time on socially pathological phenomena in lower secondary education
The thesis deals with the influence of leisure time on socially pathological phenomena in pupils of the 2nd grade of primary school. The theoretical part describes the concept of leisure time and its meaning, as well as functions and factors that affect leisure time. Subsequently, it characterizes socially pathological phenomena, deals with the cause of these phenomena and their classification together with prevention. It also contains a research survey based on quantitative research. The aim of the thesis is to find out whether leisure time has an impact on socially pathological phenomena in pupils of the 2nd grade of primary school.
Intern Communication in Company AUTO – BAYER, s.r.o.
Drobiličová, Denisa ; Veronika, Moláková (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
Diploma work dealt with analysis of internal communication of company AUTO-BAYER, s.r.o.. Diploma work is divided in theoretical, metodical and practical part. The practical part deals with analysis of actual intern communication of the company. The aim of work is to find out problems in internal communication and find new possibilities and improvement.
Šana, Václav ; Hora, Jan (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
The proposal deals with the architecture archive concept on a wider social scale. The goal is to treat the information as a certain relative value, when the individual spaces are conceived with emotional surprise. There is a controlled collision between old and new approaches where attractive spaces serve purely rational mechanical systems. A person going through the archive should perceive emotional experiences and, after leaving the archive, perceive information in a more complex way.
Organizational Culture and its Influence on Managing of the Company
Ondrůjová, Lenka ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of influence of corporate culture on the staff productivity in COMGUARD a.s. company. The result of the survey are propositions for this company and their factual application which concerns mainly the ethical code, a training plan, a special fund, individual assessment, and information protection. The closing part of this diploma thesis includes realization and adjustments of the corporate culture aimed at increased staff productivity
Kopecká, Martina ; Šedivá, Barbora (referee) ; Stratil, Václav (advisor)
The apparent switch of the stated topic and name of the thesis from Art History to the actual name of the video Inside and Outside the Window became specifically meaningfull to me in that it reflects my own search for understanding, meaning and finding my own place in life and society. The term art history becomes one of many symbols of understanding and learning about a certain topic and it's value system. History of Art and it's evolution is first presented as a unified story, to be learned and accepted on face value as the only truth. But at a certain point it begins to unravel and fall apart and one is forced to doubt exactly those learned and accepted values. What was once accepted as observed or directly experienced is suddenly questioned not only through historical revaluation, but also personal introspection, rejection of absorbed values and a search for new and inherent personal values. But I myself am becoming a part of history and I am no longer the observer, but become the observed and I begin to realise that the newly discovered values are just a revised version of the old and learned ones.

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