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Man is Adam, man is Christ: according to st. Augustine
Šavel, Tibor ; Vopřada, David (advisor) ; Salvet, Ondřej (referee)
Annotation: This thesis will address the view of the state of man in paradise and the state of man at the moment of disobedience that occurred through an act of man's will contrary to the manifested will of the Creator communicated to the creature through reason and will. It will describe the condition of man who, through his incarnation, was accepted by the Son of God, namely Jesus Christ. This incarnation is a historical event and encourages man to follow the one who incarnated him. In doing so, man can participate in building the kingdom of God here on Earth. All this will be written according to the anthropology of St. Augustine, as described in his writing. Key words: man, disobedience, sin, will, freedom, healing, celebration
Aquinas and Suarez on Free Will
STRAKOVÁ, Kristýna
he diploma thesis deals with free will, mainly from a historical point of view, specifically from the point of view of Aquinas and Suárez. They are contrasted with Hobbes, who takes a completely different position. In this diploma thesis, it is mainly a comparison of the concepts of free will of Aquinas and Suárez. In the first chapter, free will is discussed in general, in the following chapter, various directions that deal with free will are listed. Other chapters are devoted to Aquinas, Suárez and Hobbes. In the last chapter, the opinions of these authors are compared.
Probe into the soul of a lifetime scout
The thesis gives a perspective on life seen through the Scout's eyes. It deals with the life and the thinking of the people who were or have been active members of this movement. The practical part of the thesis focuses, through eight narrative interviews, on the experience of the Scout movement members and the subjective purpose of their own experience throughout their life. It describes as well what these individuals have found within the movement, what they have identified or conversely disagreed with and what values and approaches they prefer in their lives. The practical part seeks the essence of something that a Scout's soul is comprised of, it means, what makes a Scout a Scout. The analysis of individual interviews exposed several topics and subtopics, where the correlation between them was examined. These topics turned into a syllabus or basis for the theoretical part, where it was described and clarified to the reader with the help of the reference literature.
Adrenaline sports as a means of personal development
ABSTRACT HAZUKOVÁ, B. Adrenaline sports as the means of personal development. České Budějovice 2020. Bachelor Thesis. Jihočeská univerzita (University of South Bohemia) in České Budějovice. Theological Faculty. Department of Education. Thesis supervisor Mgr. Richard Macků, Ph.D. The work deals with the personality development of individuals engaged in adrenaline sports in their leisure time. It also addresses the availability of adrenaline sports in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part of the work deals with the specific components of personality development, defining terms to adrenaline sports, where also gives some examples of adrenaline sports, and adrenaline races taking place in the Czech Republic. The practical part is devoted to the evaluation of the research, which was realized through a questionnaire. In the questionnaire the respondents' leisure time activities and their interest in adrenaline sports were investigated.
Comparison of Augustin and Thomas Aquinas philosophy and ethics
Havránek, Zdeněk ; Blažková, Miloslava (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
This Thesis deals with the philosophy and ethics of St.Thomas Aquinas and of St. Augustine. At first I characterize the time period then I am focusing on each cathegory concerning moral life of human being in the world such as God, soul, will, goodness, evil and happiness as well. My goal is to show the real purpose of human existence and to show how both philosophers understand individual topics, what is the same and different in their opinion.
The position of love in the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales
Svobodová, Jana ; Brož, Prokop (advisor) ; Houkal, Jan (referee)
The centre of S. Francis of Sales's spirituality is love. In my thesis, first of all, I deal with formative influences which formed his personality. This is the starting point in the discourse about Francis's theological optimism, its roots and its influence on the conception of God. For S. Francis God is esentially the God in Trinity, who share love in the highest manner also with a man through the mystery of Incarnation. Francis's conception of love that has its seat in the heart of a human being is connected with that conviction. In the very top of a heart there is the will which is called up to make decisions according to love that gives the true motivation. On the way of the growth of love the highest aim is the holy indifference, which enables God to act in a human heart according to His intentions. For S. Francis love to God is closely connected with love to a man who is the image of God. During his direction of souls to love S. Francis recommends first of all kindness and as the main mens a prayer and sacraments. The heart which has become fully pervaded with love, which loves and is loved, we can best contemplate at Virgin Mary.
Problem of Woman's Nature
Průšková, Adéla ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
The main subject of this thesis is feminine nature. The goal is to capture the essence of womanhood in the entirety of the world. There is a difference between the experience of a woman's life and the world around her. We must therefore ask how the world around us is set up, what nature itself entails, how the society views a woman and how a woman views herself. The work is divided into three main parts. The first part deals with the nature according to two of the most important thinkers of antiquity: Plato and Aristotle. The second section examines the nature and essence of womanhood as viewed by the French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. In the final part, we discuss some of the phenomena related to the issue of womanhood nowadays, such as physicality, dignity, human culture and responsibility. The whole work shows that it is essential for us to demand freedom of self-realization which along with the need for cooperation of both genders in establishing basic rules of the world that men and women inhabit together, provides for women to self-realize freely in harmony with their own experience of the world. Keywords woman, nature, physis, freedom, the wholeness of the world, man's world, woman's world, transcendence
Metaphysical essentials of Ladislav Klíma's philosophy
Kratochvíl, Jan ; Hogenová, Anna (referee) ; Rybák, David (referee)
This work focuses on the analysi s of methaphysical philosophy of a Czech writer and philosopher Ladislav Klíma. It studies his discourse with older philosophical tradition and his own sources of inspiration and demonstrates essential contradictions of the resulting philosophy - egosolism. The main focus of this work is in analysis of the transition of a certain methaphysical view on the world to ethical challenge and criticism of Christian faith as Klíma understood it. It is rather emotional than rational as Klíma's literary works show. They are also used to demonstrate his adherence to traditional methaphysical points of view. The final part of this work sums up Klíma's philosophical ideas from which inevitably stem these contradictions. A way of reading Klíma's body of work is offered which is indifferent to incoherences of Klíma's intelectual construct.
Concept of Love of Plato and Schopenhauer
Najman, Jiří ; Blažková, Miloslava (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
7 Summary This study tries to clarify Schopenhauer's and Plato's philosophy for the purpose of discovering their concepts of love. In both metaphysics the thesis tries to find motives which, as author believes, are still alive although it seems that nowadays are so far away.
Problem of Grace in St. Augustin
Spiegelová, Veronika ; Rybák, David (advisor) ; Hauser, Michael (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with St. Augustine and his theology of grace. It briefly introduces the context of Augustine's philosophy, explains the basic terms, and mainly focuses on the interpretation of Augustine's study of grace. It first analyses the thoughts and ideas of Saint Paul, the Apostle, which are relevant to the subject. Then it moves on to explaining the continuous development of Augustine's study of grace: how it is portrayed in his early works, the way in which it developed in his argument with Pelagius, and finally it introduces Augustine's most radical idea - the concept of predestination from his work To Simplician. The last part of the thesis covers the corresponding topic of love, specifically the love of neighbour, as it is discussed by Hannah Arendth in her work Love and Saint Augustine.

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