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Addictive substances and Visual Art
Bobková, Simona ; Fišerová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis discusses the topic of addictive substances and their influence on artistic creation. In the theoretical part, I first focus on the search for their connection in history on various artifacts that could be found. Among the most common are cave paintings, which I also list in my thesis, as well as sculptures and illustrations. Subsequently, I define the distribution of the types of individual addictive substances that are most often associated with visual artists, and which I describe later. These include alcohol, cannabis drugs, stimulants, psychotropic substances, and opiates. Furthermore, I characterize visual artists who were influenced by addictive substances in their work at that time. I present exhibitions that have a certain connection with this topic, and in the last line of my work, I focus on the preventive component of the relationship between school and family. In the didactic part, together with the pupils of the eight-year high school, we deal with the issue of these substances and realize an art series with the name that this diploma thesis also bears, i.e. "Addictive Substances and Visual Arts." The thematic series contains five creative tasks that aim at a primarily preventive goal. The research part, the method of which is semi-structured qualitative research,...
Reflection of dreams in the creative expression of the artist in the context of the application art therapy procedures
HORÁKOVÁ, Kristýna
The topic of the bachelor thesis is a reflection of dreams in the creative expression of an artist in the context of the application art therapy procedures. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the charakteristics of dreams, the motif of dreams throughout the history of visual arts, and subsequently presents the work with dreams within the framework of an art therapy approach. The practical part is devoted to the anylysis of selected visual artifacts on the theme of Dreams or Last night I had a dream, with the aim of presenting the use of the interpretive potential of this theme in projective-interventional art therapy.
Production Process of Art Podcasts in Czech Republic
Jelínková, Eva ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Groman, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with Czech podcasts focused on visual arts. The first part of the thesis introduces podcasting and mapps the state of the local podcasting scene. In this part, basic terms related to the topic are explained. The second part of the thesis is focused on quantitative content analysis of the selected podcasts. The analysis will answer the question of similarities in the content - what format is usually used, what is the most common topic and to which topics are given the most space. The analysis will be accompanied with the additional part which will be based on five interviews with podcasters. Besides other things, the interviews will help us to understand the actual process of creating a podcast and thus will help to interpret the results of the content analysis.
Linocut in Art Education (Contemporary Printmaking)
Havlíková, Margita ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Gajdošíková, Pavla (referee)
The bachelor's thesis Linocut in art education (contemporary printmaking) consists of three parts. In the theoretical part, I discuss the characteristics of graphics, with a special focus on a linocut. I describe in detail the history of linocut in Czechia and the world and, subsequently, its place in contemporary authors' work. Additionally, I have clarified the concept of the terms "game" and "bestiary", that I use in the didactic and practical part. The goal of my work is to highlight the linocut and its technique as a convenient tool for art education classes. In the didactic part, I designed a series of lessons whose central theme is an imaginary animal. In the beginning, the students are motivated by the "Imaginary animal" game. Subsequently, they create a drawing proposal and then use it during the linocut creation itself. The bachelor's thesis is concluded by my own author's creation, which is based on the already mentioned game "Imaginary animal".
Jan Steklík as an Artist and a Founder of the Crusaders' School
Jiroušková, Markéta ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pech, Milan (referee)
This thesis discusses the artist Jan Steklik and the Crusader school of pure humour without the joke. In the introduction, the political situation and visual arts during the normalization period are presented, then the origin and history of the Crusader school is introduced. These include Karel Nepras, Zbynek Sion, Eugen Brikcius or Helena Wilson. All of their most important projects are presented. The second part of the work is devoted to Steklik himself. First, his biography is presented, which summarizes his life from his childhood, his studies, to his last exhibitions. Then his role in the Crusader school is discussed in detail. Finally the last part of the thesis is dedicated to his art. His beginnings, drawings, land- art projects and exhibitions are as well. The aim of this work is to introduce the personality of Jan Steklik not only as an artist, but also as a person who brought humour into the grey socialist society.
Basic Statistical Data about the Activities of Cultural Facilities in the Czech Republic 2021: Arts - theatres, musical ensembles,exibitions. II. díl, Umění - divadlo, hudební soubory, výstavní činnost a festivaly
Smetanová, Eva ; Gonzálezová, Marie ; Razáková, Jana ; Peroutková, Aglaja ; Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kulturu - Centrum informací a statistik
Předmětem zjišťování jsou činnost divadel a hudebních souborů a aktivity profesionálního výtvarného umění a architektury. Mezi nejvýznamnější šetřené ukazatele patří údaje o počtu zaměstnanců, zřizovaných souborů, provozovaných scén a sálů, odehraných představení, návštěvníků, oborů a žánrů, počtu koncertů a počtu hudebních nahrávek.
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How children imagine death based on a story
The thesis offers reflection on human attitude to death, dying and aging. It offers a look at the topic in terms of relationships connected with death. It speaks about stages of child development in terms of development of their personality from the viewpoint of psychodynamic, cognitive and emotional development. It offers reflection on the correct communication and on the question when is the correct time to start talking about death with children. It submits the utilization of one of the art techniques, drawing, to find out how children imagine death. In the practical part, it describes and evaluates graphic rendering made by preschool and school age children. It presents the possibility of utilization of drawing with a book story as a way to not only find out how children imagine death but also other uses as a way out of difficult life situations. This method can help children to clarify their thoughts about a particular topic and it can be a tutorial for adults on how to induce an appropriate dialogue about the topic with them.
Art as a theme of kindergarten activities
KOLACÍ, Kristýna
The bachelor thesis is focused on the use of artwork as an inspirational source of activities for children in kindergarten. The aim of this thesis is to develop thematic units, which are being focused on different eras, as well as from various artworks, and the artistic movements of their representatives. The theoretical part is dedicated to the period of preschool age and its specifics, on bringing the selected eras of fine art for working with children closer. In the theoretical part is also in the relation to the observation, outside of the developing of units, reflectively described the perception of fine art by child participant.

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