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Design and manufacture of bending fixture
Ševčík, Jan ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Zemčík, Oskar (advisor)
The work deals with the design and manufacture of bending fixture. It contains a comparsion with current bending fixtures on the market and a justification for the production of a given type. Then the work contains a proposal of the constuction of individual parts with the selection and description of technologies of their production and the process of their production. The work also contains complete drawing ducumentation of all parts of the bending fixture. The conclusion of the work contains the possibilities of design modifications and economic and technological evaluation.
Replica of historical dagger
Čech, Jakub ; Chladil, Josef (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with a production of dagger replica. This work describes basic information about history of daggers, their construction and technologies used for their production. Furthermore, there is described manufacturing of the dagger prototype including its final assembly and evaluation.
Perspektivní konstrukční materiály
Valehrach, Aleš
Bachelor thesis entitled Perspective Construction Materials, is focused on the distribution of materials, their characteristics, production and recommendations for use in the technical ap-plication. This work is divided into three main parts. The first part of the bachelor thesis deals with contemporary materials. The second part focuses on progressive materials today. The third part deals with special materials of the present.
Základní fyzikální vlastnosti benzinu
Kožíšek, Ondřej
Bachelor thesis is entitled to topic Basic physical characteristics of gasoline and it is dividend to a few basic parts. In introduction is bachelor thesis devoted to a creation of petroleum and its extraction, becouse petroleum is a basic material in gasoline creation and another fuels. Next part is the longest part, and it is the fuel itself. In bachelor thesis is soluted its creation, use, characteristics, its advantages and disadvantages and the bachelor thesis is replenished with a legislative requirements of gasoline. In another chapter was made a concise summary of used fuels like CNG, LPG, bioethanol, biobuthanol and hydrogen and their characteristics were compared with gasoline characteristics. In conclusion of bachelor thesis it was replenished by an experiment, where is examined dependence of dynamic viscosity on temperature and dependence of gasoline density on temperature.
Vliv receptury na kvalitu čokoládových výrobků v průběhu jejich skladování
Jurková, Jena
The thesis deals with technology of production of chocolate. There are described different technological processing steps of the cocoa beans, such as fermentation, drying and roasting and grinding. There are also characterized by the manufacturing steps of chocolate by mixing, via rolling, conching and tempering. The study also discusses influences on the shelf life, mainly due to the composition. There is a brief description of cacao, using raw materials for the production of chocolate and defects that may vary with chocolate and chocolate products occur. In the practical part of the diploma thesis, samples of retemperated and unretemperated milk and bitter chocolate were stored for 3 months and then sensory analysis and texture measurements were made. The sensory analysis was performed before and after the storage of the samples. In conclusion, the effect of the composition on the shelf life was evaluated, an option designed to improve the stability and shelf life of chocolate and chocolate products.
Návrh sedacího prvku
Rovenská, Tereza
The content of this thesis is the design of an upholstered armchair. The starting point of the design is the theoretical part, which primarily contains general requirements for dimensions, construction and safety. The practical part of the thesis discusses the design procedure of the product with regard to the information of the theoretical part. The procedure described is supplemented with drawings and visualizations. Subsequently, the production process is recorded with the description of the whole construction process. The final draft is presented using photographs of a 1:1 model and visualizations of the element in the interior. In conclusion, the entire element is evaluated in terms of use in practice.
Návrh sezení do veřejného interiéru
Chudobová, Věra
This bachelor thesis deals with seating furniture for public interiors of clubs, tearooms and department stores. The thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical part and the practical part. The first theoretical part deals with the history, typology and ergonomics of sitting, materials and shapes. The second, practical part of the thesis, contains research, which precedes the design of sitting in the public interior. Drawing documentation, 1: 5 scale models and visualization, were created for this design. Modeling is supported by photographs. The result of this bachelor thesis is the prototype production, which is also documented by photographs. The conclusion of this work is to evaluate the applicability of the results achieved in practice.
Návrh solitérního kusu nábytku pro výrobce
Hrabec, Marek
The thesis deals with the design of a chair made of atypical material with a cross structure. The theoretical part describes the criteria for the creation of this type of fur-niture, including searches. The practical part captures the whole process of chair cre-ation through drawings, 3d model and production in the workroom. The resulting de-sign is captured in visualizations and two prototypes, as well as posters and promotional materials.
Návrh městského mobiliáře.
Hojgr, Ondřej
The aim of this diploma thesis is creating a municipal interior furniture seating design while simultaneously describing the role of seating furniture and its function in a public space. The thesis is divided into two parts - a theoretical and a practical. The first one offers an analysis of historic and current elements of municipal interior furniture as well as an evaluation of its fundamental ergonomic, constructional and material solutions. The norms and legislative regulations are also covered, together with the specification of suitable technological production process. Furthermore, the target audience, social and psychological aspects of municipal interior furniture are taken into account. The second part tracks the design progression from the very idea, sketching, and modeling of 3D variants to the definite shape, dimensions and creation of a prototype, which clarifies all the strengths and weaknesses of the final design.
Optimalizace práce na pile M.F.A Konšel
Konšel, Alois
This work is focused on the optimization of the work on the sawmill of M.F.A Konšel. It involves proposing of changes to increase labor productivity, reduce labor costs and improve the quality of products to be produced. The first part describes the technological flow of production and mechanical equipment of the company. The second part defines production weaknesses . The third part of the thesis deals with suggestions and recommendations for possible changes leading to the elimination of weaknesses. This work serves as a basis for innovation.

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