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Specifics of nutrition of sport active children and their quality of acquaintance with sports nutrition
Vondrovská, Michaela ; Pěkný, Martin (advisor) ; Blažek, Dušan (referee)
Title: Specifics of nutrition of sports active children and their quality of acquaintance with sports nutrition Author: Michaela Vondrovská DiS. Supervisor: PhDr. Mgr. Martin Pěkný, Ph. D. Objectives: The first goal of this work is to find out to what extent sports children know sports nutrition, what overview they have about diet and whether they think that nutrition can affect their sports performance. The second goal of the work is to find out whether children believe that proper eating can affect sports performance. The third goal is to create opportunities and proposals to improve children's awareness of nutrition area and diet. Methods: The necessary data were obtained by a non-invasive method of online survey. This survey was performed on children aged between 8 to 13 years. Results: As a result of the work, it was found that 79% of respondents are interested in changing their diet for the better. However, at the same time, 85% of respondents said they do not think that rational nutrition could affect sports performance. Keywords: Nutrition, healthy nutrition, diet, children, sports
The influence of alimentation and dental hygiene on caries development
The cause of tooth decay is bacteria commonly present in the oral cavity, sugars, dental plaque and poor dental hygiene. It is a pathological process of microbial origin that affects and destroys hard dental tissues. A healthy and balanced diet, including fluids, plays an important role in maintaining oral health. At the same time, it is important to limit the excessive intake of sugar in drinks and sweets, which has a significant role in the development of tooth decay. Nowadays, the most emphasis is placed on primary prevention, which consists of preventive dental examinations, motivation and advice in the field of proper oral hygiene. The first objective was to determine the relationship between eating habits and tooth decay in adolescents. The second objective is closely related to the first point, where the object was to find out the connection between the consumption of various drinks and tooth decay in adolescents. The last objective was to reveal the most important areas of oral hygiene and nutrition in which it is necessary to educate the adolescents. The practical part of this bachelor thesis was processed using the method of qualitative research with the help of an in-depth and semi-structured interview. The research group consisted of four nurses from the dentist's office, one dental hygienist and five adolescents. All interviews took place in February and March 2023. Individual interviews were recorded on a recording device and subsequently transcribed verbatim into Microsoft Word. Then the data was analyzed and categorized in the analytical program ATLAS.ti. The results were categorized into five categories. Categorization: Education from the nurse's perspective, Adolescent education, Adolescent awareness, Prevention, Adolescent nutrition. The categories are further divided based on the resulting answers of the female respondents into further subcategories.The results are divided into diagrams and described in detail. The research showed that the most important tool for removing dental plaque is a toothbrush and interdental products, together with an appropriately chosen brushing technique. It is also very important to educate the adolescent in the area of eating and drinking, especially with regard to sugary drinks. Furthermore, the research showed that adolescents comply with regular dental hygiene and undergo preventive dental examinations once every six months. At the same time, they are aware which foods are unfavorable for tooth decay.
Vliv výživy a prostředí na masnou užitkovost kuřecích brojlerů
The nutrition of chicken hybrids is very popular. There are already predictions that chicken meat will become one of the most consumed. The reasons may be the price, taste or composition and easy digestibility of chicken meat. Short fattening of broiler chickens and low space requirements is an indisputable advantage for breeders. The work is focused on the basic building elements important for the fattening of chicken hybrids. The practical part consists in fattening two groups of broilers in a home environment, each time in the same environment but in a different season. These results were compared with comparison groups in conventional breeding. During the experiment, it was found that when fattening in the warm season with access to the outdoors, even higher results can be achieved than in conventional breeding. On the contrary, it was proven that the group without access to the out-doors did not even achieve average gains in the colder period.
Výživa dojnic v tranzitním období
The bachelor thesis Nutrition of dairy cows in the transition period deals with the nutrition of dairy cows in the peripartum period with emphasis on the prevention of metabolic disorders. The basic feeds used for the nutrition of dairy cows are described from a single-souled perspective. Characteristics of essential nutrients. Phasic nutrition and metabolic disorders caused by poor nutrition. The actual work was based on information obtained from five farms. Information was obtained on feed ration, housing method, feeding technique and incidence of metabolic disorders. From the information obtained, it can be said that most of the selected farms choose the right methods and practices in feeding dairy cows in transit. However, deficiencies were found in two holdings based on a lack of knowledge of the nutrient composition of the feed and in one case an unbalanced ration. There are no serious problems related to metabolic disorders in any of the selected holdings.
Výživa dojnic v průběhu tranzitního období
In this bachelor thesis the basic factors are described related to calving, correct nutrition and lactation of the dairy cow. The individual parts of the digestive tract and the course of digestive physiology are mentioned in the introduction. Subsequently, a section is devoted to transition period and risks that surround it. A substantial part of the work is also summary of basic nutrients found in feeds and basic components included in cattle rations.
Sledování změn asimilovatelného dusíku u moštů révy vinné
Lasotová, Michaela
This thesis is focused on tracking of changes of assimilable nitrogen and its forms during grape must fermentation. At the beginning, the thesis deals with description of nitrogen compounds in grapes and grape musts, its formation during grape ripening and its individual forms in grape musts. Last but not least, thesis deals with yeast nitrogen utilisation and the possibility of adding nutrition into grape must. In experimental part of the thesis is described an experiment, which were performed in Lednice between years 2015/2016, based on tracking changes of assimilable nitrogen in grape must during fermentation. Each of the variant shows the effect of adding nutrition in two concentrations and compares them with control variants. Measured dates was statistically procesed and analyzed.
Role cytokininů v regulaci odpovědi na nedostatek síry u Arabidopsis thaliana
Štuříková, Helena
Sulfur deficiency stress induces a number of adaptive responses which must be coordinated. Phytohormone cytokinin has been previously shown to regulate sulfur aquisition and utilizati-on, however, the cytokinin-regulation of sulfur nutrition remains elusive. In this diploma the-sis, it was reported that cytokinin induces a sulfur-deficiency-like gene expression which is accompanied by a decrease in pool of the key sulfur-containing compound glutathione. Further, it was found that the sulfur deficiency responses involve altered cytokinin status to coordinate developmental and/or metabolic adaptations. Arabidopsis plants deficient in cytokinin signaling showed disrupted root elongation in response to sulfur starvation and, unexpectedly, the root elongation in response to sulfur starvation was further stimulated by a low cytokinin concentration. Further, the role of cytokinin in sulfur nutrition was indicated in cytokinin signaling-deficient plants which accumulated more glutathione under normal nu-tritive conditions in comparison to wild-type, and vice versa, the decrease of glutathione pool was exaggerated during sulfur starvation. Altogether, results of this diploma thesis suggest that cytokinins participate in nutritional sulfur homeostasis control.
Zdroje bílkovin v lidské výživě
Amirova, Sabina
This thesis includes literature data on the topic Sources of Protein in Human Nutrition. In the first part, the protein itself is described in detail, as a chemical structure in human physiology, structural units of protein at the level of biochemistry of amino acids and their brief description in human physiology, recommendations on the use of daily protein intake for various social groups, detailed information on animal protein sources and plant origin. The second part of the work reflects the problems connected with the difficult situation of individual territorial groups under the threat of "protein hunger". This work provides examples that serve as a barrier in the sphere of food production.
Minerální metabolismus kamelidů
Menšíková, Petra
The aim of the bachelor's thesis was to provide an overview of the zoological classification of camelids, their physiological and anatomical specificities – with a focus on the specifics of mineral metabolism. The basic mineral substances, their importance and recommended proportion in the diet of camelids and health disorders caused by their excess or deficiency are described in the paper. Furthermore, the sources and requirements of these minerals, the possibilities of their supplementation and the evaluation of their reserves in the organism are described. In the practical part, the evaluation of the supply of mineral substances to the organism of alpacas bred in the conditions of the Czech Republic based on blood tests is elaborated and the values are compared with the recommendations in the literature. Based on the biochemical analyses of the examined animals, no major deficiencies were found, the situation has improved as compared to previously published results and the animals are sufficiently supplied with minerals.
Hodnocení welfare v chovu dojnic
Sovadinová, Simona
Animal welfare enhancement requires specific problems being reliably identified and corrective actions being defined afterwards. This diploma thesis evaluates the level of animal welfare on Czech farms with dairy and dual purpose cattle. The thesis uses the European project Welfare Quality®, which is a tool for a comprehensive assessment of livestock living conditions. WQ® gives the farms one of four final marks – excellent, enhanced, acceptable, and not classified. Most farms in this research were marked as acceptable. The organic farm received the best rating of all farms. Barns were most deprived of animal feeding, while animal housings were rated well. This research considers welfare as a multidimensional complex and also assesses specific aspects of dairy farming.

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