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Fragmentation and homogenization of forest communities in urban areas
Pevná, Tereza ; Vojta, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Prach, Jindřich (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with issue of fragmentation and homogenization of forest communities in urban areas. The habitat fragmentation could be natural or anthropogenic. The main cause of the habitat fragmentation is currently human activity. We can count urbanization among the most significant of these activities. The extinction is one of the few effects, which is however very significant for the biodiversity of the fragmented habitat. The extinction of species in the fragmented habitat does not necessarily occur immediately. In the fragmented habitat, a decrease in the number of species can take place with some delay. There is another fact connected to the extinction in the fragmented habitat. The biotic homogenization can also occur in the fragmented habitat. The biotic homogenization is distinctive and easily observable particularly in urbanized area. Powered by TCPDF (
Flow and diffusion characteristics inside the urban area
Chaloupecká, Hana ; Jaňour, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Brechler, Josef (referee)
Title: Flow and diffusion characteristics inside the urban area Author: Hana Chaloupecká Department: Department of meteorology and enviroment protection Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Zbyněk Jaňour, DrSc., IT AS CR, v. v. i. Supervisor's e - mail: Abstract: Uniqueness of different towns, consists of various shapes of buildings. The main topic of this work is to compare concentration diffusion within groups of buildings of various types. We pursued houses made of single blocks of two different lengths - they were placed parallel or in courtyards. For research of pollution diffusion within the housing estates a method of physical modelling has been used. For this purpose we summarized a theory of atmospheric boundary layer and physical modelling at first. Then we pursued experiments. Measuring took place in a model in scale 1 : 300 inside an aerodynamic wind tunnel of the Institute of Thermomechanics AS in Nový Knín. We checked out the requirements placed on similarity of the real boundary layer and boundary layer modelled in the tunnel. By the measuring of concentration in urban areas we weren't watching a plume from the pollution source but we were studying an inversion task. We measured concentrations in two fixed points from different point sources inside the defined areas. A sensitivity of...
Evolution of structural components for building constructions in České Budějovice
Šetina, Ondřej ; Ouroda, Vlastislav (referee) ; Komosná, Milada (advisor)
The thesis focuses on urban and constructional development of the city České Budějovice both from the historical point of view as well as from the perspective of the development of structural elements of buildings. The thesis dividend into two parts. The theoretical part describes the basic terminology, historical events establishing České Budějovice and formativ of individual city districts. It also contains relevant maps. The second one, application part deals with the development and changes of buildings during different time periods. Development of construction is divided into four time periods (until 1918, 1918-1948, 1948-1993 and from 1993 to the present). In each time period the historical development, constructional solutions and architectural design of buildings are descibed and specific examples of buildings and locations are given. This part of the thesis also deals with possible future development of residential areas considering the spatial plan and limits of development. The aim of the thesis is to compile an overview of historical development and constructional elements of buildings in the selected area from the beginning of the construction of the site to present and outline a possible future development of the city.
Agricultural operations in terms of noise nuisance
This Course Work deals with the measurement of noise levels arising from agricultural operations ZD Pluhuv Zdar and Agra and Deštná Here was done operational measuring of noise nuisance, affecting neighbouring communities of these companies. The noise can be attributed to tractors with trailers transporting hay and silage to stockrooms, also the biogas stations and sounds of other routine activities within vacinity of the company. The measured values show that the resulting noise exceeds the legal limits only in Destna. This was caused by noise from the site of repair workshops and the adjacent road. In Pluhuv Zdar the measured values of noise did not exceed the limits allowed by the law.
Database digitization for flood situation modelling of urban areas in the Divoká Orlice valley
Brych, Karel ; Dittrt, František ; Eliáš, Václav
For solution of various hydrological problems in a river basin particularly by means of some mathematical models in the environment ArcView a digital terrain model (DTM) is prerequisite. At present a state map atlas ZABAGED/1 in the form of digital topologic vector data in the 1:10.000 scale is getting available. This system contains land-surface elevation data in a vector format. Following the obtained information the state map atlas is to be completed for the whole state territory in the near future. The described procedure creates a substitute for digital terrain model (DTM) of the river Divoká Orlice valley in the reach affected by the flood in March 2000 with the view of mathematical modeling by means of the HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, and WMS respectively. The accuracy of digitalization of the elevation model is lower than the elevation data of ZABAGED nevertheless the model allows preliminary analysis of the flood events with acceptable uncertainty.
Results of Czech part of International SAHA Project III.: Descriptive analysis of risky behaviors and risk and protective factors of development of youth from urban areas from the point of view of living area
Blatný, Marek ; Hrdlička, M. ; Květon, Petr ; Vobořil, Dalibor ; Jelínek, Martin
Report gives detailed description of risky behaviors and both risk and protective factors of development of youth from urban areas. Research was carried out with the national representative sample of adolescents (4.980 participants) in three age cohorts (12, 14, and 16-y-o) in the capital Prague and twelve regional capitols. Report gives overview for living areas.

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