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Algae and cyanobacteria in the context of sustainable development
Shevchuk, Anastasiya ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Šturma, Jan (referee)
The subject of the thesis is the potential of microscopic algae and cyanobacteria and its research at the ALGATECH Center, Institute of Microbiology, Czech Academy of Sciences. The theoretical part of the thesis presents the potential uses of algae and cyanobacteria, including situating the potential within the context of sustainable development. Furthermore, concepts such as science and research, normal and post-normal science, basic and applied research are defined. To understand the issues, key factors influencing science in the Czech environment are also illuminated. The aim of this qualitative research is to gain insight into the research and cultivation of microscopic algae and cyanobacteria. To thoroughly understand the complexity of the issue, the thesis poses additional research questions concerning factors influencing the cultivation and research of microscopic algae and cyanobacteria. These questions are answered through data collection via semi-structured interviews and documents. The collected data are sorted and analyzed using framework analysis. Keywords: microscopic algae, cyanobacteria, science, research, basic research, applied research, sustainable development, fluid science.
How to reduce overheating in Czech towns and village
Hermanová, Veronika ; Kučerová, Zdeňka (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to point out raising temperature and climate changes in towns and villages in the Czech Republic. It focuses on the impact of climate changes on health of population as well as impact on public places. It analyses and proposes all possible conceptual solutions to support sustainable development and reduction of the climate impact. The target is to indicate measures of help to nature that will navigate to positive response on the climate changes on streets and public places to achieve comfortable living in the build-up area. Part of the bachelor thesis is personal proposal for the modification of the given public space in the town of Valasske Mezirici, to which individual measures are specifically projected.
Analysis of already revitalized brownfield in the Czech Republic
Pilčíková, Adéla ; Landa, Karel (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is "Analysis of a Revitalized Brownfield in the Czech Republic." The thesis is divided into two parts. The first, theoretical part, focuses on introducing the concept of brownfields, their history, the perspective on revitalization in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries, and an analysis of their frequency within the republic. In the second, practical part, specific analyses of a selected brownfield from various perspectives are conducted — urbanistic, ecological, economic, and sociological. Furthermore, suitable uses and future development of the site are outlined, considering current trends in sustainability, smart and developing cities, as well as potential infill or structural modifications.
The Sustainable City: The Žižka Barracks in České Budějovice
Petečuk, Ondřej ; Zemen, Luboš (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the proposal for the transformation of the former Žižkov barracks complex in České Budějovice. The area is located near the historical core. Currently, the complex is inaccessible to the public, and almost all buildings are vacant. The ensemble of buildings is not a cultural monument. The architectural-urbanistic study proposes a multifunctional urban development in the area. The theories of Aldo Rossi, Jan Gehl, and David Sim are applied in the urban design. The aim was to create conditions for construction that support the circular economy of building structures. The concept of these principles is demonstrated in the design of a community center building. Economic, social, and ecological values of the project are compared in the conclusion.
Social Impacts in Transport in the Aspect of the Circular Economy
KNÍŽETOVÁ, Alexandra
The aim of the work was to evaluate selected social impacts of transport in the aspect of the circular economy based on the performed analysis. Selected impacts include GDP, emissions and energy consumption in road freight transport. The fourth variable of the analysis is the transport performance of this transport. The research question focuses on the long-term links between the monitored variables, grouped into pairs. The chosen methodological procedure assesses the presence of a cointegrating relationship as a long-term link between variables. The strongest links were recorded between energy consumption and transport performance, and between emissions and transport performance. This results in a proposal to improve the situation, which is based on the principles of the circular economy, specifically on the preference for combined transport with lower energy and emission demands.
Food waste and food banks in the selected region
The bachelor's thesis examines food waste and food banks in the region, focusing on the approach of large supermarkets and organizations. The theoretical part focuses on sustainable development and its pillars. The aim is to assess whether large chains are effectively cooperating with food banks, to examine the current conditions of cooperation and to predict future results. The practical part includes interviews with representatives of supermarkets and food banks, exploring current steps to reduce food waste and identifying their visions and plans for the future. The bachelor's thesis emphasizes the importance of the topic and presents the attitude of organizations to the issue of food waste.
Y Soft Campus - the semi-abandoned shooting range area in Brno-Pisarky
Čížová, Gabriela ; Dundáček, Josef (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
The project includes the design of a new campus for Y-Soft Brno. The design is situated on the area of the former shooting range in Brno-Pisárky. This place is in good access to the center of Brno with excellent transport connections to the Brno Grand Circuit and the motorway bypass of the city. The campus is home to Y-Soft, a corporate dining room, guest house, restaurant, sports facilities and other services. The design of the Z-shaped building is situated on the eastern side of the property overlooking the river. The dominating feature of the building is partly covered by a green façade.
Residential Complex in Brno - Komín
Selnarová, Elisabeth ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
Taking into consideration the slope of the terrain as well as the surrounding development, two types of residential buildings have been proposed: Komín a Komínek.They are placed in a regular structure into a given land. Sustainable development is at the core of the proposal. The residential buildings are proposed as sturctures created from multiple components. The framework is comprised of a reinforced concrete and the peripheral walls are stuffed with thermal insulating wooden panels. Air conditioned heating will be used (the air will be heated by a gas boiler). Due to the quality of the insolation, the houses are considered as low energy structures. As individual structures, each apartment has three sided orientation to cardinal direction. Some of the rooms have two sided lighting, which further increases their attractivness. The residential bulding is composed of Maisonette appartments, which together create asimilar structure. The fundamental space is intertwined with a ribbon that carries on its edges balconies, terraces or parking spaces. Each unit has a balcony, which allows the residence to relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape. The housing is proposed for a general audience (wider population). There are several types of appartments including no barrier appartments situated in the first floor as well as Maisonette appartments in the last floor.
Sustainable development from the perspective of the public sector
Klimeš, Zdeněk ; Hromádka, Vít (referee) ; Matějková, Jitka (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the evaluation of sustainable urban development. The theoretical part is processed as literature research, from which important indicators for the design of the methodology of sustainable development assessment of the city are derived. The research presents basic concepts related to the public sector, local government, sustainable development, and public investments. The core part of the thesis is the design a methodology to help local governments to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the city's sustainability. Additionally, it can serve as a basis for investment decision-making. This methodology is based on a multi-criteria analysis of selected key indicators that assess the functionality and sustainability of cities. The aim of this work is to offer cities a practical tool that will not only help with the assessment of the situation, but will also contribute to improving the sustainability of urban areas as centers and producers of significant economic, ecological, and social processes.
Healthy Living
Zhuravlyova, Yelena ; Koutný, Jan (referee) ; Peřinková, Martina (referee) ; Tušer, Jaroslav (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
Over the years, every major city turns into a knot of intractable problems: overpopulation, traffic jams, environmental degradation. Some countries make a faster conversion from an industrial development to an information growth phase, than the infrastructural changes take place. Therefore, environmental design and construction would not be short-termed, but rather will be the long-term targets for all the groups associated with the construction. The healthy living is one of the most important reasons to start a complicated long-term reconstruction of eco-cities. Successful ecological reconstitution requires a knowledge about already implemented exemplary solutions. For this purpose, the dissertation analyzes the basic ecological problems of settlements, analyzing the examples of approaches to improve the environmental performance of cities on the reference of foreign experience and creates criteria and principles for designing urban structures for healthy living in CR.

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