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Media education from the perspective of students
Ticháček, Ondřej ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Jirák, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with media education and the opinion of students on this subject, especially those who have already graduated. The demand for media literacy and related media education began to be widely discussed with the rise of the Internet, increasing the pressure on schools and teachers to teach this subject). The aim of the thesis is to find out mainly what they would change about it, what alterations would they make in the subject. A questionnaire survey based mainly on open-ended questions is chosen to obtain the data needed for the conslusion. This questionnaire will be distributed to those schools that teach this subject. Subsequently, the answers of the students will be evaluated, as well as what they are interested in and especially how they perceive the meaningfulness and usefulness of the subject.
Teachers as co-creators of the teaching assistant profession
Pomahačová, Hana ; Němec, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
Hana Pomahačová ABSTRACT This master thesis deals with teachers as co-creators of the profession of teaching assistant. This profession of teaching assistant, in our milieu, is a new profession, still not quite established. However, it is a highly important part of the inclusive education. The goal of this work is especially to contribute to a further discussion about the profession of teaching assistant. The work is based on the constructionist paradigm, the profession of a teaching assistant is dealt as a social construct profession and the teachers are seen as one of actors - co-creators of this construction, whose everyday professional lives are touched with inclusion and thus also with the work of a teaching assistant. This means, that the attention is brought especially to the way, how the profession of a teaching assistant is understood in everyday life and which kind of acting comes out of this understanding. The theoretical part is focused on brief definition of basic terms, as the profession of teaching assistant, its legislation framework, inclusive education, social constructionism and other actors creating the profession of teaching assistant are interpreted. In the practical part the attention is focused on one of these actors, namely the teacher of the firs grade of elementary schools. Based...
Pupils' mobility at Prague grammar schools from the teachers' perspective
Rokosová, Anna ; Kohoutek, Jan (advisor) ; Veselý, Arnošt (referee)
In this thesis I deal with the issue of pupil mobility through a case study of selected grammar schools in Prague. Here I focus mainly on a deeper examination of teachers' attitudes to grammar school leaving, their insights and causes of departures or their consequences. I also try to focus on the preventive measures of the schools and the function of the teacher as an actor of prevention and intervention. Last but not least, I am interested in teachers' awareness of the issue of pupils' leaving the grammar schools. I will analyse the data that I obtain through qualitative questioning and look for answers to my research questions. In order to get a more detailed view of the issue, in my work I use the technique of semi-structured interviews with five teachers from Prague grammar schools. I analyse this data and interpret the results. The main benefit of my work is enabling a more detailed insight into the issue of pupil mobility. This can contribute to further research and the creation of new measures. Teachers' views on the issue are diverse. They differ either in terms of the causes or consequences of pupils' departures, the importance of preventive measures or in terms of the role of the family. I divided the statements that answer my research questions into categories according to similarity...
The Coordinator of Inclusive Education at Primary School
Stodola, Marek ; Mouralová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Gargulák, Karel (referee)
The following bachelor thesis deals with a topic of the coordinators of inclusive education at primary schools. The coordinator of inclusion is a specialized member of school's staff whose duties are to help the school to cope with the inclusive education successfully. The position of the coordinator assumes that teachers and other school's staff do not know how to deal with educational inclusive elements they are supposed to follow and carry out. The coordinators might help the school to establish a pro-inclusive environment where all the actors know how to educate the children with the special educational needs. The coordinator of inclusion is not legislatively enshrined so the school has to decide whether the position of the coordinator will be established there. The thesis uses the semi-structured interviews with a member of the teaching staff, with a school principal or his/her deputy head, and with the coordinator. The interviews will be analysed using the thematic analysis. I will focus on describing the particular duties of the coordinators, then on the perceptions of the teachers and principals to the coordinators and their mutual interactions. The analysis will be also focused on the potential problems and limitations of the coordinator's job. The results of this thesis show that there...
Teachers as actors of education policy: A conceptualization of actors in public policy and an application of selected approaches on the example of teachers
Mouralová, Magdalena ; Veselý, Arnošt (advisor) ; Malíková, Ludmila (referee) ; Winkler, Jiří (referee)
The doctoral thesis has primarily a theoretical character and outcomes. The focus of interest is formed by a detailed investigation of the actor concept in key theoretical approaches to contemporary public policy; the results are subsequently applied on the example of education policy, particularly on teachers as a specific actor category. The goals of this thesis are: 1) to describe how the words "actor", "agent" and "stakeholder" (which all translate as "aktér" in the Czech language) are used in public policy articles; 2) to introduce and compare selected public policy approaches working with actors; 3) to model how these approaches are used in the case of teachers (as actors) and the policy of tracking; 4) to create a comprehensive conceptual framework for the public policy research on actors. The analytical part of the doctoral thesis is based on a summative content analysis of public policy texts published in four extensive handbooks of public policy.
Relationship of a child with ADHD and his family and his teachers
Konůpková, Olga
The thesis deals with the relationship of the child suffering from the ADHD and the child's family to the school. The objective was to find out what is the most important to the parents and the children and what influences the relationship and attitude of the child and the child's family to school. The theoretical part describes in which way the ADHD symptoms in the child influence relationship situations of all parties involved. It points out to potential problematic situations, lack of understanding in communication and potential risks for occurrence of conflicts. The crucial part of the thesis is a qualitative research survey carried out in the form of interviews with children and their parents. Its results show that mutual communication of the family and the school is very important as prevention from a lot of negative experience on both sides. The most frequent problems the child and the family cope with include non-functional communication with the teacher, bad relationship of the child with the teacher, insufficient cooperation and lack of understanding on both sides, which often escalates to changing schools. KEYWORDS ADHD in kids, family, school, teachers, mutual communication, changing schools, use of psychopharmaca

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