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A History of Criminal Law in the Czech Lands in 1848-1989
Jablonický, Tomáš ; Kuklík, Jan (referee)
1 Summary Dissertation builds an objective, transparent, systematic and yet concise interpretation of the history of criminal law in the Czech lands in 1848-1989. The aim of this work is, however, not only to chronologically present the most important criminal codes, but also to tell a parallel story of criminal law science and criminology, which to a bigger or lesser degree substantially influenced the development of criminal law and criminal legislation. Therefore, this work also includes biographical and bibliographical profiles of leading Czech educators, criminal law scientists and criminologists - the founders and pioneers of Czech and Czechoslovak criminal law science, whose lives have been closely linked with the complicated socio-political events of the given historical period. History of criminal law shows a strong interconnection of criminal law and policy, which consequently causes the criminal law without proper criminal law science and criminology to be the most politically affected branch of law. For this dissertation is symptomatic the search for critical causes and factors that lead to progress or, on the contrary, to the decline of criminal law. In such moments, the criminal law science and criminology emerge again, naturally and clearly, from a scientific analysis of historical events of...
The District court in Lišov in the years 1918-1939 taking into account the criminal cases
Justice of the First Czechoslowak Republic follows on from the justice of Austor-Hungarian Empire. The theoretical part of the presented thesis illustrates how the criminal law has changed and what the system of a judiciary organization was. The second part of the thesis, based on the research of archival sources, focuses on district court and cases which falling within their jurisdiction on the example of the town Lišov in South Bohemia in the years 1918-1939. Attention is payed on a local municipal police, as well as the persons of judges and notaries.
Insurance fraud
Vrtálek, Jan ; Herczeg, Jiří (advisor) ; Gřivna, Tomáš (referee)
12. Summary of Master's degree thesis in English Insurance fraud In my Master's degree thesis I was dealing with insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is no doubt as old as insurance itself and has been considered as part of the insurers trade risk. However, it has lately grown in importance until it has become at treat to the soundness of insurance markets. In the Czech republic, this situation has led to the adoption of legislative amendments in 1997, inserting a new section, § 250a , specifying insurance fraud, into the Criminal Code. Insurance fraud was one of the main topics of work section of insurance fraud in czech bureau of insurance. After that situation has changed. Bodies active in criminal proceedings started take this problem more seriously. People began to become aware of the seriousness of the problem. Especially how much it costs. In the beginning of my thesis I present motives to me to keep writing it and briefly describe the contents of individual chapters of the thesis. In the second part, I return to the circumstances in which the merits of the Act No. 140/1961 Coll., and briefly describe the changes as facts, which brought a new criminal code. The third part is focused on buildings criminal insurance fraud. In particular, describe in detail the various merits of individual buildings...
Selected aspects of environmental law in legal theory and experience
Liška, Petr ; Pikola, Pavel (advisor) ; Jaromír, Jaromír (referee)
The thesis, titled The Selected Aspects of Environmental Law in the legal theory and practise was written on a base of interdepartmental cooperation between FŽP (Faculty of Environment) and PEF (Faculty of Operation and Economy) at ČZU (Czech University of Agriculture). The main idea of the thesis is to make a study of criminal law development from a standpoint of the society interests since the force of legislation Nr. 140/1961 Sb. (Code), criminal law, until the present time, when the law mentioned above was replaced by the law Nr. 40/2009 Sb. (Code), Penal Code. The study takes quite a long term period, from 1961 to 2015. In the theoretical part I primarilly tried to characterise the rank of interest within the branch of criminal law, with the focus on the substantive criminal law. At the same time I tried to determinate its relationship to the international law and the Czech legal system built on two basic constitutional laws Constitution of the Czech Republic (i.e. Constitutional law Nr. 1/1993 Sb. (Code), as amended). Then, in the practical part I wanted to characterise criminal offences development in the context of the substantive criminal laws mentioned above, with respect to the state system at the certain time, and in the context of society interests at that time, especially focused on the sphere of environment protection and criminal law usage together with the law characterised by ultima ratio principle, i.e. as the last possible means. I also made an analysis and comparism of statitistics data concerning registered criminal offences made by the Police of the Czech republic that was provided to me by The Police Presidium of the Czech Republic, Department of Analyses. The final part presents detected results that point out latent behaviour to environmant in the Czech Republic and the problems connected with quantifying losses. In this respect the law enforcement agencies try to solve the problem by taking in an expert in agreement with the legalities of § 105, Paragraph 1 of the Law 141/1961 Sb. (Code), Penal Code, when the expert makes an expertise according to the law enforcement agencies requests in which he objectively deals with the damage setting. Its determination is important for example for the right legal qualification of the criminal offence against environment. At the end of the thesis I also try to outline possible measures contributing to improving of current state of prosecution connected with criminal offences against environment with greater emphasis on respective efficiency.
Forensic practice in the area of Copyright infringement
The bachelor's thesis "The forensic practice in solving of informational criminality in the field - copyright violation" deals with the issue of copyright violation and the relevant forensic activity. In this thesis I will write about the juristic adjustment of the criminal and copyright law. I will analyse the possible way of the committing a crime - in the field of spreading and possesion copyrighteds (software).Then I will research the methods of the forensic practice during the solving the informational criminality. In my practical part I will research the choosen organisations and I will suggest the automation method during the gaining of the evidences. These will contain the text dokuments with my discovered information too.
Current issues of crime committed against young people
LEVÁ, Dominika
The bachelor thesis on a topic ?Current issues of crime committed against young people? deals in its theoretical part with basic information about the problems of crime. It explains psychological and legal standpoints to a concept of the youth, it describes international documents related to the issue and analyses perpetrators of these crimes. With regard to the aim of the thesis, it carries out an analysis of the new criminal law protection of young people effective from January 1st, 2010 with a brief comparison of a previous legislation and possible solutions (help to victims). The empirical part of the bachelor thesis contains objectives, hypotheses, a research method and characteristics of the research sample. The data collection was carried out by a method of a quantitative research using a questionnaire survey consisted of 15 questions. The research sample consisted of pupils from 6th to 9th classes (young people aged 11 ? 15 years) at two elementary schools in the district of Český Krumlov (Elementary School Velešín and Elementary School Linecká). The aim of the practical part was to find out in which representation men and women commit crimes against the young people, whether a victim knows an attacker or he/she is a very stranger. The research showed that among the perpetrators of crime committed against the young people the male population outweighs the female population. The perpetrator is in most attacks of an approximate age or from a close social environment of the victim. The bachelor thesis can be used as an informational material for school counsellors, parents and teachers of elementary and secondary schools.

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