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Long-term changes in winter and spring runoff in mountain catchments in Czechia
Klinkovská, Simona ; Jeníček, Michal (advisor) ; Vlach, Vojtěch (referee)
Climate changes occurring on Earth influence most of the natural processes. This also includes snow storages which have been decreasing in many mountain regions over the last decades. Besides increasing air temperature, changes in snowfall fraction, snow storages and snowpack duration also occur. For snow dominated mountain catchments, runoff timing from snowmelt is essential. Due to air temperature increase, runoff occurs earlier. Additionally, evapotranspiration increases as well. This thesis summarizes current knowledge regarding snowpack and runoff changes in mountain catchments. It further analyzes changes in 14 Czech mountain catchments over a 50-year period (1965-2014) using a Mann-Kendall trend test which identifies trends in selected time series. The trend analysis was followed by quantification of trends using Sen's slope estimator. The results showed that the day of 50% of total annual runoff occurred earlier in all catchments. Increased winter runoff was found in the Krkonoše catchments. Significant and extensive negative trends were detected in May for most of the catchments. There were almost no significant trends detected in the Beskydy catchments. Key words: snow, snowmelt runoff, trends, climate changes
Comparative analysis of regional developemnt of Croatia and Slovenia - trends, challenges and risks of the polarization
Pessr, František ; Tomeš, Jiří (advisor) ; Martínek, Jiří (referee)
The submitted diploma thesis deals with the issue of regional development of Slovenia and Croatia. The theme of regional differences and territorial differentiation is one of the classic themes of social and political geography. The main goal of the diploma thesis is - a comparative analysis of the regional development of Croatia and Slovenia at several scale levels. At the same time, the aim is to map the change in the regional image of Slovenia and Croatia over a longer period of time, especially since the end of the war in the Balkans, which took place here in the early 1990s. At the same time, the work aims to find out what general and specific factors play the most important role in regional development. A data set covering a wide range of socio-economic and demographic variables serves to achieve the proposed objectives. With the help of quantitative methods, the trends of regional disparities of the monitored countries, the influence of the most developed areas and the monitoring of regional variability of both countries are examined. Data comparing the regional development of both countries confirm that Slovenia is becoming a stronger dimension of social and regional policy than Croatia, where a significantly higher deepening of regional disparities and the concentration of production in...
Russian Poetry at the Beginning of 21st Century
Tiazhkun, Antonina
This diploma thesis is written on one of the least investigated and the least known areas of the Russian literature - contemporary Russian poetry. The aim of this thesis is to propose certain perception of, on one hand, the artistic patterns and contents, and, on the other hand, of the historical, cultural, social and aesthetic significance of the contemporary poetry. The key principles of the current poetic scene include the shift of the literary paradigm, aesthetic pluralism, and variety of the artistic styles. This work consists of three parts. The first chapter describes the theory of the forming of the post- Soviet literature, as well as its state after the second half of the 1980's until the present day, in the context of social, cultural and literary factors. The features and certain phenomena of the current literary process are also discussed within the first chapter. The second chapter examines the main aesthetic trends of the contemporary Russian poetry. The last part of the thesis provides the look upon the problematic and thematic characteristics as well as the stylistic features of the contemporary poetry. The research is based on the analysis of the works of some of the most outstanding contemporary Russian poets, which were included in the representative sample of this thesis: A....
Recent trends and patterns of induced abortion with focus on the Czech Republic after 1986
Končická, Anna ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Malinová, Albína (referee)
Recent trends and patterns of induced abortion with focus on the Czech Republic after 1986 Abstract The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to give a comprehensive overview of developement and patterns of induced abortion in the Czech Republic after 1986 until present in a broader context. The first part of this study is primarly devoted to basic information on induced abortion and to individual factors influencing the level of induced abortion in the Czech Republic. In the second part, trends and patterns of induced abortion are analysed using methods of demohraphic analyses. Individual anonymous data provided by the Czech Statistical Office are also analysed using binary logistic regression method. During the reference period, there was a significant decrease in the level of induced abortion and also change in the structure of induced abortion by age, marital status, number of children and education. Keywords: Czech Republic, induced abortion, trends, patterns
Long-term changes in Arctic sea ice
Lysenko, Anastasia ; Huth, Radan (advisor) ; Margold, Martin (referee)
The thesis summarizes the knowledge of sea ice in the Arctic, its properties, conditions and the process of formation. It also describes the Arctic climate and its changes since the early 20th century. The work shows how and why Arctic sea ice is important for the climate of our entire planet and that the climate system is highly interconnected. This means that if, for example, there are fundamental changes in the sea ice cover or climate, then the impact of these changes may manifest itself in a completely different area, which is a manifestation of the so- called cascading tipping point. Therefore, this work also touches on the topic of feedback and shows that determining the amount and type of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is essential to improve our knowledge and understanding of polar weather and long-term climate fuctuations. Key words: climatic change, sea ice, temperature, Arctic
take a deep breath and let the tears shed water
Gajdošová, Kristýna ; Poliačková, Martina (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this work should be an attempt to materialize my subjective reflection of the blending of two different scenes and subcultures. It should reflect my perception of these subcultures and their similarities and differences, as well as how they relate to each other or to society at all. More than research, I would like to focus on my personal inner testimony.
Modern manufacturing trends in chip machining - turning, milling and driling
Moravčik, Jaroslav ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Polzer, Aleš (advisor)
Chip machining has strong historical foundation. First innovations in machining were created long ago and next Innovations appeared sporadically. The Industrial revolution and then the second half of 20th Century meant start of self–driven, programmable machines used in machining. This led interest of engineers to machining process itself. The aim of this Diploma thesis is to characterize most interesting modern trends from last few years and unite them in electronical database which will be included in this thesis. Main attention is aimed for innovations in chip machining in general and also in specific branches – turning, milling and drilling. Thesis also includes discussion about economical aspect of application of modern trends in chip machining.
Impact of a large city on the climatic characteristics of sunshine, their spatial distribution and time changes - case study Prague
Volkeová, Veronika ; Sládek, Ivan (advisor) ; Němec, Luboš (referee)
IMPACT OF A LARGE CITY ON THE CLIMATIC CHARACTERISTICS OF SUNSHINE, THEIR SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION AND TIME CHANGES - CASE STUDY PRAGUE Abstract This thesis deals with essential climatic element which is sunshine duration (SD). The aim of this work is to detect spatial distribution and time changes of the lenght of SD in Prague and surroundings. In the thesis were used data from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, specifically monthly and annual sums of SD at Prague-Karlov station for the 96 year period, at the other stations for the 7 year period. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is focused on literature recherche, which is based on available knowledge about sunshine in Prague or in larger cities in general. The second part has a research character. At first there is a focus on the Prague-Karlov station and its long-term trends, and then on other station in Prague and out of the Prague. To determine spatial distribution were used statistical double-choice tests.

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