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Medical cannabis in the Czech Republic from the point of view of doctors- qualitative study
Čabanová, Aneta ; Šejvl, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Jandáč, Tomáš (referee)
Background: Since 2010, medical professionals have been working to make cannabis available for medical use. In 2013 enter into force a public notice, which provides conditions for the handling of cannabis for medical use. In 2019 came into force a law, which regulates conditions for prescribing and reimbursing cannabis for medical use. In 2022 came into force an amendment of this law with minor changes. Aims: The aim of the bachelor is to map the situation regarding the prescribing of cannabis for medical use in the Czech Republic. The aim is also to describe the history of cannabis as a medicine, the therapeutic effects of substances contained in cannabis, the methods of applying cannabis and the legislation and competence of doctors regarding prescribing too. The aim is to find out whether the effects that are described in the literature are the same in practice. Methods: A qualitative study using a semi-structured interview was used for data collection. The respondents in the research became doctors who are authorized to prescribe medical cannabis and also actively prescribe it. The interview was recorded on a dictaphone and subsequently transcribed into MS Word. The transcripts were then analyzed using the bunching method. Results: The administration of cannabis for therapeutic use to patients...
Case study of physiotherapeutic treatment of a patient after implantation of total hip replacement
Košatková, Zuzana ; Chroustová, Kristina (advisor) ; Kacrová, Monika (referee)
Title: Case study of physiotherapeutic treatment of a patient after implantation of total hip replacement Aims: The aim of this thesis is to provide a case study of physiotherapeutic treatment of a patient after implantation of a total hip replacement which had been preceded by hip dysplasia. Methods: Examination techniques and methods, which are taught at the bachelor's degree level at FTVS UK were used within this case study observed at the Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic in Prague. As part of the patient's treatment the medical history was established and an initinal kinesiological analysis was performed, based on which the aims of the following therapy were determined. The therapy consisted of sort tissue techniques, joint play mobilization, individual kinesiotherapy and locomotion training. Emphasis was also placed on autotherapy. At the end of the treatment, a final kinesiological analysis was performed after which the effect of the therapy was evaluated. Results: During the treatment the swelling of the lower left leg and of the surroundings of the surgical wound dissipated. The pain of the operated joint and the left thigh alleviated. The range of motion of the left hip and knee increased. There was an increase in muscle strength of the weakened muscles and the joint play was restored....
Health literacy of visitors to a selected pharmacy in the field of infectious respiratory diseases
Kubíková, Daniela ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The content of the diploma thesis is the topic of infectious respiratory diseases with a focus on the knowledge of visitors to the selected pharmacy in this area. The theoretical part of the diploma was focused on gathering the necessary knowledge that was related to the researched issues using the literature and electronic resources. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a brief description of health literacy, infection and selected terminology, anatomy of the human respiratory system, there are also described manifestations of selected infectious respiratory diseases, their clinical picture, disease course, treatment options, vaccination and prevention. In the practical part, the results of the research survey, evaluation of predetermined goals, comparison of the findings and recommendations for practice based on the findings are recorded. The introduction of the practical part describes the place where the investigation took place using the method of individual interviews with visitors to the selected pharmacy. The aim of the diploma thesis was to evaluate the health literacy of visitors to a selected pharmacy in the field of infectious respiratory diseases. The results of our own survey show that visitors to the selected pharmacy are health literate in the field of infectious respiratory...
Gambling and its impact - qualitative research of pathologically players
Roznerová, Tereza ; Mravčík, Viktor (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
Thesis "Gambling and its consequences - qualitative research of pathological gamblers" is discussing gambling as a present phenomenon and about the effects of gambling on gamblers and his environment in different aspects of his life. Theoretical part provides the introduction to this problem, specification of definitions and also particular impact of gambling on itself, namely health, social, criminal law and last but not least, financial consequences. The practical part deals with stories of abstaining gamblers and their subjectively perceived impacts of gambling on their lives, hindering factors in the development of addiction and factors facilitating entering to the treatment.
Molecular genetic characterization of the rare tumours of the urogenital tract.
Šteiner, Petr ; Vaněček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Španielová, Hana (referee)
The aim of this study was molecular characterization of four types of renal tumours (papillary renal cell carcinoma [PRCC], tubulocystic renal carcinoma [TCRC], pseudorossette forming renal carcinoma [PRRC] and unclassified renal carcinomas [URC]) and two types of rare tumours of the testes (Adult type of granulosa cell tumours [ATGCTs] and Incompletely differentiated sex cord stromal tumours [ISCSTs]). In case of TCRC the activity of signalling pathways involved in angiogenesis was studied. The aim was to determine the suitability of antiangiogenic agents for treatment of TCRC. Next, the methylation profile of 24 tumor suppressor genes was studied in TCRC and PRCC in order to analyze their similarity. Eventual differences could be helpful tool in differential diagnostics. Also, spectrum of chromosomal aberrations was analyzed by array-CGH in one case of PRRC and two cases of URC. Any unique aberration found would be useful in differential diagnostics of these tumors. Last, but not least, the specificity of mutation c.402C>G of FOXL2 gene for ovarian ATGCTs was verified by studying its occurrence in testicular ATGCTs and ISCSTs. Analysis of mRNA levels did not reveal any enhanced activity of the studied signalling pathways. Cluster analysis of methylation profiles showed close relationship between PRCC a...
Post operative physiotherapeutic intervention and management after proximal femur hemiarthroplasty, in elderly patient
Savvopoulos, Panagiotis ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Lassner, Martin (referee)
Thesis Title: Post-operative physiotherapeutic intervention and management after proximal femur hemiarthroplasty, in elderly patient. Author: Panagiotis Savvopoulos Work placement: Ustředni Vojenská Nemocnice, Prague, 1200/1, 16200, Praha 6. Název práce: Pooperační fyziotherapeutická péče a terapie pacienta vyššího věku po hemiarthroplastice proximálniho femuru. Summary The aim of this dissertation is to demonstrate, analyse and evaluate a case study of post operative physiotherapeutic intervention and management after proximal femoral hemiarthroplasty, in elderly patient. This dissertation which was written and composed by myself is divided into two parts, the theoretical and the special. The first part describes all the anatomical structures of the hip joint including bones, joints, and soft tissue as well as neural and blood supply structures. The theoretical part also analyzes in depth from a biomechanical and kinesiology perspective the function of the hip joint and injury mechanisms in respect to a fracture event or age associated pathologies. The special part is devoted to describe the medical history of my patient together with a detail report which clarifies all the applied procedures including initial and final examinations, daily assessments, therapies, conclusions, and data analysis of...

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