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Evaluation of the Causes of Traffic Accidents involving Police Vehicles in the South Moravia Region in 2011-2020
Sobotka, Igor ; Stáňa, Ivo (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of traffic accidents of company cars of the Police of the Czech Republic in the South Moravian Region, in the period 2011 - 2020. The theoretical part is focused to a general acquaintance with police issues and other aspects related to the use of company means of transport and the performance of service at the Police. In the practical part, traffic accidents in the territory are evaluated in the given period in terms of their numbers, technical causes, consequences and other aspects. In conclusion, there are suggested measures which should lead to a reduction in accidents of police vehicles.
Safety inspections of selected localities in the Moravian-Silesian Region
Jalůvková, Denisa ; Slavíček, Michal (referee) ; Matuszková, Radka (advisor)
This diploma thesis presents safety inspection in selected localities in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Ten sections and ten intersections from rural area were selected for an accident rate analysis at first. These locations were compared on the basis of accident rate analysis and accident indicators. After that, were selected three sections and three intersections for a safety inspection. The safety inspection included a visual inspection and risk identification. For all identified risks were proposed a possible solutions.
Elderly driver as a traffic risc personality
Sedlák, Emil ; Matuchová, Eva (referee) ; Schmeidler, Karel (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to determine the current risk factors for individuals who are 65 years or older and using public transportation. The theoretical portion contains comments from literary sources which deal with transportation phychology with a focus on lower the cognitive abilities and psycho-motor skills and their effect as Well as the assistance features of cars. The analytical portion describes the future development of an aging population, ratings of statistics showing the accident proneness of senior citizens, examples of accidents, and casuistry from transport psychologist workplace. An analysis of the results from measuring reaction time of seniors and to compare it with younger generations. The final portion is dedicated to solutions that may be able to contribute to lower the number of accidents involving seniors of public transportation grounds.
Safety inspections in region Vysocina
Špaček, Jan ; Radimský, Michal (referee) ; Matuszková, Radka (advisor)
This thesis presents a safety inspection in selected places in the Vysocina region of the Czech Republic. Six intersections in rural and municipal areas, plus three rural road sections were selected for the inspection and an accident rate analysis. The places selected were compared in terms of the accident rate and one case of each group was then selected for a detailed safety inspection encompassing visual inspection and identification of possible hazards. By eliminating such safety hazards, it is possible to ensure a traffic fluency and to preclude traffic accidents or at least minimize the harm caused by it.
Comprehensive System for Road Accident Analysis - Collision Between Vehicle and Motorcycle
Slepánek, Petr ; Kolíbal, Zdeněk (referee) ; Drahotský, Ivo (referee) ; Kropáč, František (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
This dissertation describes the issue of a complex system for analyzing the collision of a motorcycle with another vehicle and suggests a suitable methodology for solving this type of traffic accident. It summarizes the current knowledge in the field of motorcycle accidents withother vehicles, including their statistics and categorization. The author statistically evaluates accidents by their causes and proposes a methodology for solving individual types of motorcycle collisions with vehicles. To supplement and refine the input data for the analysis of road accidents involving motorcycles, a set of author’s own measurements made on different types of motorcycles is included. The thesis contains measurements of their acceleration, deceleration and avoidance maneuvers. Other actual contributions of the thesis are represented also by flowcharts, offering a comprehensive approach to solving individual types of colissions of motorcycles with other vehicles.
Analysis of roundabout design parameters and their impact on accidents.
Novák, Jan ; Karpíšek,, Zdeněk (referee) ; Mahdalová,, Ivana (referee) ; Macur, Jiří (referee) ; Holcner, Petr (advisor)
The dissertation deals with the analysis of roundabout design elements and their impact on accidents. The analysis objective was to identify the important elements of roundabouts that have impact on accidents. In order to achieve this goal, the multifactorial statistical safety assessment method was used on the basis of a representative sample of data, by developing several safety performance functions, verifying them and interpreting the result. Several design elements, which from the point of view of the traffic accident mechanism belong to the infrastructure factor, have been identified: AADT, average diameter, entrance width, entry angle, direct passage angle, location and many others. The original sample contained about 1200 roundabouts, which were reduced to 200 based on data availability. Accident frequencies were monitored between 2009 and 2016, i.e. for eight years, resulting in total 2674 roundabouts accidents. The result is an accident prediction model, developer based on roundabout approach design elements, and map of critical roundabouts, identified based on empirical Bayes estimate of accident frequency. Following approach parameters were identified: AADT, entry angle, distance between collision points, deviation of angles between approaches, presence of apron, presence of bypass, entry type, presence of pedestrian crossing and surrounding area type.
Statistic Review of Parameters of Fire Rescue Service's Interventions in Traffic Accidents in South Bohemia
Fire Rescue Service is territorialized in each region, which means that Fire Rescue Service is present in each region of the Czech Republic as an individual accounting entity. Each accounting entity is obliged to prepare own budget estimate for next year which serves for covering costs related to interventions. Therefore it is beneficial to have an overview about the number of interventions expected in following year. The prediction of the expected interventions should be based utmost on real data from the the last period. Fire Rescue Service units' interventions in traffic accidents are covered from the state budget as well as other performances. The thesis is concerning the statistic survey related to Fire Rescue Service's interventions in traffic accidents. Specified goals of the thesis: G1) The survey of the development in time of the number of traffic accidents associated with South Bohemia Fire Rescue Service's interventions in traffic accidents within one month as the unit of time during the last 5 years. It is considered as the survey of the first of selected parameters concerning Fire Rescue Service's interventions in traffic accidents in the South Bohemia region. G2) The survey of the development in time of costs associated with South Bohemia Fire Rescue Service's interventions in traffic accidents within one month as the unit of time during the last 5 years. It is considered as the survey of the second of selected parameters related to Fire Rescue Service's interventions in traffic accidents in the South Bohemia region. G3) The comparison of the number of interventions and costs, the investigation of the apportionment of the number of interventions and costs in terms of a proper theoretical apportionment. It is considered as the survey concerning the dependence of selected parameters of Fire Rescue Service's interventions in traffic accidents in the South Bohemia region. With regard to a relativelly high number of primary data (entries from about 8 000 traffic accidents in the time period between 7/2010 and 6/2015 in the South Bohemia region, where was always present at least one unit of the South Bohemia Fire Rescue Service), mathematical statistic tools were needed to create a survey of selected parameters of the data file. Determining intervals for individual statistic features is to some extent carried out "by feeling". With regard to it, there was done the sensitivity analysis within which was investigated the influence of minor changes in the number of intervals on apportionment of percent occurrences of monitored statistical features (intervals were determined "by feeling" and based on recommendation from technical literature). For investigation of statistical features were used description statistics and also methods of statistical induction. The information used from technical literature and the interpretation of partial results and conclusions concerning individual sections of the thesis are provided in the section Discussion. The thesis demonstrated that the empirical apportionment of the number of traffic accidents and costs on South Bohemia Fire Rescue Service's interventions in traffic accidents can be considered as standard. Therefore it is correct to use theoretical findings associated with standard apportionment to work with those data. Also the thesis demonstrated that the number of traffic accidents and costs associated with South Bohemia Fire Rescue Service's interventions not only does not decrease but on the contrary increases. It was demonstrated that there is present very high positive correlation between numbers of the traffic accidents and the costs related to South Bohemia Fire Rescue Service's interventions in single months of the monitored time period. This brings us to a conclusion that the increase of costs related to interventions is caused mainly by the increase of the number of traffic accidents where the units of Fire Rescue Service intervene.
Investments in traffic safety measures in the selected agglomeration
Thesis is focused on investments in traffic safety measures in the selected agglomeration České Budějovice. Includes a theoretical background focused on the introduction to the issues of transport and its negative externalities, in particular traffic accidents. The objective of this work is to assess the specific investment in traffic safety measures on the basis of data on traffic accidents in correlation with the amount of economic losses according to the type of consequences of accidents. The result is an assessment of the identified losses for the individual years and the subsequent appreciation of the investment. A partial aim of the work is the design of specific traffic safety measures, based on the needs of your chosen conurbations, including an assessment of options of investment in these measures. Through the calculation of the values of the indicators relative to accidents at selected intersections, was created to draft a specific traffic safety measures for the intersection, which showed the greatest deficiencies in terms of safety.
The prevalence of driving under the influence of alcohol among the clients from department 19 for the treatment of addictive disorders in Psychiatric Hospital Brno in the period September-December 2016
Bartoňová, Petra ; Popov, Petr (advisor) ; Randák, Dušan (referee)
Bachelor thesis describes the prevalence of driving under the influence of alcohol in case of clients of unit 19 for addictive illnesses treatment in Psychiatric hospital Brno, in the period of September - December 2016. Based on availability, all the clients who were diagnosed with alcohol addiction, and who concurrently started with medium-term residual treatment, were chosen. The research sample consisted of 94 respondents - 62 men and 32 women. Driving under the influence of alcohol has been current and serious problem in Czech Republic. The goal of my thesis is to determine the basic characteristics of the clients who drive under the influence of alcohol. We used the structured questionnaire for the data collection. The questions were suggested according to research questions to verify hypothesis using the questionnaire data. Collected data were analyzed and after that evaluated using descriptive statistical method. The investigation has shown that men drive more frequently under the influence of alcohol compared to women; also younger drivers drive under the alcohol influence more often. It has not been shown that drivers without driving license drive more often under the alcohol influence. The research results provide data on drivers driving under the alcohol influence and represent only the...
Road safety inspection in the Zlin region
Holcová, Veronika ; Švanda, Michal (referee) ; Matuszková, Radka (advisor)
The topic of this Diploma's thesis is Road safety inspection in the Zlín region. To start off, I was given 14 dangerous locations in the region of Zlín by the Road Services of Kroměříž; 7 of them at crossroads and 7 outside of crossroads. Then I analysed accident risks and compared the locations among each other according to safety features. Based on the outcome of my analysis, then I chose 2 locations at crossroads and 2 outside of crossroads which I personally visited and conducted analysis on how safe they are. I uncovered potential risks which could lead to traffic accidents and suggested solutions that eliminate or minimise that risk.

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