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Volleyball in physical education classes at primary school
Králová, Hana ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
At the beginning of my research, I will conduct a survey based on which I will find out how 9th grade girls master the game of volleyball, whether they have played it before or not, or how often they have played it, and how they are doing with individual volleyball skills. The initial investigation includes a questionnaire for female students in two selected classes and their volleyball skills testing. Based on the information found, I will prepare the lessons. I will have prepared one method of teaching volleyball for female students of one class - teaching individual game activities. I will teach them all volleyball skills, train with them and practice everything. E.g. two-handed uppercut (fingers), two-handed lowercut (digger), serve and attack stroke. And for the second class, I will prepare a different method of teaching volleyball - teaching free play. I will play mini volleyball with them. From the easiest yellow mini volleyball to the hardest blue mini volleyball. In yellow mini volleyball, only team players throw the ball to each other. In orange mini-volleyball, you catch the ball and then pass it to your teammates by hitting it with both hands with the top (fingers) after your own pitch. In the red mini- volleyball, it is possible to perform an intermediate rebound with both hands with...
The use of plyometric exercises for badminton players
Palán, Václav ; Suchý, Jiří (advisor) ; Bunc, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the use of plyometric exercises for badminton players. The theoretical part consists of two main parts. The first part is dedicated to the general characteristics of badminton, from its history to all the sport components represented. The second part characterizes plyometrics from historical, physiological and methodological perspectives. The objectives of the thesis include an analysis of the literature on plyometrics, a search for relevant studies on the use of plyometric exercises for badminton players and their summaries, a search for adequate plyometric exercises with a plyometric box on social media, and finally the compilation of a set of plyometric exercises with a box and on court. We achieved these objectives by researching the literature on badminton and plyometrics, entering keywords into an internet search to find expert studies, creating tables and graphs to provide an achieved sporting results, and were inspired to create a set of plyometric box exercises by the available literature and public posts on social media. Exercises with the box and on the court are also accompanied by photographs. The result of the work brings the claim that plyometric training has a positive effect on the dynamic strength of the lower limbs of badminton players and on...
Awareness of strength and conditioning training in junior basketball
Petřík, Ladislav ; Jurková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Hrabík, Jan (referee)
Title: Awareness of strength conditioning training in junior basketball Aims: The main aim of the bachelor's thesis is to find out to what extent coaches of junior basketball categories use and work with strength conditioning training. It will be especially evaluated at what time of the season they use this training, what type of strength they primarily focus on, in what form they work with this method and whether they see a shift in their playing activities due to the use of strength training. Further, I describe the possible forms of strength training exercises designed for the development of these specific strengths. Methods: The thesis uses a questionnaire method, which aims to find out the experience of basketball coaches with strength training and in which part of the annual training season they use it most. The questionnaire also uses an interview method. The results are graphically processed using graphs and factual comments. I submit the questionnaire to individual clubs, completing is anonymous. Results: After finding out the theoretical basis from the literature and processing the results of the questionnaire survey, the awareness of youth basketball coaches about strength training of basketball was found. It was found that strength training is mainly used in the preparatory period of...
Anticipation sources for goalkeeper during a penalty kick in football
Kraus, Tomáš ; Carboch, Jan (advisor) ; Vampola, Jindřich (referee)
Title: Anticipatory sources of football goalkeepers when facing penalty kicks Objectives: The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to investigate what anticipatory cues professional soccer goalkeepers perceive and take into account when facing a penalty kick. Methods: The bachelor thesis employed a qualitative research design, specifically a case study. Professional and semi-professional football goalkeepers playing in the second and third highest Czech football leagues were selected as participants. All goalkeepers are currently active players, with ages ranging from 22 to 27. The interview method was used, consisting of 16 questions and lasting approximately 20-30 minutes, during which the players reflected on key factors related to the topic of anticipation in football goalkeepers during penalty kicks. The second phase of the research involved transcription of the interviews and their analysis. Results: The bachelor thesis described individual topics that highlight additional sources of anticipation explored by football goalkeepers during penalty situations. Football goalkeepers examine various contextual and kinematic information sources that assist them in anticipating shots during standard situations. It is also evident that goalkeepers do not fully utilize the potential of anticipation, which can...
Comparison of existing and innovative teaching of futsal in primary schools.
Šmejc, Ondřej ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
The thesis aims at teaching futsal in primary schools. In this thesis we would like to highlight the issue of teaching futsal in primary schools, as it is often not about teaching futsal, but only about indoor football. We will try to shed light on the main problems and show the way for teachers how this sport should be taught properly in schools. It covers the historical development of futsal and the evolution of the sport in the RVP, rules, movement skills and abilities, game activities of the individual, game combinations and game systems. The work also includes two exercise books, an existing one and an innovative one. The ambition of the thesis is to highlight the improvement of skills and abilities in futsal through specialized futsal training and to provide teachers or university students with a clear manual for teaching the sport. KEYWORDS Futsal, training, methodology, technique, system, rule
The effect of the compensation program on the reduction of muscle imbalances for football players U17 and U19
Kopecký, David ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: The effect of the compensation program on the reduction of muscle imbalances for football players U17 and U19 Objectives: The objective of this study is to design and test the effect of a set of compensatory exercises for U17 and U19 soccer players that will lead to a reduction in muscle imbalances. Methods: The theoretical part used content analysis of documents and other scientific publications discussing muscle imbalances in football players. In the practical part, an entrance diagnosis was performed to detect muscle imbalances. In the practical part of the study 38 players (boys) of the U17 and U19 category of the MFK Chrudim football club were included. Both categories (U17 and U19) were divided into two groups, the intervention group and the control group. The probands were tested with a standardized protocol according to the muscle test according to Janda (2004). The rating scales were also taken from these tests. Furthermore, the testing was completed with tests according to Kolar (2009), focusing on the deep stabilization system (diaphragm test, intra-abdominal pressure test) and joint mobility of the lower limbs in the form of a deep squat test. Other tests used were the Thomayer test, deep- seated forward bending according to the test battery: the Unifittest (6-60), and an...
Surfing in the landlocked countries
Gross, Adam ; Bačáková, Radka (advisor) ; Hruša, Filip (referee)
Title Surfing in the landlocked countries Objectives The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to explore from the perspective of people who permanently live in a landlocked country, whether it is possible to sufficiently train and prepare for surfing in oceanic conditions. Methods This project is an empirical-theoretical work in which a quantitative research method in the form of questioning was used. Data was obtained through an online survey that contained mostly closed questions, along with a few semi-closed and open questions. The total number of questions was 24. The survey was distributed through various social media platforms aiming at people with previous or current surfing experience who live permanently in a landlocked country. Data collection took place using the Google Forms application. Results The results of the thesis show following: From the respondents' point of view, the conditions for learning, training and preparing surfers in a landlocked country are not comparable to the conditions of a country that has an ocean and offers the opportunity to ride real surfing waves. Conclusion In conclusion, the results of the survey have addressed the research questions. Based on the answers received from the respondents, it is possible to say that some individual parts (components) of surfing...
Problem of agility in football (review)
Kočiško, Boris ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Hank, Mikuláš (referee)
Thema works: Problematic issue with agility training in football (literary research) Student: Boris Kočiško Supervisor: Doc. PhDr. Aleš Kaplan, Ph.D., MBA. Aims: The aim of the thesis was a literature search, which consists in focusing on the issue of agility in football and mainly observing, trying to record the currently available literature that relates to this issue and noting certain opinions and forming a certain node, which is the most relevant for coaches in this regard. Methodology: In this thesis, the method of literature search was used. While writing this thesis we used analyses of already existing foreign and Czech sources, which we commented with our own opinions. Results: Based on the literature search, an outline of the problem was made supported by other possible approaches, drawing on knowledge and experience from sport, football and agility training in both adult and youth settings. The thesis briefly analysed and then described briefly the issues in agility training. Thirty-two foreign sources and 10 Czech sources were studied, starting mainly from foreign sources as they offer a wider range of perspectives and experiences. We found that agility is a very important component of sport performance in soccer players. We pointed out the differences in different authors, the result...
Retrospective analysis focused on finding the most successful clubs in the education of young hockey talents in the 70s, 80s and 90s in the Czech Republic
RŮŽEK, Josef
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to find out the most successful clubs in development of young hockey players in seventies, eighties, and nineties in Czech Republic. In the analytical part we were interested in development of ice-hockey player and physiological conditions. We were also concerned with professional army sport. In synthetic part we mentioned all ice-hockey clubs, which played their part in developing top ice-hockey players. We also described five best ice-hockey clubs. We found out that in last 30 years there were 202 representational players, including 21 goalkeepers, 69 defenders and 112 attackers, on major tournaments. The most successful club was HC Dukla Jihlava, because of their program, which helped 54 players till they reach twenty years of age.
Menstrual cycle and performance of female tennis players
Kroisová, Adéla ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dragounová, Zuzana (referee)
Thesis Title: Menstrual cycle and efficiency of women tennis players. Thesis Objective: Based on structured interview to determine the re- lationships between the individual phases of the menstrual cycle and active sports activity in selected female tennis players (ČTS) ranking. Suggestion how to adapt tennis training individually to the menstrual cycle of female tennis players. Methods: The main research metod is structured interview. Results: Research has found, that there is a significant deterio- ration in the performance of female tennis players occurred during the first and the second day of menstruation. The best performances were felt by tennis players around ovulation (12th - 17th day of the cycle). The most common problem at female players was irregular menstruation an three tennis players also had amenorrhea, which is probably rela- ted to high training doses. For 4 respondents, there was a response that PMS did not affect their perfor- mance both in training and in matches. Other female players have fatigue and abdominal pain as a symptom of PMS. It has been shown, that female players do not adapt training if they have small pain, if they have big pain, they adapt training (for example playing strokes from the spot, technical skills). Four out of eight respondents use hormonal...

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