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First class primary school pupil and its adaptation in the social sphere from the perspective of parents and elementary school teachers
Součková, Jaroslava ; Kropáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the adaptation 1st class primary school pupils, to the school environment in social area. It is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is focused on the process of adaptation pupil to the school environment, it explains the concept of socialization, analyzing school maturity, the readiness and the terms of school education. The practical part is based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative research. The method of questionnaire, interview and observation provides the identified data to deal with the issue of adaptation pupil at the 1st class primary school in the social field and analyzes the attitude of parents and first class teachers to the adaptation pupils to the school environment in the social sphere. The aim of the diploma thesis is analyzing the opinion to that issue by parents and first class primary school teachers.
Vladimir Putin's path to power
Dryndak, Roksolana ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Litera, Bohuslav (referee)
Bachelor thesis Vladimir Putin's path to power focuses on analysis of the development of his career. I have chosen to approach it by case study method. It chronologically describes the development of Putin's career, dated from the moment he joined the KGB structure back in 1975 up till his victory in Russian Federation presidential elections in March 2000. Part of my thesis is an introduction of his political contribution in years 1996-2000. These years gained him more popularity and therefore he became massively influential throughout these 4 years. However, it mostly focuses on infra-political machinations of Boris Yeltsin and his people towards Putin. My thesis also sums up the basic facts and specifics of high Russian politics in this era, in order to make the whole issue more understandable. I managed to set and describe main breaking points of Putin's political career. His presence and Saint Petersburg City Administration is to be remembered at first place, as much as his time as a director of Federal Security Services. This thesis also declares Putin's chances to take over the presidential office after Boris Yeltsin.
The regress of the children from the intitutional education bact to the family
Frenclová, Irena ; Strouhal, Martin (advisor) ; Vlasáková Charyparová, Michaela (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the issue of the return of children from the institutional care back to the family with the support and cooperation with parents and social workers from social legal child protection and social stimulating services for parents with children. It is a theoretical empirical work based on experiences with realization the return of the child from the institutional care in the area of the town Litvínov. Apart from the practical experience according to the said social workers, the work is also based on the author's theoretical knowledge, which has been gained during the study of professional literature in the field of social pedagogy and by self-studying in the stated problematic. The thesis is focused on the family background, the family cure, the institutional care and activities of social workers during the period when the child was been returning into the family. The empirical part is an illustrational preview into the problematic of the return of children from the institutional care back to the family.
Stay at the Asylum House in Strakonice through the children´s eyes
Thesis describes shelters, providing services to users, homelessness and its impact on the lives of individuals and their families with kids. The aim is to find out how children perceive their stay in a shelter, whether it is stigmatizing for them, whether this institution is perceived as their home and how they view the social workers at this facility. The first part describes the shelters and the provision of social services for users, briefly describes the developmental stages of an individual from early childhood to adolescence and finally it deals with the basic characteristics of the family and its role in a society, its functions and problems, possible causes of social exclusion and the subsequent stay of families in the shelter. The other part is based on qualitative research realized through semi-structured interviews carried out with children living in the shelter in Strakonice. Responses of these children are analyzed and evaluated due to this research. The final chapter summarizes the results of interviews and the research result shows the opinions of these children.
"The Children´s Home as One of the Solutions to a Dysfunctional Family Care Situation"
This thesis deals with relationships between parents and children in the family, as well as the role of the family and breakdowns in this role, the raising of children and the socialisation of children in a children{\crq}s home environment. The theoretical part of this work describes the family and the factors that come into play when it comes to childcare. Furthermore, it outlines what constitutes healthy child development, which is only facilitated by a good-quality parent-child relationship. It looks at the issue of rescuing the family environment and the possibility of alternative nurturing care, particularly in family-type children{\crq}s homes. The practical part of this thesis describes the current quality of childcare in family-type children{\crq}s home facilities and the support provided for optimising this care. It presents a summary of the reasons for placing children in a children{\crq}s home. It outlines and analyses problematic conditions for rearing youngsters in five children{\crq}s homes in the central Bohemian region. The results of a questionnaire survey demonstrate the possibility of satisfactory nurturing and social adjustment for children in the care environment of a children{\crq}s home.
Genesis of the family according to post-modern society
The main pillar of the family has become the couple's relationship: to satisfy individual needs and allow the possibility for self-realisation, for men and women alike. This gender position has become relevant with its influence on the whole society. Post-modern society has offered people more individual freedom and choice. The average age of groom increased from 24.6 to 28.9 and the bride from 21.8 to 26.5. In the town of Mirošovice during the period of 1974 - 1989 the average age of bride was 21.64 (period of 1990 {--} 2005 was 25.89) and groom 24.55 (period of 1990 {--} 2005 is 29.29). This confirms the assumption of hypothesis H1: Age of engaged couple entering marriage in the period of 1990 {--} 2005 is higher than in the period of 1974 {--} 1989. The aim of this dissertation is to map out the situation during the period of 1990 - 2005 and its comparison with previous years (likewise for a 15 year period, from 1974 - 1989). I have chosen a quantitative type of research and analysis of actual realities - primary and secondary data analysis, taken from the noted data files of permanent inhabitants from the town of Mirošovice. In the observed file (127 couples) there are married couples included, who have permanent addresses in Mirošovice, and whose marriages have lasted up until the 31. 12. 2005. Since the 1990s, the age difference between husband and wife has increased. There was also a rise in the number of couples where the woman was older than the man. In Mirošovice the total average age difference between engaged couples (not considering the gender of the older partner) during the period 1974 {--} 1989 was 4.49 years and during the period 1990 {--} 2005 was 3.92 years. Thus hypothesis H2 is confirmed: Age difference between partners who were married after 1990 (during the period 1990 - 2005) is less than the period 1974 {--} 1989. Also hypothesis H3: Age difference (more than 5 years) of engaged couples does not have any direct relation to the age difference of their parents, has been proved. Hypothesis H4: Age difference of engaged couples where the older partner is a woman, having direct relation to the age difference of bride or groom's parents, where the mother was older than father, has not been proved. The individualisation characterising current changes in the family bring with them, mainly to the most elderly lonely women, but also men, many social, economical, health and psychological problems.

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