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The phenomenon of Slow fashion in contemporary Czechia
Hoang, Thuy Duong ; Lánský, Ondřej (advisor) ; Hyánková, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the phenomenon of slow fashion movement created as a reaction to the development of today's fashion industry. The first part explains the term fast fashion, its main features, business models that lead to its creation such as outsourcing and its social and environmental impacts. Moreover, it deals with the gradual infiltration of sustainability into the fashion industry and the subsequent emergence of slow fashion. Based on qualitative research in the form of semi- structured interviews, the practical part examines specific Czech slow fashion brands. The research primarily analyses the motivation of the founders behind building the selected brands, the approach of these companies to the production and distribution of their products and their overall attitude towards today's fashion. KEYWORDS fast fashion, slow fashion, sustainable fashion, textile industry, consumerism
The Adaptation of Industrial Heritage in the Context of Existing Urban Structures
Struhařík, Daniel
Two industrial sites are compared on the basis of a collective case study – a former textile factory complex belonging to Vlněna in Brno which has been demolished, together with the Löwenbrau brewery, which has been converted into a viable site with apartments, offices and a gallery (thanks to the reconversion and completion of new contemporary layers). The fundamental difference was found to be a result of the respective public sector’s differing approaches, especially in the sphere of spatial planning. Due to the long-term strategy, identification of qualities and potential based on discussions with developers and the further involvement of other participants, Zurich city is about to revive its industrial quarters whilst also preserving important traces of the past. The example of Brno is different. The spatial “zoning” method causes a specific development without maintaining any existing spatial qualities. Another reason is the attitude of the National Heritage Institute, which does not take the importance of the Vlněna complex into consideration in its decisions altogether with its reference to the former development of Brno city as a part of the local industrial heritage.
Production of the "Cooling Roller"
Kafka, Ondřej ; Prokeš, Tomáš (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is propose a complete production process of the cooling roller manufacturing assembly, starting with the proposal of semi-finished products for production, individual production steps to the completion of the whole assembly and his final inspection. The work will focus mainly on machining operations, which will be described and specified in detail.
Time traveling through the town Aš : A history project
Babušíková, Karolína ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Županič, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the history of the town Aš. The first historical part describes the history of the town since the first mentions to the present days. During the historical development of the region as well as the town itself the diploma thesis focuses mainly on the interesting or unusual events or the differences between the development of the Czech territory central region and the region of Aš. In this diploma thesis is also emphasised the historical development of the textile industry that was interwoven with this region. The didactic part depicts the topic connected with the educational area called Man and his world, specifically describes the thematic areas Place where we live and Man and Time. It also describes the connection between the historical education and project-based learning. The project Time traveling through the town Aš focuses on getting to know the region for the fourth graders. The pupils work with historical materials, meet the town's history and compare the historical and present situations. The project helps the pupils understand the particularity of the place they live in and helps them create a favourable relationship with the town. Key words: regional history, town Aš, textile industry, project-based learning
Development of thermal a acoustic insulations based on secondary raw sources from textil industry
Kosturová, Andrea ; Třísko, Pavel (referee) ; Zach, Jiří (advisor)
The objective of the presented diploma thesis is to evaluate the influence of modification on surface layer of products with their base structure from organical fibers and on the ability to resist increased humidity. Emphasis is puted on the description of humidity propagation in fiber materials ant he approximation of secondary waste from the textile industry as a potencional material for thermal insulation. The end of the theoretical part focuses on the types of possible surface treatment to prevent the ingress water into the structure of the material. The practical part verifies the selected type of modification of the surface layer of three materials choosen as test ensemble. After applying surface treatment, the effect of treatment on humidity sensitivity and water absorption was assessed. The determination of the thermal conductivity coefficient, the short-term absorption at partial immersion and the determination of the sorption humidity were made.
Marketing Mix of a Company
Koblerová, Eliška ; Bittnerová, Alice Hemerková (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
The topic of bachelor thesis is „Marketing mix of a company“. Thesis is divided into three main chapters. First chapter includes theory. The second chapter processes current situation in the company using marketing analyses. Third chapter shows my suggestions for improvement, which are created from the acquired information from previous chapters. These are suggestions for a changes of marketing mix.
Pešková, Lucie ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
Master's thesis is focused on conversion of former textile-industry area located in Brno-Obřany. The aim of the thesis was to build a new textile museum within the area’s landmark, former cotton mill, and to revive the whole surrounding area for both the locals and tourists. The exceptionality of this place lies on the industrial atmosphere and uniqueness of the island, on which the whole area spreads out. I achieved the overall program of the area through detailed analysis of neighbourhood and it’s needs and possibilities, as well as I studied the programs of successful textile museums worldwide. The project revives the whole island area; in contrast to the industrial history, the area is widely covered with green vegetation and adjusted as a leisure park. Besides a textile museum, there is also a great hall, an energy exposition with original Kaplan turbine, a cyclo-point and a snack bar.
Prevention of occupational risks: Part III
Malý, Stanislav a kol.
The third part of the publication "Selected Risk Prevention Measures" is devoted to the health and safety of employees in agriculture, forestry, textile, commerce and catering, accommodation and catering services, social services provided as residential services, health care and administration . Other themes are the safety of work with portable chainsaws and brushcutters and the safety of plastic molding. The publication is primarily a tool for employers and professionals who are skilled in risk prevention, as well as other people involved in job search, monitoring of factors affecting work safety and protecting the health of employees from their work. The guides presented are the so-called good practice that, in particular, provides SMEs with effective tools to prevent risks arising in work systems and increases the awareness of the importance of safe working conditions and procedures for maintaining employees' work capacity and improving their quality of work and job satisfaction. Part of the publication is an overview of ABB abbreviations and related areas and a selection of the most commonly used abbreviations.
The Czech Textile and Apparel Industry in the World Context
Špírková, Petra ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to create an overview of the development in the world textile and apparel industry between the years 1993 and 2015. The first part describes the history of these two sectors and provides theoretical information essential for understanding of the following chapters. The second part of the bachelor thesis provides data regarding the most significant textile and apparel exporters. The last chapter characterizes the position of the Czech Republic and the situation in this country - the development of exports, the global 2008/2009 crisis from the perspective of local textile manufacturers and strategies how to preserve textile and apparel industry in the Czech Republic.

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